Covert coloring: varieties and technique run

Change hair color – one of the ways to change the image, emphasize
individuality. Colorists come up with all new types of staining:
In addition to monophonic, partial or popular is popular.

Variety of color change

  • 1 What is it
  • 2 Pros and cons
  • 3 What is the length of curls suitable
  • 4 Types of popular hidden staining with photos
    • 4.1 Rainbow
    • 4.2 Sequential
    • 4.3 Color Ombre
    • 4.4 For brunettes
    • 4.5 For blondes
    • 4.6 For light brown hair
  • 5 What materials will be needed
  • 6 Technique of hidden coloring
  • 7 Hidden rainbow coloring: execution technique
    • 7.1 With crayons
    • 7.2 Special dyes

What it is

Hidden staining – one of the varieties
color change, which implies a partial (block) color.
It is held on the lower strands. The color is chosen bright, not
natural, contrasting with the upper hair.

Not everyone has the opportunity to paint in pink or green. AND
the point is not the cost of the procedure, but the fact that the dress code
does not always allow such painting. Therefore hidden
staining is a worthy alternative for those who want to be
bright, but not puzzling.

Important! This procedure only affects the bottom.
occipital zone of the hair, and the top remains untouched. Thanks
this color strands are visible only when the hair is made from the tail
or braids are braided.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hidden color staining has its
advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • the introduction of brightness in the image;
  • harmonious blend with any makeup;
  • if necessary, colored locks are hidden under the top
  • Colored curls look great in any hairstyle.

Hidden coloring curls

Despite the visible advantages, the presented version has
following disadvantages:

  • need for monthly correction (roots grow back, color
    washed off);
  • reincarnation takes time;
  • the complexity of the procedure as a whole (there is a chance of getting a bad
    the result, if you trust a non-professional colorist);
  • cost (selected salon, skill level
    master colorist, materials – all this affects
    how much is hidden coloring).

What is the length of curls suitable

Those who want to refresh their image, but do not have long hair,
are interested in how to make hidden staining on
caret and whether it is possible. Practice shows that the length
strands can be any.

Their structure also does not matter much when choosing this
staining. It looks harmonious on both flat and
wavy by nature or twisted curling strands.

Types of popular hidden staining with photos

The coloring of the lower hair is done differently. AT
Depending on personal preference, the color of the curls changes. Most
common option – monochromatic coating. Also offer
rainbow coloring or ombre.


Hidden rainbow coloring

Hidden rainbow coloring – the most vivid and
juicy option that will suit a bold and bright girl. For
creating this variety will need at least 4–5 colors.

The lower part of the hair is divided into strands, and on each curl is applied
its color in the order of the rainbow (or in any other). Especially beautiful
The result looks on twisted hair.
There are no restrictions: colored strands look appropriate on any hair,
regardless of structure and color.

Tip! Iridescent staining is not recommended because
who has completely gray hair.


The lower strands can not only be painted in one color or made
hidden rainbow coloring. No less popular
a type is a sequential blending of color.

Maximum harmoniously this variety looks when
using several adjacent shades at once. For example, blue,
blue, purple or yellow, orange. This option is beautiful
Looks on long straight hair, as well as braided or

This video shows how to make a hidden color parting:

Color Ombre

This look is similar to the usual ombre. Color is not superimposed on
roots, but it looks no worse than the usual hidden staining.
The presented version allows you to create a smooth effect.
Stretch marks from natural, monotonous to bright.

Color Ombre

For brunettes

Dark hair coloring looks
Great with any color. Depending on the wishes of the client master
selects the most appropriate shades.

Hidden coloring on dark hair

For a more intense effect, use contrasting
colors like yellow, orange, light green. Dark haired
rainbow coloring will also work.

If the goal – a change of image without bright accents, brunettes worth
give preference to indigo, purple, emerald,

For blondes

Blond hair also does this
staining. The result looks great no matter
what color was chosen. On a white base, anyone looks especially

Rainbow coloring for blondes

Length does not matter: each coloring will be in its own way
bright. On a short haircut juicy strands emphasize the shape of hair,
refresh your face.

Beautiful on the light curls look pink,
blue. For those who do not like bright colors, can give
preference pastel: peach or strawberry blond.

Owners of white curls will contrast the hairstyle by selecting
black color, blue or purple.

For blond hair

Brown hair, dark or blond, is also good.
combined with bright hues. It is the owner of the blond
Natural curls are most often solved by staining the lower
strands. This allows you to make a variety, but keep
its color, do not spoil it by discoloration.

Hidden coloring on blonde hair

Light brown combines many colors. It can be as blue
purple and yellow, pink, red, green shades.
Pastel colors do not look so beautiful, so when choosing paint
for hidden staining is preferred to saturated

Hidden pink staining – common
option that choose blond girls.

What materials will be needed

This procedure is more often carried out in the cabin, as at home
this painting is difficult. The problem is not in the technique of execution, but in the fact that
working with the lower strands is physically uncomfortable. Especially if
latent staining for short

Even on the long hair neatly apply the composition is unlikely
work out. Therefore, you need to find an assistant. From materials that
will be needed during the procedure, you should prepare:

  • necessary paint (s);
  • brightening powder and oxidizer;
  • capacity (not metal);
  • paint brush;
  • comb;
  • clamps;
  • gloves;
  • towel or old t-shirt to cover the shoulders.

Hair dye

For self-procedure will require
additional mirror to evaluate the result.

Technique hidden coloring

The technique is the same for all types of hair. This way
is considering how to do hidden coloring on
square and long curly hair.

Before painting the hair is combed. The ridge is separated
areas for applying the composition. No matter blonde hair and
dark, they must be discolored. Bright paint should be applied on
pure monophonic base.

Important! The brighter the strands, the brighter
result. In case of uneven discoloration, the color is obtained with

Stages of the procedure:

  1. Separated lower hair discolored with special
    powder and properly selected oxidizing agent.
  2. Wait the required time, wash off the composition.
  3. Rinse with shampoo for deep cleaning of the strands, dry.
  4. Apply the selected paint / paints, wait specified in the instructions
    time, then wash off the composition.

Hidden rainbow coloring: execution technique

Iridescent hair coloring

The scheme of this type of staining is identical to the previous one.
The only difference is having more
used colors.

Also for this purpose it is necessary to prepare as many tanks and
brushes, how many shades will be. All subsequent phases, including
discoloration, match.

With crayons

Besides dyes for hair, get hidden
dyeing for short hair is possible with
special crayons. You can buy them in a professional store.

Important! It should not be applied to ordinary strands
artistic pastel. It is not intended to be used on
curls and can harm them.

Depending on the composition and properties of crayons, the color is different
falls on the hair and washed off at different speeds.

Chalks for hair

Experts recommend at home
use oil crayons.

Special dyes

Elegant staining results can also be obtained by
special paints. More often it is a direct pigment.
actions that do not need to be mixed with an oxidizing agent, like,
for example, a lightening powder or ordinary ammonia paint.

To obtain a pastel shade in the finished paint add
hair conditioner. The more of it, the more dull it will turn out

There are also more benign remedies for
painting: tint mousses and skins, tinting shampoos,
sprays, oils and varnishes.

This video shows how hidden coloring is performed.

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