Cosmetology for men: popular procedures and their features

In recent years, the number of men visiting the cosmetologist’s office,
growing rapidly. To achieve maximum results in the course
anti-aging treatments, you need, first of all, to develop
certain methods of aesthetic correction, taking into account
gender features of a male face (physiological, anatomical
and aesthetic).

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  • Why do men turn to the beautician?
  • Aims and objectives of the beautician when working with a male face
  • Anatomical features of a man’s face
  • Why does the skin of men age more slowly?
  • Fighting signs of aging with hardware
  • Rejuvenating injections for men

Why do men turn to the beautician?

Men’s desire and desire to “look younger” is connected as
usually not with signs of aging face, not with wrinkles and folds,
that appear with time, and with some psychological
moments and social factors.

Firstly, the representatives of the stronger sex strive to have a solid
appearance, look respectable, so that
create in the eyes of their business partners favorable
impression of their success, consistency and high
social status.

Facial mask in beauty spa.

Facial mask in beauty

Secondly, the well-groomed and youthful look of a man allows him
feel confident in yourself and in your sexual
attractiveness when dealing with women, which significantly increases
his level of self-esteem.

But whatever the reason men look attractive and
the younger task of the cosmetologist is to achieve
maximum positive and moderate as well as natural

Aims and objectives of the beautician when working with a male face

When working with a male patient the main goal of a cosmetologist
is to develop a special course of procedures that would
distinguished by their minimally invasive, short rehabilitation
period, the minimum degree of pain, and, of course,
the duration of the aesthetic result.

Also an important task of a specialist is to prevent
female outlines or feminization of the male face. This can
happen for example as a result of using fillers when
volume correction without anatomical features
the faces of a man.

Even the positive effect of anti-aging procedures should not
be visible to strangers because most of the men
are influenced by stereotypes imposed by society, and fears
lose the male look in the eyes of others.

Anatomical features of a man’s face

Male skull in structure is significantly different from the female.
Its relief is more pronounced due to bumps, protrusions and
eyebrows that are more developed. Skull base
representatives of the stronger sex are longer, the facial section is wider, whereas
brain a little bit already. The mass and size of the skull of a man is greater than that of

Low forehead, low eyebrows, low and square
eye sockets with a thick and blunt edge – characteristic distinctive
peculiarities of the structure of the male skull. Zygomatic arches thicker lips
thinner, and the lower jaw and chin are massive and have
square shape. The neck of men is thicker and shorter.

In men, mimic muscles are more developed. Feature
subcutaneous fat is that the fat cells and so
called fat “slices” several times smaller.

The thickness of the epidermis and derma in men is increased by 15-20%. therefore
men’s skin is thicker. Larger cells of the epidermis are connected
firmly enough between each other, so that the process
transdermal moisture loss is significantly slowed.

In the dermis of men contains more collagen (20%), in
as a result, its density, as well as turgor and degree of skin hydration
much higher. The sweat and sebaceous glands in the male skin
there is more. Also, men’s skin is better vascularized,
which explains the frequent occurrence of vascular neoplasms,
manifestations of rhinophyma and couperosis.

Why does the skin of men age more slowly?

High level of trophic facial tissue, relatively large
the thickness of skin layers such as the epidermis and dermis is only
some reasons explaining a slower aging rate
male face.

Atrophy and loss of soft tissue in the stronger sex occur
a little different. These processes are related to the blood level of testosterone,
the presence of bad habits – smoking and drinking, frequent
exposure to the skin in direct sunlight, lack of
necessary photoprotection, etc.

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Both in women and men, the process of aging directly
depends on the level of sex hormones. High levels of these hormones
both testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are present in the body
men long enough that affects long-term preservation
sculptural face. This is why faces with men with age
deform more slowly than women.

However, over time, there is still a loss of subcutaneous volume.
structures (especially in the medial area), followed by
the formation of wrinkles and deep folds.

Localization sites and the mechanism of formation of dynamic wrinkles in
men and women are almost the same. Wrinkles and those and others
arise as a result of mimic expression, however, the severity and
the depth of the folds in men is greater.

Fighting signs of aging with hardware

The work of a cosmetologist with a male patient suggests
use of both hardware and injection methods.

Correction of signs of photoaging, removal of rosacea on the face and
telangiectasia, skin color and texture alignment, and
Hyperpigmentation is treated with Nd: YaG lasers with
Q-switched technology. Patients are prescribed a course of IPL-therapy.

Men tend to prefer short courses of procedures,
which are held at intervals of 1-1.5 months and do not require
long rehabilitation period.

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Such methods include fractional laser technology and
RF fractional technologies combined with thermal lifting. For example,
fractional photothermolysis is used in order to improve
skin condition – eliminate dyspigmentation, improve texture and color

Ultrasound is very popular with men.
SMAS lifting is a facial rejuvenation procedure involving
skin tightening and tissue lifting. Non-invasive procedure allows
tighten and strengthen the skin of the chin and lower jaw, neck, zone
neckline, eyebrow stimulates collagen production.

The procedure is convenient for working patients, as the duration
it is 30-60 minutes. Such a procedure is carried out only once
year, the rehabilitation period is missing.

Positive skin changes occur gradually, without
side effects: peeling, redness, irritation. Skin again
becomes dense and elastic, noticeably pulls up.

Rejuvenating injections for men

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number
patients resorting to botulinum therapy to correct
dynamic wrinkles.

With the introduction of botulinum toxin, men need
take into account the fact that the mimic muscles they have more powerful. Besides
moreover, the mass of mimic muscles of the stronger sex is 1.5-2 times more than
among women. Therefore, when performing injections of BTA in men,
the introduction of large doses of toxin about 1.5 times. Neglect
this rule reduces the effectiveness of the procedure of botulinum therapy or
completely nullifies it.

Botox is used not only to correct facial wrinkles, but
also for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Men are injected with BTA in the palm of their hand.
and axillary regions. Since this procedure is quite painful,
injections are often administered only in the palm of the right hand, which is usually
stretch for a handshake.

Facial contour

Such a procedure as contour plastic allows
restore lost volumes, correct wrinkles and folds,
improve skin quality in men and also stimulate
neocollagenesis (mechanism of self-positioning).

When restoring the volume of facial tissues by injecting
plastics beauticians avoid hypercorrection, makes a man’s face
too round and gentle.

Lip contouring

In men, the shape and volume of the lips are also subject to age.
changes are not for the better – the outlines become blurred,
red border of lips becomes thinner.

When processing the contour of the lips beauticians try to use
fillers, different softness and plasticity and possessing
minimal increasing effect. Lip licensing can
feminize the appearance of men, so to the plastic lips
be extremely careful. To this end, experts use
fillers with reticulation and homogenization of medium degree to
make a moderate and uniform lip correction without disturbing
natural proportions.

Filament face lift

The age of a person can be judged by the face, namely, by
neck-chin angle. In young people, it ranges from 90 to
110 degrees. But with age, the skin of the submental area under
gravity stretches and becomes flabby.

Also, many men in the chin area are debugging fat.
These changes worsen the appearance of men. Due to the severity of tissue
this area is difficult to find truly effective
minimally invasive methods.

One of the effective methods for the correction of age-related changes
Men is a thread neck lift – APTOS Needle 2G. Procedure
is to strengthen the soft tissues in the chin area and
redistribution of loose skin with the help of special threads.
The procedure lasts 1-2 hours, always under local anesthesia.
The rehabilitation period is only a few days.

This method is well combined with liposuction or with injections.
lipolytic. Thread suspenders are an excellent alternative.
plastic surgery. The duration of the effect is about 2 years.
Then the procedure is repeated.

In conclusion, it should be noted that cosmetology for men
is in the spotlight today. Sociologists argue that
youthful and well-groomed representatives of the stronger sex
make a successful career and gain material independence. Yes and
in their personal life they have much more chances. Modern image
a successful man is due to his appearance, therefore, men,
be always in shape and feel free to follow your own

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