Cranberry juice for lice and nits – instructions for use

Pediculosis is a quickly transmitted and dangerous disease.
Pathogens, small insects lice, can be carriers
typhus, Volyn fever. You can get rid of trouble
popular method using cranberry juice.

How cranberry acts on lice and nits

The content of the article:

  • How cranberry acts on lice and nits
  • Pros and cons of cranberries in the fight against pediculosis
  • Methods and stages of treatment
  • Reviews
  • Can there be side effects
  • Top 3 popular folk methods against lice and nits
  • Causes and Symptoms of Pediculosis

Lice are very fertile. Per day each individual
capable of laying up to several eggs a day, thereby
multiplying the number of uninvited guests. Not everyone
methods of killing lice are able to fight nits, as they
endowed with a special protective sheath. Most funds
coping only with hatched insects.

Antibacterial and antifungal qualities of cranberries
negatively affect the adult parasite. Getting under
chitinous layer, berry juice quickly decomposes with the carrier
contagion. The tool is also endowed with the ability to eat eggs and
larvae of parasites due to its acidity. And acids in the composition
a lot of berries. Cranberry

In addition to the medicinal properties of these substances are well removed
scalp itching, inflammation, irritation.
Amino acids, vitamins and minerals contained in cranberries, improve
condition of hair and scalp in general.

Pros and cons of cranberries in the fight against pediculosis

Cranberry juice has such advantages in the fight against head lice:

  • the destruction of both adult lice and nits;
  • sedative effect on the scalp;
  • cosmetological effect.

cranberry juiceThe great advantage of this tool is
the naturalness of the berries. Many drugs are not always safe,
often cause an allergic reaction. The use of such
popular at all times remedies for pediculosis in the form of dustovogo
soap often leads to intoxication of the body (vomiting, nausea,
headache, convulsions). Cranberry juice is safe for adults.
and for children.

Attention! Dead nits after treatment will not disappear
with hair. They need to choose hands or comb special

The disadvantages include the fact that one procedure for lice
hard to get rid of. Have to spend it several times to complete

Methods and stages of treatment

In order to properly conduct the procedure, you need to follow
this instruction:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Dry your hair with a towel.
  3. Apply cranberry juice or crumpled berries to the scalp and throughout.
    hair length
  4. Put on a protective disposable cap or plastic bag,
    so that all hair is hidden.
  5. Leave for 15-20 minutes. From time to time gently shift
    hair hands, without removing the cap.
  6. Wash off cranberry juice with shampoo.
  7. Dry hair comb fine or special
    comb from nits.

the juice


Elena, 34 years old. Daughter brought with kindergarten and lice
infected older sister who had to cut partly long
hair. Were treated with folk remedies, namely cranberry juice.
Smeared the children hair every other day during the week. Everything

Victoria, 52 years old. A grandson son found lice. I
forbade the use of pharmacy chemistry, remembering how to save me
Mom from this scourge in childhood with the help of cranberry juice and cranberries.
Parasites were taken out twice, but the nits had to choose
on their own.

Can there be side effects

In rare cases, cranberries cause allergies.
the reaction. Also, this tool may not be suitable for people with
hypersensitivity of the scalp, causing irritation.
It is possible to soften the action of the agent by diluting it with any vegetable
oil scalp irritation

During treatment should be monitored to cranberry juice
not flowed out and not hit in the eyes. For this you need to use
special polyethylene cap.

Top 3 popular folk methods against lice and nits

Cranberry juice is not the only way of traditional medicine.
which aims to combat pediculosis. Get rid of dangerous
parasites can be using such tools:

  • viburnum berries;
  • cowberry juice;
  • tea tree oil.

viburnum and cranberriesAlso remove the louse mask will help
vegetable oils, essential oil of lavender, citrus, conifers,
vinegar, mint decoction, dust and tar soap.

Viburnum syrup

Kalina well helps not only from coughing, but also from pediculosis.
To apply the agent, the berries need to push through a sieve.
The resulting puree should be applied all over the head, leave for 15-20
minutes, rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary
procedure. If there are no fresh berries of viburnum, then you can
use syrup, but wash it off more thoroughly.
Viburnum syrup

Kalina from lice and nits is a safe, natural
remedy for adults and children.

Cowberry Juice

This treatment method has similar properties to cranberry juice.
The difference is only the area of ​​distribution of these berries. Acids,
Lingonberries also have a negative effect on lice and
nits The product is safe and natural. It can be used for
treatment of pediculosis in children. Lingonberry juice

Tea tree oil

Another popular treatment for pediculosis is oil.
tea tree It must be diluted before use.
alcohol and water in such proportions:

  • tea tree oil – 30 drops;
  • alcohol – 50 ml;
  • water – 50 ml.

The resulting product is applied to dry hair, and then
washed off in 15-20 minutes.

The disadvantage of this tool is the presence of alcohol,
which dries the scalp and spoils the hair, but it is necessary for
corrosive chitinous membrane in adult lice. Besides,
tea oil is not able to destroy nits. For children, this method
treatment is not recommended.

Important! If you add tea tree oil to
shampoo, then you can quickly get rid of the effects of pediculosis:
itching, scalp irritation.

Causes and Symptoms of Pediculosis

Pediculosis is easily transmitted from one person to another.
household way or close contact. Pick up nasty
insects can be through headgear, towel, in public
bath or sauna. If in the family one person was diagnosed
pediculosis, it is necessary to urgently inspect the other members, and
also carry out preventive measures. pediculosis

Recognizing the presence of lice is easy. Infected person
begins to complain of severe itching that appears after being bitten
the parasite. Examination reveals blue or reddish
small specks on the skin. On the hairs are visible small eggs lice,
nits They can be both white and black. More often
altogether they are located in the occipital or temporal lobes 1-2 cm from
hair growth. In neglected condition during the inspection it is possible
notice the lice themselves. Also, the patient has irritability,
nervousness, insomnia.

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