Current trends in women’s fashion short haircuts 2018-2019

In the modern pace of life, every girl seeks to look
stylish, giving styling a minimum of time. These criteria are met.
short haircuts that are at their peak

Fashionable women's haircuts

  • 1 Stylish trends 2018-19
    • 1.1 Women’s short haircuts with asymmetry
    • 1.2 Fashionable short haircuts 2018-2019 bob square
    • 1.3 Graduated car
    • 1.4 Ultrashort androgynous haircut style
    • 1.5 Haircuts for short hair under the machine
    • 1.6 Pro haircut with clipped temple
    • 1.7 Pixie 2018-2019 for short hair
    • 1.8 Short hair cascade with soft outlines
    • 1.9 Mohawk 2018-2019
    • 1.10 Garson for short hair
    • 1.11 Gavrosh for short hair
    • 1.12 Rhapsody for short hair
    • 1.13 Cesson for short hair
  • 2 Women’s haircuts for short hair on a round face
  • 3 Fashionable haircuts for short hair, increasing the volume.
  • 4 Female haircuts for short hair for obese women
  • 5 Short haircuts for thin hair
  • 6 Haircuts for thick hair
  • 7 Hairstyles for curly curly hair
  • 8 Women’s short haircuts with long bangs
  • 9 The most creative women’s haircuts in 2018-2019
  • 10 Graduation by age
    • 10.1 For 30 years
    • 10.2 Over 40 years
    • 10.3 After 50 years
  • 11 How to grow hair after a short haircut

Stylish trends 2018-19

Whatever haircut the woman chooses, in trend now
maximum naturalness and easy negligence. For this follows
avoid hairstyles that will require styling
funds in the care.

Health is the main hairstyle this season.
hair and beautiful color matching facial features
and color appearance.

Women’s short haircuts with asymmetry

Haircuts with asymmetry

Asymmetrical haircuts allow you to place accents on
facial features, with skillful performance hiding flaws,
emphasizing merit.

  • Asymmetry can be both throughout the haircut, and only in
  • This option is not suitable for everyone: with pronounced
    skin imperfections or major features attention to the face will be
    only strengthen the flaws.
  • For girls with a slim physique there is a risk of losing
    femininity, turning outwardly into a teenage boy that can
    affect your personal life.

Asymmetrical short haircut suits girls well
medium build without pronounced oval features
or round shape.

Fashionable short haircuts 2018-2019 bob caret

Hairdress bob caret

A popular version of the car with shorter strands on
the nape of this year’s fashion trends dictate to complement
chaotic ladders.

Due to the curls on the top and structured bangs appears
volume, and the image becomes sweet and careless, like
just waking up in the morning.

Graduated car

Graduated car

Four of a kind in combination with a cascade enters into fashion trends for
practicality and elegance.

Cascade at a certain angle adds carelessness.
classic square, and elongation of the locks of the face and shortening
back of the head gives volume.

Tip: the most fashionable style is not considered
straight hair, but on wavy and naughty, creating
slight randomness hairstyles.

Important! Cars should be chosen by girls who are not ready.
radically remove the length, if desired, it will be easier to grow hair
cascade to medium length.

Ultrashort androgynous haircut style

Fashionable Haircut Style

The length of a little more than the nozzle of the machine does not give femininity, but
highlights courage, brightness.

Option recommended tired of styling
women of fashion who are ready to focus completely
surrounding on the face.

Tip: to preserve femininity, you should
apply bright casual makeup with an accent
on the eyes or lips.

Haircuts for short hair under the machine

Haircuts for a typewriter

Pretty extravagant style for a girl can be created,
shorn with a typewriter.

Paradoxically, very short hair can be combined with
feminine wardrobe and make-up, creating your own unique style
freedom and independence from the opinions of others.

The main thing is to decide on such a step.
deliberately, so that later did not have long
to regret.

Pro haircut with clipped temple

Hairstyle with clipped temple

A suitable way is not to drastically experiment with
appearance, it is to shave part of the strands from the temple.

  • The most pronounced outrage of shaved temple in asymmetrical
    hairstyles or bob car.
  • The attachment of the machine can be of any length.
  • Perhaps the addition of drawings.

Pixie 2018-2019 for short hair


Pixie’s haircut in 2018–2019 is distinguished by a ragged strand,
asymmetry and bright color accents.

Short whiskey in contrast with long strands on
top of the head add youth and dynamism, concentrating
focus on the brightness of the eyes and lips.

Short hair cascade with soft outlines

Short Cascade

Cascading haircut is almost universal,
emphasizes all the best qualities of hair. Wavy curls become
airy and even more voluminous, and straight lines emit clarity

Important! Soft outlines retain femininity,
despite the short haircut and distracting the gaze from the flaws,
if any.

Versatility also requires minimum
time to care and there are options for styling for different occasions
of life.

Iroquois 2018-2019

Iroquois for short

Modern Mohawk doesn’t look like hairstyles.
punks, retaining only the principle: long strands of a line from
forehead to the head, pointing up.

Stacked as softly large waves, and bold
hedgehog using gel or wax.

Garson for short hair


Garson is filled with Parisian charm and is somewhat similar to
pixie, but is characterized by parting in the temporal region and

Gavrosh for short hair


Very original hairstyle is different.
randomness, torn strands and different lengths

  • The temples are short and pointed at the ends of the strands.
  • On the top there are short and volumetric milled curls.
  • Occipital part of the longest, closing
    the neck.
  • Differently colored bangs: short serrated, oblique to the side or
    long to the nose.

Rhapsody for short hair

Haircut Rhapsody

Haircut Rhapsody involves lengthening strands from
neck to crown from the bottom up. All over the head with
the smooth ladder turns out, adding volume.

Suitable for girls who decide to grow curls after short
haircuts, moving to medium length without losing shape

Cesson for short hair

Cesson on short hair

Haircut sesson is unique in its shape.

  • Smooth transition of bangs to the temples and the back of the head, forming a clear outline
  • Volumetric top due to shearing at a certain angle.
  • Suitable for straight hair, suggesting a clear line
  • Allows you to adjust the shape of the face when properly selected

Women’s haircuts for short hair on a round face

Hairstyles on a round face

The ideal face is considered to be oval, so try their hair
visually give this shape, for this chubby fit
following short styling:

  • Bob squares, hiding full cheeks and pulling shape.
  • Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs change
    proportions and ultramod in the season 2018 – 2019.
  • Asymmetrical pixie or shaved temple too
    chubby girls.

Fashionable haircuts for short hair, increasing the volume

Increased shearing volume

Fashionable women’s short haircuts 2018-2019, photos of which
presented, most suggest an increase
volume except for hairstyles under the machine.

The maximum volume is achieved in graded styling.
with a length at least from the ear, which, if desired, you can still
increase the spray for volume or curling curls.

Women’s haircuts for short hair for obese women

Hairstyles for obese women

Most curvaceous women choose short
hair length

The most suitable hairstyles in this case:

  • With voluminous and lush hair, so that the head does not seem
    too small against the background of the body.
  • Asymmetrical with bangs that change proportions and distract on
  • With hair length above chin, revealing
    the neck.
  • With rich staining, suitable color type of appearance.

Short haircuts for thin hair

Even thin hair will play in bulk

  • Rhapsody;
  • Bob quads;
  • Graduated square or cascade.

This video shows how to cut a bob cut into thin

Haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair will suit any hairstyle chosen with
considering the shape of the face and age.

The trend of the season is the density of hair in pixies with
necessarily long bangs.

Hairstyles for curly curly hair

Curly hair will be a great base.
graded square or cascade creating a soft and fashionable

Pixie’s haircut is also versatile for both straight and
curly hair.

Modern hairstyles

Women’s short haircuts with long bangs

Long bangs can be combined with almost any

The most popular asymmetrical bangs with milled ends and
bright color highlights.

Important! Bangs focus on the eyes and
eyebrows, so they need to be highlighted
in a way.

This video shows how to make a trendy haircut on
short hair with long bangs.

The most creative women’s haircuts in 2018-2019

Novelties of fashion require to keep up with stylists who invent all
more original haircuts.

  • The combination of pixies with
  • Shag haircut, which assumes clear forms with several
    length levels on different parts of the head.

Creative women's hairstyles

Graduation by age

Different haircuts are able to adjust not only the features
faces, but even age.

For 30 years

Classic or ultrashort pixie version with light
carelessly add french charm to the image.

Garson with asymmetrical bangs and highlight throughout
length will only add dynamism and brightness to the most
productive period of life.

Haircuts by age

Over 40 years

For women over 40 fit:

  • The cascade of young mature women, not allowing extra
  • Garson is considered a versatile haircut in the hands of a skilled
  • Bob quads in the classic version or with
    textured ends.

Stylish hairstyles

After 50 years

The age of 50 years often becomes the beginning of new stages of life,
changing the structure of hair and skin. A short
styling erases from the face a few years, most importantly, it is correct
pick up.

  • Bob with asymmetrical bangs.
  • Short pixie.
  • Cascade with soft outlines.
  • Multi-level sesson.

This video shows how the most fashionable haircut is performed.
Pixies for elegant ladies 50+, 60+ and 70+.

How to grow hair after a short haircut

After an unsuccessful haircut will take a lot of time for
growing hair. The growth rate of all
individual, but you can speed up the process with courses of multivitamins and
gentle hair care with nourishing and accelerating
growth masks.

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