Curved legs – it does not matter

The natural curvature of the legs is not a disaster at all:

  • first, there are not so many perfect legs;
  • secondly, it is quite possible you are just exaggerating your
    small defect.

Today, to fundamentally solve the problem of leg curvature, you can either
orthopedic straightening or plastic surgery. Such
operations are very painful, debts are expensive, and the most offensive is often
disappoint. But whether to resort to drastic measures when
There are other methods that are much simpler, more accessible, and more harmless.
Correction of leg curvature can be done both physically and
manual exposure.

correction of leg curvature

Correct leg curvature is possible with physical
exercises, simulators and manual ways


  • How to determine the type of curvature of the legs
  • False and True Curvature Correction
  • Exercises to correct the O-shaped curvature
  • Exercises to correct the X-shaped curvature
  • Straightening the legs on the simulator
  • Manual correction of true curvature
  • Restoration of the biomechanics of the knee joints
  • Elimination of leg curvature
  • Elimination of external curvature of the thigh

How to determine the type of curvature of the legs

Before you begin to correct the legs, be sure to visit
orthopedist. It will help determine:

  • What curvature do you have (true or false)?
    • the true curvature is determined by the deviation of the bones from
      vertical axis;
    • false – asymmetry or lack of development of the muscles of the calf
      or hips.
  • Type of Curvature:
    • O-shaped or X-shaped
  • Curvature Cause:
    • natural defect
    • muscle features
    • biomechanics of the knee joints.

The falsity or truth of curvature and the shape of the curvature of you
you can check yourself by straightening your legs to the fullest
contact knees and feet.

type of curvature of the legs

Before choosing a way to straighten the legs you need to determine
your type of curvature.

Verification test is described in detail in the article Operation on
straightening legs.

Nature often has nothing to do with the curvature of the legs:

In most cases, the curvature of the legs is acquired in
time of incomplete bone growth defect.

  • Our habits may be to blame:
    • the habit of standing in a pose, leaning on one leg and weakening
    • a pose in which the feet are turned toes inwards;
    • the habit of eating a lot – in the end, a lot of weight leads to
      curvature of the legs.
  • Also, the cause of asymmetry or curvature of the legs can be
    life with its daily loads:

    • jumper athletes have a jogging leg as a rule
    • professional jockeys have an O-shaped leg curvature and
  • The cause of the X-shaped deformation may be valgus
    foot deformity (clubfoot) – foot inversion out:

    • Such a defect is often formed in early childhood, when
      the development of the musculo-ligamentous system of the beginner baby walks
      It turns out to be insufficient, or the child has a lot of weight.

False and True Curvature Correction

False curvature correction is performed by inflating
thigh or calf muscles with physical
exercises and simulators – this way you can correct
the shape of the legs, closing too large “openings” between the legs or smoothing
outer contour.

However, a large degree of curvature usually leads to violation
biomechanics of the knee joints.

Verification test for knee joints:

  • with an O-shaped patella on a straight leg
    shifted inward;
  • with the X-shaped – outwards;
    knee offset test

    During the test, one leg is folded, and on a flat
    leg determine the offset of the patella.

  • in the first case, knees when squatting go to the sides;
  • in the second they strive to unite.
    test for the divergence and descent of the knees

    When squatting, keep track of which direction
    your knees

There is no longer a false, but a true curvature, correct that
by developing the calf muscles will fail.

True curvature of the legs due to the displacement of the knee joint
can be corrected by manual manipulation
knee joint in combination with a set of exercises for
joints and muscles.

Exercises to correct the O-shaped curvature

Well with this type of curvature help the following exercises:

exercises for O shaped legs

Examples of exercises to correct the curvature

  • Walking on the inside of the foot.
  • Walking on the heels with socks out.
  • Squats in the ballet position: socks are separated as possible
  • Exercises on adductor (internal) thigh and calf muscles:
    • free leg abduction in a standing position;
    • leg abduction with a shock absorber – rubber cord;
    • raising the leg to the side in the standing position sideways to the support;
    • lift legs lying on its side.
  • Alternate lifting straightened legs in a sitting position, leaning
    hands behind.
  • Straight leg cross movements (“scissors”) in position
    lying down.
  • Exercises with straight legs joined together (legs
    belts or special correctors):

    • Lie on the floor with your feet on the wall. Sitting down
      hands against the wall.
    • Lie on the floor, stretched out, then pull the foot on yourself.
    • Lying on your back, slowly, without raising your torso and head,
      lift your feet to a height of 30 cm from the floor, then also smoothly
  • Cross stretching “twine” – a very effective way
    straightening and lengthening the legs.

Sports preferred in O-shaped

  • skating;
  • cross-country skiing;
  • ballet dances;
  • swimming.

Exercises to correct the X-shaped curvature

It is best to respond to exercise long type of leg,
which the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles have a low
location and fasten on the short Achilles tendon.

Short leg with a high position of muscles and a long tendon
worse amenable to correction.

Preferred in the X-shaped curvature such exercises:

  • Walking on the outside of the foot.
  • Squatting the ball between the knees.
  • Seat “Turkish”:
    • knees divorced, heels connected;
    • similar asana in yoga – lotus pose.
  • Exercises for the internal soleus muscle in position
    sitting on a chair:

    • As a simple simulator used cuttings from the shovel,
      which is put on your knees.
    • Pressing on the spade stalk with both hands at the same time
      slowly raise both legs on the toes and lower.
    • After some time we make the stalk heavier, hanging along the edges.
      loads, such as plastic bottles or buckets of water.
  • Exercise for training the medial gastrocnemius head

    • Performed on the steps with safety net.
    • Becoming on the bottom rung of the ladder is not the whole foot (heels are not on
      steps), turning the socks out.
    • Holding hands of an assistant, standing higher, slowly rise
      on the toes and down (the heel should not go below the level of the step,
      in order to avoid stretching the Achilles tendon).

These exercises are performed three times a week:

  • During the lesson, three approaches are made with 15 repetitions.

Sports with X-shaped legs.

When X-shaped deformation fit:

  • horse riding and cycling
  • swimming breaststroke
  • yoga classes.

Video: Exercises for the correction of legs.

Straightening the legs on the simulator

The purpose of the training is to train the quadriceps muscles of the thigh, but not
to increase the mass, and to work out its relief and shape.

To perform this exercise, you will need a simple simulator for
leg extension.

correction of the curvature of the legs on the simulator

The purpose of the exercises on the simulator – relief correction and
quadriceps thigh shape.

How the exercise is performed:

  • Sit on the simulator and first check how it is set:
    • when placing a leg under support, it should be no higher
      one third of the length of the leg
    • if the support is higher or lower, set it on your
      anthropometric data
  • Starting exercise, place the foot at a distance of 30 cm
    from each other.
  • Leaning back against the back and holding the handles slowly
    straighten your legs at the knees.
  • To correct the outer contour of the legs (when X-shaped
    curvature of the foot when turning the legs turn toes
  • To correct the inside of the foot quadriceps you need
    turn out.
  • Do not start classes with too much weight on
    simulator – weight gain should be gradual.

At home, such exercises can be performed on
chair with weights on the legs.

Video: Straightening the legs while sitting in the simulator.

Manual correction of true curvature

This very simple technique is suggested by a manual therapist.
chiropractor Vitali Gitt.

To select a correction method, the type of leg curvature is determined:

  • Curvature due to being too closely combined or vice versa.
    overly divorced knees.
  • Curvature of the lower leg (mostly external O-shaped).
  • External curvature of the femur.

According to these types of defects, Gitt suggests the following

Restoration of the biomechanics of the knee joints

  • It occurs by widening the joint space and stimulating
    growth of the inner or outer part of the meniscus (finding articular
    slots can be identified by recesses located 4 cm below
    center of the knee, to the right and to the left of it).
    knee straightening

    The knee is corrected by expansion of the joint space and
    natural meniscus under the shock

  • To do this, daily for a minute in the morning and in the evening
    poke around these areas with a small bag of tarpaulin
    (size 15x20cm), filled with sand or salt, on the inside
    side of the knee in the O-shaped curvature or on the outside –
    with X-shaped.
  • Impacts in the first days should be weak, then after adaptation
    force of blows needs to be increased

Elimination of leg curvature

The defect is eliminated in the same way – by gradually increasing the blows.
on problem areas.

Strikes are a kind of microtrauma due to which
blood circulation and metabolic processes are stimulated, and
muscle building that cannot be done with physical
exercise at too high or too low position

Elimination of external curvature of the thigh

This is done by building up the internal muscle:

  • sitting in a chair between the knees fits a small
    20 centimeter ball;
  • the ball is compressed, unclenched at a fast pace of one or two minutes.

Accretion and meniscus, and muscles with such methods is minimal, but
even a few millimeters produce a good visual

To obtain tangible results, these procedures are necessary
perform at least half a year.

As you can see, the correction of leg curvature is completely in your

Video: Slender legs with yoga

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