Dandruff Shampoo for Children – Full Review popular and safe means

The problem of “white flakes” at the roots of the hair every year
getting younger.

Today, not only adults are worried about how much their damage
image is applied this way, but children are increasingly
face the appearance of dandruff.

dandruff shampoos

What are the causes of its occurrence in children of different ages and what
shampoos can help with this – see in this article.

Causes of dandruff in children

The content of the article:

  • Causes of dandruff in children
  • Features of children’s dandruff shampoos
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Effect of use
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The best dandruff remedies for children that you can buy in
    the store
  • Pharmacy shampoos for children
  • How to choose anti-dandruff shampoo?
  • How to use medical dandruff shampoo
  • Where to buy and how much it costs
  • Masks, pastes and other anti-dandruff products for children
  • Anti-dandruff treatments for children
  • Diet and traditional medicine

Important! Causes of dandruff in children of different
ages are different.


  • incomplete adaptation of delicate skin to environmental conditions;
  • dryness due to insufficient development of the sebaceous glands;
  • lack of vitamins in the diet;
  • individual intolerance to the composition of baby shampoo;
  • body reaction to the introduction of complementary foods


In children from one year to 10 years

  • improper care: too frequent or rare
    bathing, constant wrapping and walking in a hat with or without heat
    her – in the cold;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • skin diseases: seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis;
  • allergic to food or care products;
  • stress when entering the children’s team: kindergarten or
  • malfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  • disorders of the immune system.

children under 10

In adolescents under 16 years old

  • hormonal changes;
  • teenage staining experiments
  • stress due to high workload at school;
  • effects of alcohol, drugs and


Important! A child of any age dandruff more often
caused by improper care products
endocrine disruption. It is also not uncommon
when dandruff is a consequence of a skin disease transmitted
by inheritance.

Features of children’s dandruff shampoos

baby washes his head

What should be in the composition?

Children’s skin is more susceptible to aggressive ingredients,
therefore, first of all it is recommended to abandon the funds
including dyes and perfumes, as well as SLS and

Quality dandruff shampoo should be based on
natural or medicinal ingredients:

  • zinc – fights infectious species
    lesions of the scalp and disinfects small wounds arising
    due to dryness; zinc
  • herbal extracts (burdock, chamomile, nettle,
    sage, dandelion, clover, plantain, licorice, nasturtium, chamomile,
    ginseng, yarrow) – help gently restore damaged
    patches of skin and hair, return shine to them;
  • eucalyptus and tea tree oils are nice
    cool the scalp and contribute to the destruction of fungal
  • glycerin – moisturizes the skin at a deep level,
    contributing to the cessation of peeling due to dryness;
  • salicylic acid – promotes active
    restoration of the epidermis; salicylic acid
  • tar – regulates the production of skin
  • sulfur disinfects wounds;
  • Ichthyol – relieves inflammation from irritated
    plots. Ichthyol

Indications and contraindications


  • if the dandruff problem is not caused by an infectious or
    fungal disease;
  • the child was not allergic to detergents
    components contained in most shampoos.


  • children under 3 years old wash your hair with shampoo
    containing active ingredients against dandruff
    after consultation with a dermatologist;
  • individual intolerance of components: carefully
    read the composition before purchasing the funds;
  • bleeding sores and severe non-infectious lesions
  • long-term use of pharmacy products (more than 3-4
    months) is prohibited!

Effect of use

  • instant: easier washing of hair,
    feeling of clean scalp without adhering skin flakes;
  • cumulative: medicinal components
    help solve the problem, moisturizing the dermis at a deep level
    and restoring the surface of the epidermis.

The effect of shampoo

Advantages and disadvantages


  • sold in the public domain;
  • mostly universal and suitable for children
    any age;
  • the effect is noticeable after the first use;
  • solve the problems of high fat skin.


    • may cause allergies;
    • are not the only element of the treatment of fungal and
      infectious diseases can only be applied in
    • are more expensive than regular baby shampoos.

allergic to shampoo

The best dandruff remedies for children that you can buy in
the store

Chicco Chicco

You can buy this foam shampoo for the most
small: the tool is intended for age categories
0+. It contains wheat proteins,
softening the epidermis and hair. Hawthorn and Chamomile Extracts
relieve inflammation. Neutral acidity means
allows you to use it for swimming from head to



The composition of this universal means for swimming will please
lovers of natural cosmetics: 99% are natural
Components. Among them, the active components are
avocado oil and salicylic acid. With this shampoo you can
feel free to forget about dry skin.

Pediatric babe

Pediatric BABE

Shampoo is suitable for allergies: it is tested
on hypoallergenic and contains positively affecting
problem of seborrheic crusts of calendula extract and salicylic
acid. Does not contain dyes and

La cree

La Cree

Suitable for children with very dry and sensitive
skin Age category: 0+.
Salicylic acid, panthenol and wheat proteins contribute to
tissue repair and accelerated regeneration. Oils and olives and
additionally moisturize, and licorice and violet extracts soothe and
remove redness.

My baby

My baby shampoo

The cheapest store supply from seborrheic crusts
newborns. Active ingredients: zinc, chamomile extract,
allantoin. Pediatricians oppose use in care
for babies shampoos with SLS, and reviews say that “My
baby does not help solve the problem of dandruff.



LIBREDERM produces 2 anti-dandruff products: for dry
skin – with zinc, for oily – with tar. Both options are not
contain synthetic oils, perfumery
compositions and dyes, so even though the tool and not
designed for children age category – it can be safely
use without fear of allergic reactions.

Important! Before using drugs
consult with a pediatrician, and better with a dermatologist. High
active ingredient concentrations can harm your baby if you
incorrectly identified the type of problem.

Pharmacy shampoos for children

Nizoral 2%

Nizoral 2%

Active ingredient – ketoconazole, eliminating
fungal infections. This reduces the unpleasant itching of the skin and
the appearance of white flakes. Does not dry the skin. May be
used in the care of babies since birth.

Sebopyrox 911

Sebopyrox 911

Designed for children over 2 years old and adults.
Contains as part of SLS. Active ingredients – birch tar and
glycerol. Tar kills fungal infections, and glycerol deeply
moisturizes and restores. Can dry a little



The funds of the firm Sulsen have become a real legend and can
used to prevent dry skin. Shampoo
This company allows you to increase the intervals between washing
hair due to the property to reduce the release of fat.
Contains selenium disulfide, which suppresses pathogens. Often
used for seborrheic dermatitis and other skin diseases
on the recommendation of a doctor.



Designed for children over 1 year.
Active ingredient – ketoconazole (similarly
Nizoral 2%), but Sebozol is for oily skin,
therefore regulates sebum secretion.


Dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole

The active ingredients — zinc, thyme and castor oil — are removed
inflammation and itching, moisturize the hair and epidermis. Contains
Sodium Laureth Sulfate is therefore not recommended.
for the little ones.



It is not a child product, it is often prescribed
pediatricians for the treatment of seborrheic crusts and dermatitis. Not
contains perfume compositions and dyes. Active substance –

How to choose anti-dandruff shampoo?

dandruff shampoos

Shampoo should be chosen based on:

  1. Child’s age: contraindicated in infants
    products containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate, fragrances and
  2. Skin Type: | For dry, more suitable with
    glycerin and oils, for fat – with tar and zinc;
  3. Type of seborrhea: if dandruff is caused by
    dry skin and a peeling appearance, you need moisturizing
    means, if it is the result of a fungal infection – pharmacy
    a drug with a high concentration of the active ingredient (ketoconazole,
    selenium disulfide).

How to use medical dandruff shampoo

baby washes his hair with shampoo

    1. Before using the tool, a test is required
      allergic reaction: if applied to the elbow bend
      a drop did not cause irritation and redness – you can
    2. Pharmaceutical dandruff shampoo should not be used more often.
      3 times a week, otherwise wash your hair
      neutral shampoo.
    3. The term of treatment with active ingredients shampoo is not
      more than 3-4 months, then a break is required or
      transition to a softer tool.
    4. When washing the head, it is worth rubbing the product only into the tips in order to
      avoid overdrying hair. On the roots need to withstand
      foam for 3-4 minutes for more effective exposure
    5. Do not allow product to enter eyes and ears.

Where to buy and how much it costs


Dandruff products for children can be found in supermarkets,
cosmetic stores and pharmacies.

Some shampoos can only be found in
online stores or pharmacies under the order. In the table
The approximate prices for the most popular products are shown.

Manufacturing firm Volume ml Price, rub
Chicco 200 170
Mustela 150 900
Pediatric BABE 200 550
La cree 150 200
My baby 200 80
Nizoral 2% 60/120 600/900
Sebosol 100/200 300/450
Sebopyrox 911 150 130
Sulsena 40/150 80/300
Friderm 150 700
Ketoconazole 200 400

Masks, pastes and other anti-dandruff products for children

In addition to shampoos, such anti-dandruff products are available:

  • pastes; paste
  • masks; Hair Mask
  • hydrolates (herbal aromatic water).

These products are rubbed into the scalp after shampooing,
after which the hair is washed with plenty of warm water.

Important! The most optimal additional tool
for the treatment of seborrhea – Sulsen paste. At low
It has a lot of positive feedback. Most
effectively it works in combination with shampoos of the same company.

Anti-dandruff treatments for children

girl looks at hair

  1. Head massage. Can be done with your fingers or
    special massagers. Promote improvement
    blood circulation in the scalp, the flow of nutrients to the roots
    and facilitate the separation of seborrheic crusts.
  2. Rubbing decoctions of herbs and hydrolat with
    the subsequent keeping under polyethylene and a warm cap
    for several hours.
  3. Masks from natural ingredients, for example,
    kefir, olive oil and yolk. Such nourishing masks
    useful for dry seborrhea. Peeling significantly
    shortening, itching due to dry skin. Recipes folk
    dandruff masks are given in the next section.

Diet and traditional medicine


At the first sign of seborrhea, it’s worth thinking
Does the child’s diet meet the requirements

Diet in the treatment and prevention of dandruff:

  • exclusion of fried and fatty foods from
  • an increase in the share of cereals and dairy products;
  • introduction to meals of fresh vegetables and fruits,
    natural juices;
  • categorically not recommended sweet when
    seborrheic dermatitis

Traditional medicine offers the following ingredients to combat

  1. Tar. Pharmaceutical tar applied to the skin
    heads with a cotton swab. Impact time – up to 1
    hours. | After this, rinse thoroughly.
    head with shampoo with warm water. Can be used immediately
    tar soap or shampoo. tar
  2. Lemon. Lemon juice helps with oily
    seborrhea. After washing your hair, rinse the baby’s hair.
    composed of 2 glasses of water and juice of half a lemon. Strands
    will become brilliant and keep freshness longer. lemons
  3. Burr oil. Before shampooing
    rub burdock oil into the roots and leave for an hour. | You can
    buy special burdock oil mixed with tea oil
    tree. After this procedure, the child will feel relief and
    nice chill on the skin. Burr oil
  4. A decoction of daisies. Purchase data from a pharmacy
    herbs and cook a strong decoction at the rate of 3 tbsp. dry
    herbs for 1 tbsp. water. | Rinse their hair from the roots to
    tips after washing. No need to flush.
  5. Currant. In the summer, you can make a mask
    for hair of pulp currant, which, thanks to contained in it
    acids helps to reduce oily skin
    heads. currant
  6. Almond, linseed, sesame, cedar oil
    it is used for massage or as a mask for dry seborrhea.
    almond oil

Important! Any means of traditional medicine is worth
apply with caution. The maximum duration of treatment at a frequency of 2
Masks per week – no more than 4 weeks. Do not try
eliminate dandruff only by folk methods: special
shampoo is still one of the main elements in the treatment.

The problem of dandruff in children is not uncommon. If a
timely start treatment with the help of drugs or methods
traditional medicine as well as diet and stick
healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the amount of
white crusts on the scalp and eventually get rid of
this problem.

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