Darsonval for hair and scalp in the salon: features of the procedure


If your strands began to fall out of control or completely
ceased to grow, some masks to care for them will not be enough.
Enroll in the nearest salon on Darsonval for hair and scalp.
This is a medical and cosmetic procedure that will solve problems.
alopecia, dandruff, seborrhea.


  • The effectiveness of the procedure
  • Indications for darsonvalization of hair
  • Contraindications
  • Stages darsonvalization
  • Supporting the effectiveness of the procedure

Darsonval has long been used in hardware cosmetology. But
if earlier it was used exclusively to eliminate various
imperfections of the face, then today in many salons with his
help can be put in order and the scalp. And he changes
and improves not only their appearance – first of all it makes them
healthy. That is why darsonvalization is often appointed
trichologists after making the appropriate diagnosis. Procedure
relatively inexpensive, very useful, not consuming much
time, so that it is recorded as prescribed by a doctor, so
and without it. Learn more about how Darsonval works for
hair, what are its pros and cons and is it suitable for
eliminate your problems.

How darsonval works for hair

The effectiveness of the procedure

Used in the salons apparatus Darsonval hair came in
cosmetology from physiotherapy. It is a special
high-voltage alternating current device
frequencies. Despite this, the discharges are distinguished by a small force, so that
their use as a cosmetic is safe, and the most
the main thing is completely painless.

Darsonvalization of the scalp can be contact and
contactless. In the first case, the attachment to the device specialist will
drive directly over the scalp, in the second – on a small
distance from it.

The current affects the cell membranes, and their response to
This stimulus stimulates metabolic processes and leads to
normalization of their own chemical composition. The result is
dilation of blood vessels, improved blood circulation, activation of the outflow
fluids from tissues.

  • Effect 1 – accelerated hair growth

In the salon, with the participation of a specialist, the use of
Darsonvala for the scalp activates the hair follicles due to
increased local blood circulation and cell intensity
processes. The cells divide, leading to faster hair growth.
The period of activity of the bulb is extended, increasing as a result
thick hair and allowing you to grow long curls.

  • Effect 2 – elimination of hair loss

The transition of the follicles to the inactive phase is slowed down, and rejection
rod does not occur.

  • Effect 3 – normalization of sebaceous activity

Darsonvalization of hair can eliminate excess oiliness or
excessive dry scalp. The result – curls will not be
look like stuck icicles due to the large amount of skin
fat However, it is enough to moisten the dry strands.
After a course of procedures, the hair becomes unusually smooth and
beautiful shine without any lamination.

In addition, after Darsonval, the scalp does not suffer from
dandruff, seborrhea and itching. The reason – the device lowers
sensitivity of skin receptors and kills pathogens,
which are the cause of most hair diseases. Exactly
therefore trichologists so often recommend their patients to contact
for help with this procedure. Since she possesses not so much
cosmetic, how much therapeutic effect, she has lists
indications and contraindications.

Through the pages of history. Arsen d’Arsonval –
French physicist and physiologist. He first proved the healing effect.
impulsive current on the body of a sick person. His name was assigned
medical physiotherapy device that today is so
actively used to restore hair open to them

What gives darsonvalization of hair

Detailed descriptions of procedures for hair in the salon:

You know that Botox for hair is the restoration, treatment and

Indications for darsonvalization of hair

Despite the fact that the procedure is carried out mainly
cosmetologists in beauty salons or aesthetic medicine centers,
Darsonval hair treatment requires serious
approach from both the specialist and the patient.
You can’t just come and say: I want to sign up for
darsonvalization! There are indications for it
stick to:

  • alopecia (any form of it);
  • hair loss;
  • thinned, weak, dull hair;
  • their slow growth;
  • lichen;
  • dandruff;
  • psoriasis;
  • seborrhea (dry and oily);
  • gray hair;
  • eczema on the scalp.

Judging by the reviews, the use of Darsonval for hair in
eliminating all these diseases and deficiencies manifests itself in
most cases. Indeed, follicles that wake up lead
to the intensive growth of strands and prevent their loss. But at
this need to understand that the reaction of each organism to a given
the device is purely individual. There are cases when patients
faithfully attended all sessions, undergoing a full course of treatment
generated by the current, but their problem has not been solved. So that
go to the procedure or not – a personal decision of each. But
in the presence of contraindications options no longer remains.

It is a fact. Despite the high degree
development of cosmetology, trichology, medicine, Darsonval remains
practically the only and most effective treatment
various forms of alopecia.

Indications for the treatment of hair Darsonval


Being a generator, albeit weak and not so powerful, but
still electric current, has darsonval for hair
contraindications – and they are not so few:

  • cardiac arrhythmia;
  • pregnancy;
  • hemophilia;
  • hypertension;
  • infectious diseases, accompanied by fever, in the stage
  • pacemaker;
  • bleeding;
  • nevi;
  • tumors anywhere in the body;
  • mental illness;
  • salon procedures for the introduction of fillers under the skin of the face and head,
    gold threads, implants (botox, reinforcement,
  • blood coagulability is bad;
  • convulsions, epileptic seizures, a tendency to them;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • active tuberculosis.

In addition, darsonval for breastfeeding hair is not
It is recommended, as targeted research, how does
current to produce milk, no. Many mistakenly believe that the current
so low power, which is directed locally to skin treatment
head, does not affect the work of other organs. Circulatory
the system is common – and any failure in its work is fraught with serious

  • any bleeding can increase so much that it will stop them
    very hard;
  • Benign tumors are often transformed into
  • implants are deformed;
  • in the brain in the presence of mental illness can be observed
    irreversible processes that lead to prolonged seizures and
    prolonged neurosis, etc.

So do not trust the assurances that Darsonval for
hair is completely safe. There is always a certain proportion
risk when exposed to high frequency current on the body – let
even locally and non-contact. Individual body reaction
it is impossible to predict, so before the procedure you need to be
100% sure that it is not contraindicated to you.

Keep in mind. After seeing Darsonval’s device
free sale, many women began to acquire it with the aim of
homemade hair restoration. However, such an effect as in
salon, they are unlikely to achieve, because without medical and
cosmetology education it is impossible to take into account the various nuances in
its application.

Darsonval for hair contraindications

Stages darsonvalization

Nothing complicated procedure darsonval hair
is not. In the salon it conducts
cosmetologist with the appropriate education, in which all
actions brought almost to automatism. Despite this, they
able to find an individual approach to each client. All together
This significantly improves the efficiency of the electric
current on the follicles. So, what will the skillful hands do to you?
professional in the cosmetology office.

  1. General survey and conversation. Purpose – to identify contraindications
    and the solution of the question, is darsonvalization necessary in general?
  2. The choice of nozzle and type of procedure, how it will be carried out –
    contact or contactless. It makes sense at this stage to discuss with
    beautician how long the hair treatment course will last
    Darsonval in your case, since here everything is individual.
    5 sessions will be enough for someone, and 10 will be not enough for someone. But after all
    finances must be calculated in advance.
  3. The head is thoroughly cleaned with a special solution, washed and
  4. Individually selected therapeutic cocktail, which
    designed to solve your main problem. He might be
    antifungal or anti-inflammatory, with vitamins or
    amino acids.
  5. After this, a special nozzle in the form of a comb comb
    hair from crown – to the back of the head and temples.
  6. Procedure time – no more than 15 minutes.
  7. After that, the beautician usually makes a relaxing massage.
  8. Consultation on further hair care.

The question is how often do darsonval for hair,
is solved individually. If he is designated as
treatment with seborrhea or alopecia, you have to go to
Salon every other day. If to recover damaged, requiring
special care curls – every 3-4 days. The result will be in many ways
depend on how well you take care of your
problematic hair after the procedure.

It is interesting. Even in the last century
Darsonval attended exclusively in physiotherapy.
cabinets. But with the development of the beauty industry, it began to be used in
cosmetology purposes and it turned into salon equipment
beauty. Not so long ago, it became available for all.
for use at home.

Darsonval effect for hair

Supporting the effectiveness of the procedure

Beauticians warn that the effect
Darsonval for hair is possible only if
after the procedure they will be treated accordingly.

  1. Do not wash your hair on the day when darsonvalization was carried out.
  2. As a maintenance therapy, use pharmacy
    remedies for treating the disease: shampoos and vitamins against loss
    hair, for their growth, etc.
  3. Regularly undergo examinations with trichologist.
  4. Many ask how to smear hair after
    Darsonval, to restore went faster. Usually
    It is recommended to make moisturizing masks, because after the current curls
    may be slightly overdried (again, the individual reaction
    each organism separately). However, the choice of such a tool in
    in any case must be agreed with
  5. Another Frequently Asked Question: Why After Darsonval
    hair fall out? Usually such a side effect is a big one.
    rarity. And it arises from the fact that it was ignored.
    contraindication to this procedure. Due to blood diseases after
    spasm under the action of the current vessel can not return to its normal
    condition – and perishes.

On a note. In salons before the procedure
darsonvalization usually offer to do a general massage, and after it
– cosmetic mask. This triple tandem is superb.
healing effect and allows you to get rid of many skin problems
head and hair.

Darsonval’s beneficial effect on hair is not dictated by
myths and bloated ads. The apparatus is based on
electric current – a physical phenomenon, long known to science.
There is nothing mythical or incomprehensible here, so don’t
doubt the effectiveness of darsonvalization. If any
serious problems with the scalp, be sure to sign up for
this procedure, without fear of side effects and not worrying about
result. In the case of alopecia of different forms and total loss
this is one of the most life-saving tools in modern

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