? Dandruff mask at home – 22? recipe with photo and cooking process

Dandruff is very noticeable on partings and pours on clothes, it is worth
just touch the hair. This makes any, even the most
thoughtful image sloppy and untidy.

Depending on the root cause, the problem can be solved by
drugs, shampoos and traditional medicine. About the last point
read in detail in our article!

What is dandruff and why does it appear?

The content of the article:

  • What is dandruff and why does it appear?
  • Anti-dandruff hair mask
  • Dandruff and Itch Hair Mask
  • Dandruff Masks for Oily Hair
  • Dandruff Masks for Dry Hair
  • Dandruff & Hair Loss Masks
  • Masks for hair growth and dandruff
  • Conclusion

Dandruff is small detached particles of the stratum corneum.
scalp. It may appear due to the use of aggressive
alkaline shampoos, or on the background of diseases such as seborrhea or
psoriasis. How to remove dandruff and get rid of unpleasant
Problems? dandruff

Reference! According to statistics, every second person
At least once in a life there was a dandruff. To the main risk group
include young people aged 14 to 25 years.

Anti-dandruff hair mask

Consider a few mask recipes that will help you in

With mustard and burdock oil

Mustard eliminates excess sebum,
which breeds pathogenic bacteria, and burdock oil
restores the hydro balance. Mask with mustard and burdock oil


  1. Powdered mustard – 1 tbsp. l
  2. Water – 1 tbsp. l
  3. Burdock oil – 4 tsp.

Preparation and use

Make a mush, diluting the mustard in water, and then mix it with
burdock oil. Apply the resulting substance along the partitions,
put on a polyethylene cap and warm your head with a towel.
After 30 minutes, rinse off with

With salt (scrub and nettle mask)

Salt can be used as a peeling for flaky scalp,
and as a mask for hair dandruff. To scrub you
only iodized salt is needed. Just rub it on the skin.
scalp gently massage and rinse. scrub and nettle mask

Important! Use shallow edible salt to avoid
injure sensitive skin.

As for the mask, follow the instructions.


  1. Salt – 3 tbsp. l
  2. Infusion of nettle leaves – 1 cup 200 ml.

Preparation and use

Pour salt with a glass of infusion of nettle and mix. Received
Apply the substance first to the hair roots, and then spread it over
length. Leave on for 40 minutes and then rinse the curls with cool
water After using the mask is recommended to put on curls

With egg

Dandruff egg was used even by our great-grandmothers – and not
in vain! This product saturates the follicles with proteins and washes out with
scalp contamination. Mask with Egg


  1. Chicken egg yolks – 2 pcs.
  2. Base cosmetic oil – 3 tbsp. l

Preparation and use

Spread the yolk with oil (you can use burdock,
olive oil or grape seed oil) and rub into the roots.
Collect hair in a bun and leave for half an hour. Lather the hair
shampoo and rinse thoroughly. If desired, to consolidate the effect
you can rinse your hair with infusion of leaves

Dandruff and Itch Hair Mask

Below are the masks that will not only save you from
dandruff but also help from itching.

With nettle and lavender oil

Hair mask for dandruff and itching on the basis of nettle – it’s still
one tool that has proven itself time. The fact,
that nettle leaves increase blood flow to
the upper layers of the skin, thereby suppressing unpleasant itching. mask With nettle and lavender oil


  1. Nettle infusion – 1 cup (200 ml).
  2. Lavender oil – 3 drops.

Preparation and use

Add a few drops to the warm infusion of nettle leaves
lavender oil. Spread the mixture over clean scalp, and
impregnate with dry hair. Leave for an hour
then rinse with running water without using shampoo.

Burdock oil

Dandruff mask prepared at home based
Burdock oil is a classic of popular recipes.
With burdock oil


  1. Burdock oil – from 4 to 6 spoons
    (be guided by length of hair).
  2. Tea tree oil – 2 drops.

Preparation and use

Heated burdock oil mixed with tea tree oil. With
hairbrushes with a thin handle, divide the hair into partings and thin
apply a layer of the composition. Leave for half an hour, then carefully
wash the roots with shampoo. The course of treatment is twice a week in
for 3 weeks. You can then reduce the number of masks.
up to 1 per week as a preventive measure.

With dimexidum

Dimexide is an affordable pharmacy.
anti-inflammatory agent that also helps you to tame
itch and remove dandruff. mask with dimexidum


  1. A solution of “Dimexidum” – 1 tablespoon.
  2. Any base oil – 1 tablespoon.

Preparation and use

Mix Dimexide with oil. If possible, use
specialized cosmetic mixer. Right after
preparation, apply the mixture to the hair, wrap polyethylene
hat and towel and leave for 40 minutes for
impact. After the expiration date, wash the mask with water
The course of treatment can be continued until
improvements. The frequency of application of masks – once a
a week

Dandruff Masks for Oily Hair

Overview of masks against dandruff and excessive oily hair.

With salt and soda

Soda enhances the effect of salt and contributes to
removal of the stratum corneum of the skin and restoration of the work of sebaceous
glands With salt and soda


  1. Salt iodized – 1 tbsp. l
  2. Soda – 1 tbsp. l

Preparation and use

Stir in the soda and salt and dilute with water until thick.
gruel. Apply the mixture to the hair roots, carefully
Massage and allow to stand for an hour. Wash off
warm water.

With onions and vodka

Onions stimulate microcirculation and skin respiration, and vodka
dries the skin, removing fat from the root zone. mask with onions and honey


  1. Onions – 1 medium head.
  2. Vodka – 50 grams.

Preparation and use

Grate the onion and squeeze the juice. In the squeeze
add vodka, mix and distribute the mixture over the skin
heads. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with water

Note! Onion-based masks possess
quite specific and hardly odor, so they are better
do in your free time.

With lemon

Dandruff masks for oily hair based on lemon juice – this is
Great way to cure dandruff and get a freshly washed feeling
heads for long. With lemon


  1. Lemon – 1 medium fruit.
  2. Water – half a glass (100 ml).

Preparation and use

Clear fresh lemon juice from pulp and pits.
Dilute the acid concentration with warm water. Liquid obtained
rub into the scalp with soft stroking movements.
After 10 minutes, wash your hair with the usual shampoo from
dandruff paying special attention to the root zone. On
tips apply a moisturizing balm or an indelible emulsion.

With aloe

Aloe is widely used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic and
wound healing. However, few people know that it can be
use to treat oily dandruff. With aloe


  1. Aloe vera leaves – 3 pcs.

Preparation and use

Clean the flesh from the leaves and squeeze the juice out of them with
gauze Spread the resulting liquid along
partings. You can not flush. To fix the effect
repeat the action twice a week.

Nettle decoction

A decoction of nettle condition the hair, cleaning
excessive grease From the broth of nettle


  1. Crushed nettle leaves – 100 grams.
  2. Boiling water – 1 liter.

Preparation and use

Brew nettle leaves in hot water, let them stand and
strain the broth. Rinse with hair after each wash.

With colorless henna

Colorless henna is a natural absorbent and antiseptic. Mask
anti-dandruff for oily hair based on it solves two
problems: suspends the multiplication of disease-causing
bacteria and removes sebum. With colorless henna


  1. Colorless henna – 1-2 packs depending on
    hair lengths;
  2. White or blue cosmetic clay – 4 tablespoons

Preparation and use

Mix clay powder and henna. Dilute to receive
creamy consistency. Apply first to the scalp, and
distribute the rest of the hair. Leave for 30 minutes after
Rinse off with water.

Dandruff Masks for Dry Hair

From green clay and eggs

Green cosmetic clay contributes to the saturation of the scalp and
hair nutrients and trace elements. Of green clay and eggs


  1. Green cosmetic clay – 2 tablespoons
  2. Egg yolk – 1 pc.
  3. A decoction of pharmaceutical chamomile – 1 cup.

Preparation and use

Dilute the clay with warm herbal decoction to a thick state.
sour cream. Add yolk and mix again. Apply on head
put on a plastic cap and leave for half an hour to
impact. After the time, rinse with shampoo.

With kefir and egg

Dairy products soften skin, moisturize hair and
stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. With kefir and egg


  1. Kefir – 1 cup.
  2. Egg yolk – 2 pcs.
  3. Olive oil – 2 tablespoons.

Preparation and use

Shake the egg yolks with butter, and then pour kefir.
Stir to a uniform consistency and apply to freshly washed
head Leave for 20 minutes then wash off.
cool water so that the yolk does not clot. Use mask one
once a week.

With aloe and eucalyptus oil

The combination of these ingredients provides a moisturizing, refreshing and
healing effect. With aloe and eucalyptus oil


  1. Aloe vera leaf pulp – 2 tbsp. l
  2. Eucalyptus oil – 3 drops.

Preparation and use

Mix the pulp of the plant with oil, apply to the scalp and
leave for an hour. Rinse with warm or cool water when finished.
without the use of shampoo.

With honey and garlic juice

Nutritious and healthy properties of honey widely
used in traditional medicine recipes. Mask against
honey-based dandruff at home can even save
the most withered hair and flaky scalp. With honey and garlic juice


  1. Honey – 7 tbsp. l
  2. Garlic – 6 cloves.

Preparation and use

Squeeze the garlic into the honey with the garlic press and carefully
mix it up. Lubricate the scalp with the resulting mixture and leave for 10.
minutes Wash off with shampoo.

Reference! Garlic is a natural source.
salicylic acid. It actively removes disease-causing
fungi and bacteria that are common root cause
development of seborrhea.

With olive oil and lemon

The mask simultaneously heals the scalp and regenerates
damaged hair With olive oil and lemon


  1. Olive oil – 3 tbsp. l
  2. Lemon juice – 100 ml.

Preparation and use

Mix the ingredients thoroughly, apply to the hairy part
scalp and hair itself. Wear a cellophane cap and warm up
head towel. Leave for an hour and then rinse with shampoo.
Mask once every three days before
offensive improvements.

Dandruff & Hair Loss Masks

List of masks that can deal with hair loss and
cope with dandruff at the same time.

With a bow (for dry and greasy hair)

Dandruff and onion-based hair loss masks may be
used on dry scalp and oily.
The difference will be in the ingredients.
with onion

Ingredients for oily skin

  • Onions – 3-4 heads of medium size.

Ingredients for Dry Skin

  1. Onions – 4 tsp. Grated pulp.
  2. Honey – 1 tsp.
  3. Base cosmetic oil – 5-6 drops.

Preparation and use

In the first case, the bulbs must be grated and put
gruel on the skin and hair. Soak for an hour and then wash it off.
several times with shampoo. In the second, all of the above
ingredients need to be mixed and applied to the scalp, and on top
wrap up with a towel. Leave for half an hour after which wash off

With castor oil, vodka and brewing

Castor oil strengthens hair follicles and covers
rods of protective film. With castor oil, vodka and brewing


  1. Castor oil – 2 tbsp. l
  2. Vodka – 2 tbsp. l
  3. Strong black tea – 100 ml.

Preparation and use

Brew strong tea and strain from the tea leaves. Add to it
the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Pour dry mixture
hair and massage thoroughly. Wash off after 40
minutes Repeat for best results.
procedure twice a week.

Masks for hair growth and dandruff

Want to make your hair even longer and say goodbye to dandruff?
Then these homemade masks are special for you.

With onions and liquid honey

Onion juice irritates the scalp, and honey nourishes it
missing trace elements. With onions and liquid honey


  • Onions – 1 small onion.
  • Liquid honey – 1 tablespoon.
  • Apple vinegar — 2 tablespoons.

Preparation and use

Grate the onion on a fine grater, add a spoonful of liquid honey and
mix it up. Let the mixture stand in the fridge for an hour
then apply on the hairy part of the scalp. Soak in
for an hour, then rinse with plenty of water. To
the smell of onions is not eaten into the skin – rinse the curls with an apple solution

With lemon and orange (citrus)

Citrus energy can awaken dormant bulbs,
prevent seborrhea and remove existing dandruff.
With lemon and orange (citrus)


  1. Lemon juice – 2 tbsp. l
  2. Orange juice – 2 tbsp. l
  3. Burdock oil – 2 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

Mix all the ingredients together and apply on partings.
Leave for 10 minutes for exposure, covering your head with cellophane and
wrapped with a towel. To enhance the effect, you can warm the hair dryer.
Rinse with warm water and shampoo. Repeat once a week
until the desired effect is achieved.

Important! Do not use for making masks.
purchased juices. Often they contain a lot of sugar, and sugar is
Great food for disease-causing bacteria.

With aloe and vodka

If you do not have this plant at home, then you can always
use the juice from the pharmacy. With aloe and vodka


  1. Aloe juice – 50 grams (standard
  2. Vodka – 200 grams.

Preparation and use

Mix the juice with vodka, pour into the bottle from the opaque
glass and let it brew for three days in a dark cool place for three
of the day Once the tincture is ready, distribute it over the skin.
head with a pipette. The tool does not require
flushing. To fix the result, repeat the procedure.
twice a week.


Dandruff treatment with homemade masks requires exact calculation.
ingredients and strict adherence to the schedule of procedures. But not
it is worth relying only on external means. To skin and hair
Feel good, add more vitamins to your diet
A, B, PP, E and F. Vitamins

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