Dark modulations: ombre on medium hair lengths

375Hair dyeing from a banal change procedure
colors turned into a whole range of diverse technologies
able to completely change the look of hair.

Changing the types of paint and methods of its application can be achieved smooth
transitions or bright flashes, visually change the volume of curls,
emphasize their texture, add strands of glitter.

One popular staining technique is Ombra, suitable for
any hair color and length.

  • 1 Ombre and Sombre: Similarities and Differences
  • 2 Ombre on dark hair: advantages and disadvantages
  • 3 Technique
  • 4 Types of staining
    • 4.1 Classic Ombre
    • 4.2 Horse tail
    • 4.3 Two-tone coloring with a clear border
    • 4.4 Flames
    • 4.5 Striped or asymmetrical ombre
      • 4.5.1 Color option
  • 5 How to choose a shade
  • 6 Coloring at home
  • 7 Care after dyeing

Ombre and Sombre: Similarities and Differences

The essence of the ombre – staining the entire length of the strands with
gradual change of colors. Classic option
implies darker roots combined with bleached

In addition to the natural range, you can use bright colors, they
create a bold, unexpected, slightly aggressive effect. Boundaries
shades can be blurred or more clear, it all depends on
type of hair and colorist design.

When painting the paint is applied in layers, from tips to
middle strands. The intensity of the color depends on the residence time.
paint on the hair. This way you can achieve any effect from
naturally burnt strands to clear contrasting bands of unusual


The technology was proposed several years ago and quickly
has gained popularity. However, today it was replaced by a new
a variant called sombre. Principle
the coloring is the same, but the effect is different (see photo above). With
applying paint the colorist puts shades in layers, washing them away through
certain periods of time.

As a result, the borders of colors almost imperceptibly flow from dark to
lighter, creating the illusion of natural burning in the sun.
This technology is considered more benign, but it is suitable
only for a natural shade of hair. Sombre on
Dyed strands can give an unexpected effect.

Council The sombre technique is perfect for
brunettes. On dark hair, smooth color transitions are more

Sombre staining is quite possible at home. Foil
not needed, as it creates clearer color boundaries. Not
you will need a palette of colors, all the work can be done with
the only shade, experimenting with time exposure.

The only negative is that it is difficult for a beginner to predict the final one.
result. With a slight change in technology, hair can become
darker or lighter, differing from the original

Ombre on dark hair: advantages and disadvantages

Ombre – perfect for dark-haired
girls who want to change the image, but not planning
lighten hair completely. Technology has gained popularity
due to many advantages:

  1. Coloring the tips does not require constant tint correction.
    roots. Growing, strands look quite natural, even if
    Ombre used bright contrasting colors.
  2. photo 377

  3. Compared to classic staining or bleaching
    the procedure is more gentle.
  4. Ombre favorably emphasizes a beautiful skin tone, attracts
    attention to the eyes and facial contours.
  5. Achieving the desired effect is enough to properly trim.
    Difficult styling is not required, because the main aesthetic load
    takes over the color.
  6. Ombre can be made curly, wavy or perfectly straight
    hair. After dyeing the strands can be curled or smooth,
    interesting color effects are preserved.
  7. photo 378

  8. With the help of the game with shades, you can visually correct
    face: reduce plump cheeks, lengthen the neck, divert attention from
    heavy chin.
  9. The technique is suitable for hairstyles with bangs and different options

Despite many advantages, the ombra has

  1. Very dark hair is difficult to brighten. For
    achieving the desired effect will have to spend a few
  2. Over dried and brittle tips can not be clarified, they will have to
    cutting down.
  3. Ombre for medium dark hair is an expensive procedure. Far from
    each master is able to achieve smooth color transitions without harm
    for hair.
  4. Haircut needs careful care. Creative coloring
    inappropriate on unwashed, splitting, badly cropped hair.

Performance technique

The technique of applying paint depends on the type of ombre. General
the rule – the drug is applied in layers, from the tips to the middle
strands. The interval between application – 10-15 minutes. maybe
use 2 or more dyes.

photo 379

Before dyeing, you must cut or at least
trim the ends of the hair as shown in the video:

Haircut after the ombre procedure will change the thoughtful pattern. For
Works used dyes of varying intensity. The thicker and
the darker the strands, the stronger the tool will be required.

Types of staining

There are many options for ombre. Choose the right help
an experienced master who will take into account the type of appearance of the client, the original color
hair, their texture and other important points.

Classic ombre

The classic version implies the use of
natural shades: chestnut, chocolate, coffee, in
combined with hints of honey, dark blond, ashen.

photo 380

With this technique, the roots are left unchanged or slightly
blacked out, for the middle part and the tips paint is used on
1-2 tones lighter. The border of the shades is very soft and
blurred, runs horizontally. This technique can be painted
hair of any length and texture, the classic looks beautiful on exactly
trimmed or graded strands.

Variant of classics – regrown booking. For work
several similar shades are used, such a technique is possible
only experienced craftsmen. Ideal for wavy hair,
trimmed with long steps.


photo 381Simple and effective solution suitable for hair
middle length.

This is a peculiar variation of the classics, suitable for straight or
wavy hair.

Strands are brightened at the gum level and get very
natural look.

Hairstyle does not require a smooth flow of shades, enough
apply paint in 2 layers with a fairly wide border.


Two-sided staining with a clear border

An unusual and somewhat challenging option, suitable for
straight, exactly trimmed hair. Clear boundary can
take place at the tips or at the roots, achieve a bright contrast
will help the use of foil.

It looks very stylish long bangs, painted in this
technology. Colors are chosen as contrast as possible. For example, on
dark brown hair looks impressive platinum,
bright pink, golden honey strip.

photo 382

The opposite ombra is practiced with the lightening of the root zone in
combination with dark tips.


An interesting idea for owners of dark brown hair with
warm undertone (as in the first photo). Roots preserve
natural color, middle part and tips are painted in
reddish, red, burgundy tones.

photo 383 The dye is superimposed by stripes of different lengths,
imitating flames. The technique looks especially beautiful on
wavy and curly bands.

Striped or asymmetrical ombre

photo 384One of the most difficult options that requires a hand
experienced colorist.

The most spectacular staining looks like a perfectly straight line.

Usually hair tinted from the roots, to create a perfectly smooth
line will help the use of foil.

Borders of color can be horizontal, as in the photo on the right.
or run diagonally, creating a trendy asymmetry.

To make the bands brighter, 2 dyes are used,
differing by several tones.

Color option

For this type of ombre, the brightest dyes are selected. maybe
applying paint over the entire length of the hair with a gradual transition
one color to another. Used technology classic ombre
with the brightening of the tips, the reverse option also looks beautiful.

photo 385

For example, dark brown or chestnut strands look impressive
deep tones of indigo or burgundy wine. Cold girls
suitable blue-violet or maroon-red gamma, the owners
warm golden skin like brass, red-orange or
swamp green tones.

How to choose a shade

The choice of colors depends on the color of the skin and eyes, as well as on the general
type With classic ombre on black hair, it is important to consider
own shade of hair. On cold strands with ashen or
the tips of the color of dark tin look reddish
or burgundy wine. Auburn strands decorate
copper-golden palette.

Owners of contrast appearance with light skin, dark
eyes and hair fit contrasting stripes, bright color
modulations in blue, red, violet colors.

photo 386

Girls color type “autumn” with a reddish undertone of hair, tanned
skin, green or brown eyes can add brightness when
help “tribal languages” golden orange or warm red

Women with dark skin should experiment with
golden, honey or reddish tips made in
technique of regrown armoring.

Council Doubt the choice of color? Talk to
professional colorist, he will select interesting solutions with
considering all the nuances of appearance.

Sharp contrasting options require flawless complexion and
carefully groomed hair. Natural chestnut-red gamma
looks softer and can hide minor defects

Coloring at home

Ombre for dark hair of medium length at home –
quite affordable option for those who have skills
work with paint. Before the procedure, the head is not washed for 2-3 days.
Natural grease protects strands from harmful effects
chemical preparations.

  1. The hair is divided into parts, on the lower part with a special brush.
    or a toothbrush is applied paint. Each strand is combed for
    better distribution of the composition. The average dwell time of the dye –
    10 minutes.
  2. The next portion of dye is applied in such a way as to go beyond
    borders of the first coloring. The composition is aged for another 10 minutes and
    the procedure is repeated.
  3. The number of applied layers depends on the design of the hairstyle and the length
    hair. The neater work is done, the more natural
    get the result.
  4. At the end of the process, the remaining paint is washed off, curled
    nourishing balm is applied, softening the strands and giving them

In this video, the girl shows in detail how she makes an ombre.

Council It is better to dry the head naturally.
by, without the use of a hair dryer.

Care after dyeing

Ombre needs careful care, only then the hair will be
look beautiful, and the chosen colors are not faded.

For washing you will need shampoo for colored strands,
preferably choose one of the professional brands.

After washing, the curls are processed with conditioner or balsam.
Use traditional methods like herbal decoction and vinegar
it is impossible, they can change the intensity of the color.

Council From the care should be excluded scrubs for skin
heads. They act too aggressively on colored strands.

To restore the elasticity of hair 1-2 times a week is helpful
make masks with egg, honey or aloe juice. The choice of composition depends
on the type of scalp.

Important. It is not recommended to use oil
masks and wraps, they destroy the composition of the paint.

Ombre on dark hair is a great option for
color experiments. Start recommended with
classical options, the first coloring should be trusted to experienced
colorist and read more about coloring for dark hair
can be here.

Gradually, you can try more unusual shades. Light ombre
easy to do at home but too daring
experiments are best left for the cabin.

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