Creative hairstyles to school do it yourself

beautiful hairstyles to schoolGirls love beautiful hair styles very much
especially if they have long and luxurious hair. For long hair
There is a wide variety of hairstyles, lately
Spit gaining popularity. On the basis of their hairdressers came up
many options for the most charming hairstyles. The braids are applicable as in
daytime and for the evening option. Wedding hairstyles with
braids are the latest trend in the fashion world.

Braids fit absolutely any type of face, and even if the hair
rare, they can be put in a volume pigtail. The main thing is not to delay
them, otherwise add additional volume to the hairstyle.
Masks that can help to make hair thick and lush
Buy at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself. More girls
and women prefer homemade masks, as they
composed of natural ingredients.

Today, there are many techniques of braiding: in
three strands, four, five, harnesses, french … The simplest is

To braid the spikelet, you need to comb the hair back, separate it from
the temporal region strand in 3 cm and divide it into three parts. Left
the strand is held by the thumb and forefinger, and the right one by the middle and
index. The right strand is placed on top of the middle left and
Fits on the left hand. The middle strand is held with the right hand.
The left curl must be twisted with the right and grabbed with the right hand.
Thus, the strands will be swapped. They need to tighten to
They did not get out of the spit.

The right part of the hair must be gripped and twisted with the other.
a strand. Place the left over the middle strand and hold it with your hand.
Repeat the same with the left side. Pigtails braid like that
way until there are little tails, then you can braid
ordinary pigtail.

France in hair

To braid a French braid, you need to comb your hair and
comb a little at the roots for extra volume, so
as such a hairstyle is famous for its pomp. Start weave
the French braid is necessary from a forehead. If you want to get thin and
fine hair, then the strands should be small, and if
voluminous – then you should take a little more hair. The hair is divided into
Three curls and plaited ordinary braid. When the second time will need
twist the second strand, it adds an additional side
strand and woven on the side. You also need to repeat with the right
parties. Thus, you need to weave a hairstyle to the desired length and
secure with a rubber band, but if satin is used for this purpose
ribbon, it will give your hair even more romance.

What girl did not curls with the help of braids? it
there may be both large and small curls, it all depends on
desires. Wet hair should be braided in pigtails of equal thickness.
and let them dry completely. Then they need to be unstuck
and spray varnish for stability and shine.

Ready for school!

Every mother, sending her beloved daughter on September 1 to school,
wants her to look the most beautiful and elegant. Therefore,
to complement the image, all moms are trying to make beautiful hair
to school with their own hands. Little princesses are happy to wear
them, but the holiday passes, and not every mother builds every day
something beautiful on your daughter’s hair is most often cost
ponytail or classic pigtail tied up

Meanwhile, there are many beautiful hairstyles that are not
take a lot of time and allow the schoolgirl to always stand out among
their classmates. But too defiant hairstyle is not worth it
to do, as there is a certain dress code in schools.

beautiful hairstyles to schoolThe horse’s tail looks original
combination with pigtail. For such a hairstyle you need to comb your hair and
secure them with a rubber band. After from the tail to separate three small strands
and braid a classic pigtail. Then you need to make a pigtail
triple coke, i.e., twist the remaining hair three times with
oblique at the base, and then wrap around the edges with the rest
braids. The tips of the tail are then screwed onto the curling iron.

Hairstyles with harnesses are perfect for teens, since
They look stylish, but at the same time do not cause any
conflicting feelings. For this you need to tie the hair in horse
tail and divide it into two parts that are twisted into bundles and
tightly intertwined.

The ends are fixed with an elastic band and hide at the base of the tail, for
This can be used stealth or small crabs.

If a schoolgirl is in high school, then she is permissible
walking with her hair loose, especially if they are thick and
beautiful. But here you can experiment. You can tie two
thin braids at the temples and intercept them at the back of the head. Hairstyle with
The comb will never lose its relevance, the main thing is not
bend over with makeup.

Is it easy? ..

Hairstyles with their own hands at first glance seem simple and
understandable, but when you get down to business, it turns out quite differently,
what’s in the picture. Therefore, you must first choose a light hairstyle, and
Do not make a bow out of hair, without having special training.
It is better to practice a little on your girlfriends before
to make a new hairstyle on your head before an important meeting,
because the effect can not be achieved, and time to lose –

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