Curly Hair Care Products

care for curly hair

Many women dream of having
soft and wavy hair, and all because just such a hairstyle
hides irregular features and emphasizes tenderness and
femininity. In this regard, most women seek
make yourself curls. However, it is worth noting that not everyone knows
how to care for curly hair.

Often those who have this type of hair, on the contrary, try
straighten them. However, this is not due to the fact that women want
some kind of variety, and just care for curly hair is more difficult
and besides daily, otherwise they will be unsightly. One more
feature is their disobedience, so when laying without
gel and foam are not enough. However, at the same time, they cannot be called
lifeless and weak. The main problem is not due to the fact
that they curl and they are difficult to stack, but with health, because
due to the frequent use of funds, hair becomes dry
fatty and even more naughty.

Just one coloring or curling is enough for them.
damage. To speak of regular similar procedures is not at all
have to. Naturally, the more serious the damage, the more
time and effort will require care and recovery. Wavy hair
types are particularly susceptible to high temperatures produced by
hair dryer or ironing. As a result, the skin begins to itch and
peel off. Many people think that it is dandruff, but it is not. it
sensitivity of the skin, but not a fungus. Behind the hair
need special care that requires patience, which many
representatives of the weaker sex is not enough.

How to choose shampoo and balsam?

To care for curly hair was easier, you need
choose the right shampoo. For dry hair in
the composition of the shampoo must contain coconut oil. For
damaged should pick up a tool with ingredients such as
sage and horseradish. Means for curly hair should be chosen in
depending on the condition of the skin: oily, sensitive
or dry, or a structure that can be rigid and

Often modern shampoos, besides using their own
intended purpose, also designed to increase or decrease
volume, easy combing and static stress relief. To
pick a suitable shampoo for curly hair, you need to study
The composition of the cosmetic. Winners wavy
hair type can not use shampoos that increase the volume, t.
This will adversely affect them and complicate care. Scales from such
shampoo either rise, because of what occurs dehydration
hair, or covered with a film that weights the hair. In both
cases and so having damaged hair weaken even more.

The main thing you need to pay attention when buying shampoo
for curly hair, this is of course quality. The composition should include
more natural ingredients. Do not forget that
Someone shampoo may come, and someone not. In order to
check that it is enough to wash your hair once and if any
any discomfort, shampoo should be abandoned.

As you know, the most nutrient for hair is considered
balm. It covers the damaged areas and at the same time feeds
their. It should be used when the hair is very thin and weak,
otherwise, it will simply weight them off. Balm allows
to soften a stressful state after washing. Since shampoo
is strong alkali, balm softens its effect on the skin
scalp and provides better combing and care.

How to wash your hair?

Care for curly hair, like any other, includes
the washing up. Wash them only with soft and warm water. In no case
there should be no discomfort, do not rub too much
head, as it provokes the intensive work of the sebaceous glands.
You can often wash your hair, but still you shouldn’t get too carried away, but
resort to this procedure as far as pollution. If frequent
washing can not be avoided, it is worth picking up the funds that are calculated
for daily use. It is not worth keeping your hair long
wrapped in a towel, unless, of course, applied medical
means that requires heat. Do not wipe your hair
a towel because their outer layer is disturbed, they get confused and
as a result, begin to split.

It is necessary to dry them exclusively in a natural way.
It is advisable not to use a hair dryer, because hot air is destructive
affects the structure. If you can’t avoid it,
It is worth choosing special protective equipment against high
temperatures. Once the hair is a little dry, they need
comb, the best plastic antistatic comb with
rare teeth. Most prefer to use wood
combs, but in this case they only damage the hair
due to poorly polished surface. Comb need to
hair tips to the scalp. Periodically need to wash the comb, t.
because fat sticks to it over time.

Haircut and styling

Don’t forget to trim the tips
every 3 months, since this type is more susceptible to cross-section.
This is especially true when the hair is often exposed
Drying and using cosmetics is no longer enough. Mask
and shampoo can have a positive effect on the structure, but completely
no tool can restore and remove the section. The best
cutting with hot scissors will be an option, thanks to which
tips are soldered, hair does not lose moisture, which allows to avoid

For a natural hairstyle is best to use
comb or fingers. For hard or soft hair
use special styling products such as gels or
foam, and the tips – wax, which will make them a little heavier.
You should only choose products that are specifically designed for
curly hair. For flowing type of curls you can
use large curlers wrap them a little wet
hair. Once they are dry, you don’t need to comb them,
enough to hold your fingers smeared with gel. It will give
natural hairstyle.

The main condition for the use of various styling products is
mandatory removal at the end of the day. If you can not wash
means, you need to at least comb your hair, except
natural remedies. Despite the complexity of caring for such
hair type, it is possible to create a huge amount
various hairstyles and haircuts, one of the best is considered
haircut layers, which allows you to make curls even more
expressive and thick.

Coloring and straightening

hair straighteningEven
the use of natural dyes often leads to drying
hair, since most of them are prepared at home and more often
all wrong If we talk about the colors of factory production,
they have a destructive effect on the bonds in the hair structure. Consequence
this becomes stiffness, which is difficult to cure. AT
In this case, it becomes even more difficult to care for frizzy hair.
It should always be remembered that natural color is fashionable, therefore
need to strive for its natural shade. If all the same without
staining can not do, then you should choose only those paints
which does not include ammonia. And it’s best not to do this
procedure yourself and contact the salon.

If you can not do without the use of ironing, you need to try to reduce
its use is minimal because it firstly violates
hair structure, and, secondly, dries them. Not worth resorting to
straightening in very wet weather, because this result
the procedure will not bring, and the hair will get an extra load.

Massage and masks

To improve blood circulation, you need to massage once a week.
scalp. In addition, you can use the oil mask,
which will provide even more effective results. Massage allows not
only improve blood circulation, but also nourishes the bulb, thanks
What are the hairs starting to grow more active and becoming

Masks allow you to glue the hair scales, creating protection.
They need to do weekly. According to the advice of cosmetologists, when applying
masks for curly hair, giving elasticity, you need to retreat
from the scalp about 10 cm, and the nutrient applied from the
roots. If you can not buy masks, you can
make at home.

Mask from yogurt. Abundantly smear hair
heated to 37 ° C with yogurt, cover them with a film and wrap
a towel. After 30 minutes, apply again, only on the skin
head, 5 minutes to massage and rinse.

Mask for very dry hair. Sunflower oil
Mix with sea buckthorn in a ratio of 9: 1. Apply on head and
rub, then wrap with plastic and a handkerchief. Wait around
hours and wash off.

Mask of strawberries. Mash 9 berries in mashed potatoes and
add a little mayonnaise (1 tbsp.). Spread the mixture over the head
and hair. Massage for 5 minutes and wrap with a film. After half an hour
wash off. The mask is considered seasonal because it is prepared only from
local strawberries. Overseas berries are not suitable here, because
contains many nitrates.

To improve the effectiveness of a mask for curly hair,
cooked at home, you need to supplement the use of rinse from
chamomile broth, if it is blond hair, and water with the addition
lemon juice if dark.

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