Cutting a ladder for medium hair – ideas, not go out of fashion, 21 photos

Ladder – a universal version of hairstyles for straight or
wavy hair of medium length.

Steps give the strands volume and dynamics, beautifully framed face
and balance proportions.

The haircut is suitable for curls of any color and texture, for
perfect appearance requires daily styling.

  • 1 Benefits haircuts
  • 2 Who will suit the hairstyle
  • 3 With or without a bang: the choice of options
  • 4 Ideas for everyday and evening styling
    • 4.1 Straight strands
    • 4.2 Curls and curls
    • 4.3 Bundles and shells
  • 5 Accessories and jewelery

The advantages of haircuts

Haircut for medium hair looks very modern (see
photo), you can make it in any salon. The essence of hair –
soft steps with a smooth transition.

The longest strands are left on the temples and the nape, the crown
may be smoother or more voluminous. Curls face beautiful
frame oval. The final appearance of the hair depends on the condition.
hair, their type and other features.

Haircut has many advantages:

  1. Steps of different lengths well hide hair imperfections: too
    rare or soft strands, dull color, lack of volume.
  2. There are many options that are suitable for different types.
  3. On the base of the ladder you can make a variety of hairstyles.
    Trimmed strands curl, straighten, pin in
    bunches and rollers.
  4. The hairstyle corrects minor imperfections of the face and
  5. Does not require special skill from the stylist, a haircut can be
    do in any cabin.
  6. Hair can be tinted, create smooth or abrupt transitions
    colors, select individual strands and conduct other experiments with

When choosing a hairstyle woman should take into account that
The ladder needs frequent correction.

It is important to trim the split ends in time, otherwise the hair will be
look messy.

Many stylists do hot scissors,
soldering cut and prevent delamination.

Council Correct care will help restore the strands
with the use of gentle shampoos, nourishing balms and homemade
masks with eggs, honey, fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable
oils. Salon procedures are also useful – for example, lamination or
keratin straightening.

To suit the hairstyle

Ladder is one of the most popular and versatile
haircuts. It is perfect for girls

  • with straight or wavy hair of any size;
  • loving experiments with styling;
  • do not spare the time for the care of curls.

In this case, the hair has contraindications.
Owners of curly and curly hair should choose another
version of the haircut. Short frequent steps will turn the head
in a lush dandelion. To styling looked beautiful, strands have
Daily straightening with an iron and special creams such as
procedures are not too good for hair.

Ladder is not suitable for girls who want to do without styling.
To give the hairstyle shape, given by the hands of the stylist, you have to
often use a hair dryer, round brush, curling iron or hair curlers. For
maintaining a haircut in good condition will have to spend money on
high-quality styling products: mousses, gels, varnishes and glitters.

When choosing a hairstyle it is important to take into account the features of the face. Ladder
able to highlight its merits and hide small

  • Round-faced girls will have long graduated strands,
    framing face and inward.
  • Light curls will help to soften too sharp features.
    on the cheeks and padded bangs laid on the oblique.
  • Ripped strands will distract attention from the heavy lower jaw and
    too plump cheeks. With proper styling, they will widen the narrow face,
    beautifully highlighting the line of the cheekbones.
  • The triangular face is made with short steps, the shortest
    of which reach ear level. Hair should be supplemented thick
    bangs, reaching to the eyebrows.
  • Deep-milled hair will help make styling light and
    volume This technique is suitable for both thin and too
    hard and naughty strands.

Smooth steps can be emphasized with the right
matched color. Ladder looks beautiful with different options

An ombre or sombre technology that works
burnt strands. Unusual but interesting looking stressed
bright colors flowing from dark to light. Such effect
especially noticeable on perfectly straight hair.

With or without a bang: the choice of options

Ladder on average hair with bangs – a real classic.

Bangs cut straight or oblique, milled, laid on its side
or cover her forehead.

The shape depends on the oval of the face, hair texture and general idea.

Haircut ladder on medium hair with bulky bangs, laid
on the forehead or combed to the side, shifts the accents to the face, hides
too high forehead and beautifully emphasizes the line of the lips.

Stairs starting from the bang line look very impressive. AT
This case locks on the forehead to the level of the ears, and when laying
scroll towards the face.

Council Long bangs are comfortable with their
multifunctionality. They can be curled, laid together with
the total weight of the hair, combed out in the form of a coca or clean to the side,
securing hairpins.

Ladder-cap with volume, concentrated in the neck,
can be complemented by perky milled bangs, beautiful
laid on the forehead and emphasizes the incision of the eyes.

Ideas for everyday and evening styling

Ladder opens up great opportunities for a variety of styling.
They are easy to make at home, interesting ideas should be sought.
in the photo in fashion magazines.

Council After the haircut ask the master to suggest
how best to style your hair.

Straight strands

To emphasize the beautiful lines of straight hair fit iron.
Clean hair is sprayed abundantly with a thermal spray. Strand on
temples stabbed, the work begins with the neck and crown. The form
The future hairstyle depends on the direction of the ironing. If you hold
blades strictly vertically, laying will turn out ideally smooth.
The effect of fix varnish with glitter.

With the help of an iron, you can create a curvy hairstyle with a careless
shaggy strands. Small, carefully combed curls
clamped between the plates of the device in the area of ​​the roots. Thermal Pliers
lead to the tips, while slightly lifting them out. Than
above the strand is raised, the more lush the styling will turn out.

A haircut that combines the steps and the cap can be arranged
in a combined way. The hair at the crown lifts, giving
their volume, and the strands on the back of his head and temples pull down. Resulting
the contrast emphasizes the length of the neck and the beautiful oval of the face.

Curls and Curls

The classic version is styling with a hair dryer and a round brush.
Clean hair is divided into strands, treated with fixing mousse and
alternately twisted on a large round brush, the tips should
head inside.

Strands are dried with a flat-head hairdryer. At first
hair on a nape is stacked, then temples are processed. Lateral
strands twist towards the face, they will be beautiful
to frame an oval.

Council For medium length hair it is worth using
large brush with short setae. She will create beautiful, almost
natural curl.

At the end of the bang. Short can be thin
curling and smoothly lay on his forehead. Long is wound on a brush and
combed to the side. A generous portion of lacquer will help to fix the hair
medium fixation.

On the basis of a haircut, you can create a mound of elegant curls. If steps
short, it is worth using a thin curling. Hair treated
styling foam, wrap in different directions so
hairstyle will look more natural. Those who do not like
a hot perm, suitable small curlers or homemade papilotki,
rolled out of paper and strips of cloth.

Thin strands, moistened with a fixing spray, are screwed onto
papilotki from tips to roots and secured with ties. Through
a few hours of paper are removed, curls beat up with your fingers,
combed on the side parting and sprayed with varnish with effect

In this video, a professional barber tells and
shows how to cut a short haircut in 15 minutes for

Bundles and shells

Long steps easily stack in low beams. For creating
the base model hair is sprayed with a moisturizing spray, slightly
comb, smooth with a brush and collect in a low tail. By
If desired, it can be moved to the ear. Strands are twisted into a bundle and
fasten with pins.

Council No need to pin up thin curls,
drop out of hair. Carelessness is in fashion today.

Straight or wavy hair easily gathers into a snail;
back of the head. Hair is treated with mousse and combed at the roots.
Strands are collected at the back of the head, thrown to the left and secured
invisible from the top to the head.

Then the masses of hair are interleaved to the right and rolled up into a vertical
roller, masking them invisible. The snail is fastened with pins. On
temples and nape can be left thin strands, softening severity
hairstyle ladder on medium hair.

Accessories and decorations

The beauty of the smooth steps is emphasized by the correctly chosen ones.
accessories. Quickly remove hair from the forehead will help a wide bezel in
the tone of the suit. To create evening hairstyles worth using
decorative pins, combs with rhinestones and artificial pearls,
various hairpins.

Very beautiful and fashionable accessory – large artificial
flower. You can create a bright accent near his beam,
attracting attention and transforming a simple everyday hairstyle into
evening styling.

Women’s haircut ladder is suitable for different types of hair on her
basis you can make many interesting hairstyles. With the right
care and timely trimming the tips of the steps for a long time
keep the beauty.

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