Creative haircuts for short hair: option not for modest

Creative haircuts for short hair – perfect for
those who decided to change their appearance, add relevance and

Most often they are tried on by young girls, but some
styles and solutions are more suitable for adult women.

Photo 272 Asymmetry, an unusual form of bangs, torn strands or
figure trimmed nape can be combined with the original
hair coloring and various styling options.

  • 1 Who is the bold choice?
  • 2 Options for creative haircuts
  • 3 Fashionable asymmetry
  • 4 Ultra-short and very bold
  • 5 Classic bob and its variations
  • 6 Perfect Bangs

Who is a bold choice

Stylish and creative haircuts are usually chosen by girls and young
women leading an active lifestyle.

The original hairstyle is simple in styling, does not require much
quantities of styling products.

After washing, the strands dry quickly, even without using a hair dryer. Can
forget about the daily hair pulling iron, curlers, hot
irons and other devices that cause irregular head of hair

All you need is a comb or brush, a light fixing mousse and
gel or liquid spray for decoration tips.

According to stylists, creative short female haircuts
unusual style perfect fit:

  • very young girls who like experiments with looks;
  • women who prefer bright unusual hair dyes;
  • owners of regular features who wish to emphasize
    beauty of the eyes or lip line.

Short unusual hairstyle like girls with not too
thick or damaged curls. If the ends are long strands
look not the best way, you should not spend time and money on their

Photo 273 Faster and more efficient just to cut off damaged
plots. To add the missing volume to the liquid strands will help
original haircut with a strong graduation and pronounced
asymmetry. Complete the image of a soft toning or balacer,
allows you to visually add hair pomp and hide
damaged strands.

Options for creative haircuts

Haircuts for short hair is not so much. However on their
Basically, you can think of dozens and even hundreds of options. It all depends
from the skill of the stylist and the wishes of the client. Among the base

  1. Bean. An option especially loved by stylists and
    by clients. Suitable for any type of face and hair texture. Back of the head
    shorn as short as possible, the top is graduated for
    additional volume, elongated strands on the temples frame the face in
    as a hat or a helmet, as pictured: Photo 274 Photo 275 Photo 276

    Allowed experiments with the shape of the slice and the degree of graduation
    hairstyle may be accompanied by bangs of various lengths and volumes.

  2. Page. Hair cut smoothly, hairstyle
    supplemented with a volume or short bang. Strands on the temples have
    the same length with the bulk of the hair. Hair can be laid
    perfectly smooth with mousse and round brush. Photo 277 The same haircut is easy to turn into a creative
    mess by just beating the strands with your fingers dipped in a spray on
    basis of sea water.
  3. Cesson. Very feminine haircut, at which
    the hair on the back of the head is longer than the strands on the temples, and the thick bangs have
    semicircular shape. By varying the length of the hair, you can achieve very
    interesting result. Photo 278 Photo 279Suitable for perfectly straight, wavy or curly
    strands, well masks minor defects of appearance. One
    of the few short haircuts suitable for obese women of all
  4. Garson. Haircut under the boy fits
    owners of thick hair and perfectly regular facial features.
    It gives the image a boyish enthusiasm and is very young. Special
    It looks spectacular on the slim, excessive thinness – not a problem.
    Photo 280 Photo 281 Strands are cut very short, minimum length
    left on top. Bangs short, often she just
  5. Kare. Option with a long bang, trimmed
    exactly or oblique. The strands on the back of the head are the same length,
    temples they are lengthened. The cut can be milled. Photo 282 There are combined options, for example,
    bob-kare, combining the features of both haircuts.

Fashionable asymmetry

The most common option bold creative haircuts –
underlined asymmetry. This trend has become fashionable
a few years ago and still does not lose relevance. Asymmetry
may touch bangs, she is cut off in a semicircle or a sharp wedge
so that the elongated strands cover one eye.

Photo 283 Looks spectacular volumetric forelock,
contrasted with a minimum length at the temples and nape. Available
and another option – pointedly short ragged
bangs, complemented by falling strands on the temples. Not
be sure to give them the same length. Whiskey trimmed to
different levels make the hairstyle even more original.

A very bold decision – a clear geometry. In this case, bangs can be
cut with a wedge so that the longest part falls on
center of the forehead. In the same way is made out the head.

No less original looks combinations of elongated
strands with trimmed areas. Most often the same way
decorate whiskey.

To make hair look more impressive, you can resort to
creative staining. Do not experiment with highlighting
or graduated color, blurry colors will hide an unusual
drawing haircuts. It is best to use bright or
deep colors: wine-red, bluish-purple,
pink, sulfur with different shades.

Photo 284 You can liven up your own color by giving it a big
saturation. Blondes fit pure platinum, silver
or chalk tone, brown-haired – all shades of hazelnut, chestnut,

This video shows the technique of cutting and styling a short
asymmetric hairstyle:

Ultra-short and very bold

Not every girl will decide on a radically short haircut. To that
such a hairstyle requires a slim figure and regular features.
Owners of lush breasts, bulging ears or too
long nose is better to choose a different, less aggressive style.

The length of the haircut varies from super-short hedgehog to strands in
a few centimeters. In this style can be done hair
garcon, pixie, square, bob or grunge. When performing frequently
used graduation and filing, it is possible to use a razor
and clippers.

Often, ultra-short creative hairstyles are complemented by elements
asymmetry. For example, a classic garcon can be combined with
elongated bangs, trimmed narrow wedge, as in the photo:

Despite the minimum length, haircuts for women, and they can
to modify with the help of packing materials. Medium fix mousse
will help create volume and carelessness; a water-based gel will allow
comb strands perfectly smooth, creating a hairstyle in current
retro style.

A small portion of the modeling wax will highlight the ends of the hair,
making the haircut even more bold and challenging.

Classic bean and its variations

It is interesting to beat the classic bob can only experienced
stylist. It is capable of graduation with minimal
step that will emphasize the contrast between the very
short crown and temporal locks that cover the ears.

Hair can be pulled out by curling and laying in curls,
curving on both sides of the face at lip level.

Photo 285 Photo 286

This style reminds hairstyles, popular in the 60s
last century. It is suitable for fragile women with expressive
eyes. Retro-makeup with overheads will help to emphasize the effect.
eyelashes and pale lipstick on the lips.

Unusual solution – bean-fungus with short bangs, exactly
laid on the forehead. Originality lines emphasize neat
laying with the use of mousse and varnish gloss. It is worth considering that
This haircut is not for everyone. Women tall with
large features will look ridiculous, but fragile
girls with childish facial expressions may like it.

Perfect bangs

Very often, experiments with appearances begin with

Photo 287Stylists are advised to play on contrasts.

If the locks on the forehead will have an unusual shape, the rest of the mass
hair should be cut as simple as possible.

A bob haircut or a short cascade should be supplemented with a flat bang
square shape.

Make it more interesting will help perfectly smooth
cut, emphasized processing ironing.

Oblique oval bangs with a minimum length in the center of the forehead will complement
bob or sesson.

Photo 288The shorter the locks on the forehead, the longer it can be
occipital part.

Mini bangs trapezoidal or oval shape will balance the lush
volume top.

Understand the unusual style will help creative
coloring. The bangs can be distinguished by another shade by making
transition as smooth as possible.

Suitable graduation or shatush, creating the effect of hair,
burnt out in the sun.

A more radical option is to darken the tips. Such reception
especially beautiful on long asymmetrical bangs.

  • Other options for short haircuts, see:

    • Very short female haircut: from the era of the pharaohs in the XXI
    • Ragged haircut for short hair: how to know that you she

Unusual short creative women’s haircuts give a huge
space for fantasy. Having decided on this hairstyle, you have to
quite often visit the salon. Fast growing locks capable
smooth the most fantastic style.

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