Cosmetics for the care of gray hair

Many women and some men, noticing gray hair,
perceive it as a tragedy. However, the modern market
cosmetic products offers a large number of options
allowing to paint them in any color, not using medical
drugs. But it’s not just about giving your hair a certain
colors, gray, they change their structure, therefore not only
coloring agents, but also other care products – masks,
balms, conditioners. In addition, you should pay attention to vitamins.
and folk remedies.

Cosmetics for hair

Gray hair appears when the hair follicle ceases
produce melanin – a pigment that gives hair color. With
this creates voids in it, they lose color, and sometimes even
acquire an ugly yellowish tint (Read more about how
fight with gray hair).

Shampoo against gray hair

The content of the article:

  • Shampoo against gray hair
  • Gels from gray hair
  • Tonics for gray hair, the pros and cons of the procedure
  • Estel alphahomme foam against gray hair
  • Balms for gray hair
  • Gray Sprays
  • Hair mascara from gray hair
  • Pencil for painting gray hair
  • Wax for gray hair
  • Dye for gray hair
  • Video from Elena Malysheva
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jars of hair shampoo

In order to choose the right care for gray hair
hair, it is necessary to consider that shampoo should not only
fully nourish and care for curls, but also protect them from
environmental exposure, so a quality shampoo
must contain:

  • nutrients;
  • moisturizing ingredients;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • pigments that will dye hair in a certain

Important! If others are used to paint over gray
remedies, gray hair care shampoo should have
labeling “moisturizing” because gray hair especially need

Tint shampoos can be several

  1. If there is a lot of gray hair, it is better to opt for silver
    shades, such a shampoo will eliminate the yellowness and give the hair
    natural color.
  2. If the gray hair is just starting to break through, you can pick up
    hue, close to natural,
  3. For hair with an ash tint, you can choose brandy or
    honey shade.

Attention Coloring gray strands in bright colors is not
worth it. When hair grows back, the contrast will be strong.
strike the eye.

As for brands tint shampoos, there are many, here
the most famous:

  1. Schwarzkopf. The most popular product
    this brand ColorSaveSilver. When using this tool
    the coat gets a silvery shade, and yellowness
    completely disappears. In addition, the shampoo contains glycerin and
    vitamins, so it moisturizes the hair very well.
  2. L’Oreal This series perfectly neutralizes
    yellow hair, after using these funds
    become elastic and shiny. The product includes
    special innovative complex, amino acids, vitamins,
  3. Matrix. Perfect Spanish remedy for
    giving gray hair a silvery shade.
  4. Yves Rocher. The products of this company consist
    exclusively from natural ingredients, which means these funds
    Remarkably care for hair and give it platinum

Reference! Dye hair in natural color with
tinting shampoos is impossible, such a tool has not yet been created, but
give them a noble look by using them unconditionally
work out.

Gels from gray hair

Gel formula for gray hair, for example, from the company L’Oreal, not
includes ammonia, and paints over gray hair more carefully and
naturally. In addition, the tool includes components that
which nourish the cuticle with the necessary microelements, seal it,
which gives a healthy and natural look to your hair.

Gel from gray hair L'Oreal

The first time you use the gel, you need to stand it on
hair for 10 minutes, with repeated use will be enough and 5

Tonics for gray hair, the pros and cons of the procedure

Hair Tonic

Toning is a special technology of giving
hair color means without ammonia. Tonics gently affect
on the scalp and do not penetrate deep into the structure.

The advantages of tinting are:

  • preservation of the integrity of the hair structure;
  • the shade does not last long – a week, which is important when
    unsuccessful selection of color;
  • tint growing roots is not necessary;
  • hair becomes soft;
  • security.


  • the more often shampoo is used, the faster the tonic is washed off,
    hair will not always have the same
  • narrow color range;
  • the need for frequent use.

In beauty salons tonics are not used often, this means
more suitable for home use.

For a positive result
need to:

  1. Wash hair well and leave it moist.
  2. Apply a remedy for the roots along the entire length of the strands, and you need
    make sure that the tonic is applied evenly. You can comb your hair
    wooden comb with rare teeth. Only not metal –
    paint can react with metal, and the result of dyeing can
    be unpredictable!
  3. Withstand the means of the allotted time (see instructions).
  4. We rinse the head with water until the water becomes

Estel alphahomme foam against gray hair

Not everyone has the time and desire to dye their hair with cream paint in
for 40 minutes, especially against this male half of the population.
And because the novelty in the form of tinting foam – perfect for
such cases. Just 10 minutes and everything is ready. In addition, this
The tool can be used to tint a beard and mustache – it is not
leaves marks on the skin. Estel alphahomme foam against gray hair

Moreover, the manufacturer claims that foam against gray hair is not
will change the natural (not gray) color, so the grown roots will be
visible only on gray hair. Basically this product is intended
for men, so the palette consists of 5 colors, which are the most
close to the natural male head color.

You need to use foam on wet hair, evenly
distributing all over the dyne. After 5-10 minutes, you must
wash your hair with shampoo, which is intended for colored hair,
that is, it will stabilize the color.

Reference! Gray hair can appear at any age, sometimes
occurs even in children, so that it’s not considered a sign of old age
worth it.

Balms for gray hair

At the heart of tint balms for gray hair is coloring
pigment, they differ from ordinary tint balms in that they do not
only stop gray hair, but even out the tone along the entire length.
Balms are very convenient for use at home – they
evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair and easily washable.
However, people with special sensuality of the skin use
they need to be cautious, having previously tested the means
back of the wrist.

Most balms do not contain harmful chemicals,
they are easy to apply and paint over gray hair well. Besides,
Balsams contain herbal extracts, antioxidants and
beneficial substances that actively care for hair.

Popular balsam manufacturers:

  • L’Oreal;
  • Vella;
  • Estelle;
  • Schwarzkopf;
  • Selective.

Gray Sprays

Sprays from gray hair appeared on the market relatively recently, but already
well proven. A prime example is spray
Stopsedin is an innovative tool that is made from
natural ingredients. The formula means comes into
interaction with the hair follicle and supports the natural
pigmentation, moreover, pigmentation is not just returned, but also
at the same time, the appearance of new gray hairs stops

Spray from gray hair stopsedin

Thus, the undoubted advantages of the tool can be called:

  • getting rid of gray hair for a month;
  • possibility of use at any age;
  • lack of allergic reactions;
  • regeneration of damaged hairs;
  • restoration of follicle functionality;
  • loss prevention;
  • growth acceleration.

There are sprays that are designed specifically for coloring
hair. The advantage of these funds is the ability to
using different colors and shades, as well as spraying on
any areas of hair. So you can paint
sprouting roots or shading individual strands.

However, we must bear in mind that such sprays are not literally
they paint the strands, but only give tone, so that radically change
color with them will not work, but for tinting regrown
roots, they are quite suitable.

We can say that toning sprays are a magic wand,
when you urgently need to paint over gray roots or give an interesting
Color hairstyle.

Feedback on the drug

Hair mascara from gray hair

This is the coloring agent that is used to
briefly changing the color of small curls, strands or
hair roots. This is similar to the usual mascara, the tool is sold in such
the same tube and has the same brush.

Mascara from gray hair

This tool is considered completely harmless to hair,
since when washing the head immediately washed off, for this reason
it can even be used by children.

Popular brands that produce mascara for painting gray hair:

  • Estelle;
  • Isadora;
  • Stargazer;
  • Sanotintswift.

Pencil for painting gray hair

For painting gray hair with a special pencil, you need only
3 minutes, and the duration of the effect lasts a long time. Wherein
sensations from touching the hair does not change, and rainy
the weather will not wash it away. If the paint accidentally gets on the clothes, its
easy to clean, just wash as usual.

Pencil from gray hair

Apply the product quickly and easily, has no smell, and the composition
The pencil is almost completely natural. In most cases
used for small areas of gray hair or if there is a beam
gray hair.

Wax for gray hair

This tool is represented by Vifrex. Most often they
men use because with the help of wax one can achieve not
only painting gray areas, but also resistant laying short
hair. This tool is suitable for frequent home use and
has a cumulative effect.

Vifrex wax against gray hair

To use you only need to grind a small
the amount of wax in the palms and lay hair. For those who want
give your hair the effect of gray hair there is a special gel
for styling with the effect of gray hair.

Dye for gray hair

Painted strands

Choosing paint for painting gray hair should be considered

  • the paint should be resistant, soft means to paint over gray hair
    did not work;
  • on the packaging should be marking the effectiveness of filling
    gray hair;
  • not recommended to use too bright colors, better
    choose shades close to your own color;
  • Paint must contain caring components.

To say which paint is the best you can not, because it
very individual question, but below are the most popular
dyes intended for painting gray hair:

  • Kapous Professional;
  • L’Oreal;
  • Keune;
  • Palette;

More in our ranking of paints against gray and review
articles on how to dye gray hair.

Some women, looking at gray hair, feel panic, and
others just go to the store and buy one of the many
means for imparting color or shade to gray strands. Gray hair is
quite fixable, the main thing to approach this issue with skill.
No need to despair because there are haircuts for gray hair,
various types of highlighting and coloring, in addition they can
paint with henna or basma at home.

Video from Elena Malysheva


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  • spray 11%, 4 votes 4 votes 11% 4 votes – 11% of all
  • Tonics 8%, 3 votes 3 votes 8% 3 votes – 8% of all
  • foam 8%, 3 votes 3 votes 8% 3 votes – 8% of all
  • mascara 6%, 2 votes 2 votes 6% 2 votes – 6% of all
  • gels 3%, 1 vote 1 vote 3% 1 vote – 3% of all votes
  • Shampoos 3%, 1 vote 1 vote 3% 1 vote – 3% of all
  • pencil 0%, 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes – 0% of all
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