Curling hair at home – a myth or reality?

perm at homeWomen want to be always
irresistible, each of them has its own ideal of beauty and perfection:
curly hair, slim figure, extended nails, long legs and
etc. If with the first you were unlucky, and tired of daily toil
in the morning, twisting curls with the help of forceps, curling hair at home
conditions – what you need! Do not worry if you can not
do this procedure in an expensive beauty salon, because chemistry
shave at home will be quite within your reach.

Of course, it is better when the perm is performed by a specialist, since
in the case of improper conducting perm can harm curls.
Then you can buy special hair lamination products.
at home. Follow our recommendations and you
Be sure to get a great perm!

Beautiful curls do it yourself

Before you start the procedure, make sure that the tool
for perming well perceived by your curls, and that allergies
for this composition you do not have. Take a strand of hair, moisten it
curling fluid and leave for five minutes. Then try
tear the strand. If you notice that your hair has become very fragile.
and tear, dilute the product with water and put the experience on another

To check for allergies to the chemical composition of the product,
It is necessary to apply it with a cotton swab on a small area of ​​skin (to
example, behind the ear). After ten minutes, wipe this piece with a mixture
hydrogen peroxide and water, then you will understand what is best: buy
other means or selected chemical
waving at home.

how to do a perm at homeForehead and whiskey need
thoroughly lubricate the cream so that they do not touch the chemical
compound. The best option would be to put a cloth harness on the forehead.
Put gloves on your hands and put old ones on your shoulders.

Remember: if there are wounds, cuts, abrasions on the scalp,
Hair chemistry is strictly prohibited! And generally try as best you can
often do different hair masks so that they are always gorgeous
looked like.

Step by Step instructions perm

  1. Curling is done only on clean and slightly wet curls. Their
    need to screw on curlers. The size of the curlers depends on which
    curls you would like to end up with. Spinning is not worth winding
    too tight, otherwise the curler simply does not
    penetrates all layers of hair.
  2. In a ceramic or plastic dish pour liquid, with
    which will help perm. Read carefully
    instruction! Moisten the curls on the curlers with a foam sponge. Means
    First apply on the back of the head, then on the top of the head, and at the end on
    temples and forehead area. Cover all this beauty with polyethylene
    wrap a towel. The means by which
    Perm, keep different time. Sure to
    follow the instructions, otherwise look at the hair instead of the beautiful
    would be depressing.
  3. At the end of a certain period of time, wash the hair
    warm water (structured is ideal), but do not remove
    at this time curlers! Gently blot the curls with a towel.
  4. Fixing is a very crucial moment. To make
    this, you need to knock it into the foam, then blot their strands (with
    help sponge foam), and for five or nine minutes to leave. If a
    done at home, you’ll probably be
    interesting fixer recipe, which can also be made
    with his own hand. Dissolve 8 tablets of hydroperit in 80 ml of water, to
    of the mixture, add 20 ml of shampoo. It will be about 100 ml
    fixing, which is enough for a hair length of 10 cm.
  5. Now you can remove the curlers, then again apply fixer
    on hair for five to nine minutes. Then rinse with warm hair
  6. Rinse your head with an acidic solution. The recipe of its preparation
    is this: dilute in a liter of water two grams of citric acid and one or two
    spoons of vinegar 8%.
  7. Very well, if in your arsenal of care products
    there is a nourishing hair mask for hair;
    The procedure is very useful. The mask will give the opportunity to recover
    hair structure. After applying it, rinse the hair thoroughly.
    and dry them naturally.

If you have curled your hair at home, take
Our congratulations – now you can do anything! Good luck and
always stay beautiful!

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