Darsonval hair

Darsonvalization is a microcurrent therapy procedure that
even in the recent past was available only in offices
beauticians, as well as beauty salons. Now the device for this
procedures without problems can be purchased for home
of use.

Darsonval for hair is a great way to cure the scalp,
prevent hair loss and stimulate their growth.

Carrying out the procedure on the apparatus darsonval

Darsonval – a huge benefit for the scalp

The content of the article:

  • Darsonval – a huge benefit for the scalp
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Before and after
  • Tools for darsonvalization
  • How to use
  • Darsonval Which is better?
  • Darsonval and nicotinic acid
  • Darsonval and butter
  • Or maybe in the cabin? The result of using the device
  • Reviews and care after the procedure
  • Cost of
  • Video: Darsonval, worth buying yourself a home?
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Darsonvalization can be of two types, namely: contact and

In the first case, the beautician drives the nozzle directly over
your skin, in the case of a contactless procedure
the device is a short distance from your head.
But in fact, and in another case, the current penetrates through the scalp,
affects cell membranes, and their response to this
the stimulus very well stimulates blood circulation as well
beneficial effect on hair follicles.

As a result, we get a huge amount of benefits, namely:

  1. Acceleration of hair growth

Since the use of Darsonval activates hair
the bulbs, then they begin the division process, due to which the hair growth
accelerates, and the period of activity of the bulbs is extended,
accordingly, the density of the hair increases.

  1. Elimination of excessive dryness or oily skin

Your hair will not stick together in fat icicles, will not
remind dry straw, optimal sebum production will make
their shiny, moisturized and healthy to the tips.

ATTENTION: Over the years of use
Darsonval has not identified any serious adverse events.
phenomena or causing any harm to the body. However, it should
not to forget that Darsonval contributes to the improvement of blood circulation and
increases the tone of tissues, so you need to use it with caution,
and it is better to consult a specialist before use.

Indications and contraindications

Although darsonvalization is very useful, but if you come to the salon
beauty, no one just does not do this procedure for you. For her
need your testimony. Such as:

  • alopecia (any of the forms);
  • hair loss;
  • dullness, weakness, exhaustion of hair;
  • slow growth;
  • dandruff;
  • lichen;
  • psoriasis;
  • seborrhea (dry and oily);
  • gray hair;
  • eczema on the scalp;

Carrying out the procedure on the apparatus darsonval

Judging by the reviews, the use of Darsonval manifests itself in most
cases. Awakened bulbs really prevent
hair loss and accelerate their growth. But do not forget that
we are all different and the reaction of our organisms to the same process
may be completely different.

There are cases in practice when patients pass in good faith
a full course of scalp treatment, but not leaving the office
parting with their diseases, so is it worth to be treated with
using darsonval or not – the personal decision of each. But when
the presence of contraindications options no longer remains.

Being a manufacturer of a weak, but still current,
Darsonval has its own contraindications, which are not
too little:

  • The presence of a pacemaker (When exposed to
    electric current, it can simply fail);
  • Epilepsy (and other serious diseases of the nervous system);
  • Tuberculosis (In active stage);
  • Hirsutism (increased hair growth on the face and body);
  • Bleeding or a tendency to them;
  • Problems associated with blood clotting;
  • Pronounced couperosis (presence of vascular mesh on the face or skin
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Any feverish condition
  • Chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Varicose veins
  • Electric intolerance

And darsonvalization is forbidden to do in a state
alcohol or drugs.

Before and after

After using Darsonval, hair density increases. AND
it is a fact. Below are examples of the results of using

Tools for darsonvalization

Let’s look at what tools you need for homework.
darsonvalization. For the procedure you need: the device itself (most often
long, extended handle), comb with current, as well as nozzles.

Nozzles (electrodes):

Scallop head – designed
for procedures with the scalp. The electrode is made in shape
rare comb. Effective when used in medium and high
currents. Before use, remove everything from your head.
metal objects.

Scallop nozzle

Nozzle mushroom – suitable for
procedures with any areas of the skin, often used for the skin of the face.
The electrode is shaped like a mushroom cap. Before working
surface bend at 90 degrees. Working surface on average
37-40mm. Nozzle mushroom

Abdominal nozzle is one of the most
popular baits, suitable for spot darsonvalization of individual
deficiencies. Made of straight glass tube, on average

Abdominal nozzle

In addition to the most commonly used electrodes, there are less
popular ones, such as: ear cap, small rectal cap,
large rectal head, wart head, slingshot head,
nozzle extremity, nozzle neck, nozzle point, nozzle
vaginal, nasal nozzle, gingival nozzle, nozzle ball, and
there is also a universal nozzle that combines
“three in one” – mushroom, ear and scallop.

How to use

Before the procedure darsonvalization of the scalp of the hair is
remove all hairpins and hairpins, properly combed. Use
darsonval on long hair, is holding the device along the line of growth
hair, from forehead to back of the head, combing the entire length is not recommended,
as the procedure dries hair.

During the procedure, it is worth constantly increasing the power before
until you feel a slight tingling sensation. Duration
one procedure should be 10-13 minutes. For achievement
The visible effect should be repeated in a course of 20-25 days.
The course should be repeated 3-4 times a year.

Preparation of the device

  1. Select the desired electrode, carefully process
    alcohol-containing liquid, give dry and
  2. Prepare the hair and scalp, they should be
    dry and clean.
  3. It is forbidden to apply alcohol to hair
    drugs, as well as funds having
  4. It is allowed to use only non-reactive liquids.
    with ultraviolet.
  5. For safety reasons, contact with others is prohibited.
    people during the procedure.

ATTENTION: Do not neglect these rules!

Darsonval Which is better?

Your attention to the review of the most popular models:

Darsonval Gizaton Biolift4 103

Darsonval Gizaton Biolift4 103


  • Pulse frequency, Hz100
  • The shape of the output signal
  • Frequency of high-frequency filling, kHz 110
  • Maximum current strength not more than, mА0,2
  • Output voltage, not more than, kV60
  • Voltage and frequency of the mains 220-230 V 50 Hz

Electrodes – | Fungus, Droplet, Petal,
Comb, T-shaped

Features of the model – its compact body
made of ultralight, but very strong plastic, due to which
the device weighs less than 400 grams, which makes it suitable even for
newbie Rich equipment includes universal nozzles
not only for the scalp, but also for the face and body. Via
the buttons located directly on the body handle can be changed
the strength of the electric current depending on your

Darsonval Ultratek SD-199

Darsonval Ultratek SD-199


  • Pulse frequency: 100Hz;
  • Output waveform: Pulse, with HF-filling;
  • Frequency of high-frequency filling: 110kHz;
  • Maximum current: 130W;
  • Output voltage: kV20.

Electrodes – fungus, comb, abdominal,
T-shaped, drop

Features of the model – | due to super-thin
handles with a diameter of 30mm, a convenient length of 17cm, and weight in
250g This darsonavl is very convenient to use, it will
It is convenient to lie in a large hand and in the smallest
palm of your hand.

Darsonval Spark ST-117

Darsonval Spark ST-117


  • Pulse Frequency: Hz100;
  • Output waveform: pulse. HF filling;
  • Frequency of high-frequency filling: 120 kHz;
  • Maximum current strength: 500mkA;
  • Output voltage: 30kV.

Electrodes – mushroom, comb, abdominal

Features of the model – | embedded in the device
stabilizer, thanks to which in case of an energy jump the device
will work properly, which will prevent discomfort and

Дарсонваль “D&D” JX006A



  • Pulse Frequency: 100Hz
  • Output waveform: Pulse, HF-filled
  • Frequency of high-frequency filling: 100-120 kHz
  • Maximum current: 60 W
  • Output voltage: 25kV

Electrodes – fungus, drop, petal,

Features of the model – | apparatus has
elongated cord, which is very convenient. Electrode socket equipped with
rubber seal that prevents them from scrolling in

Darsonval Welss Sun 2320

Darsonval Welss Sun 2320


  • Pulse Frequency: 110Hz
  • Output waveform: Pulse, HF-filled
  • High frequency fill frequency: 100 kHz
  • Maximum current: 130W
  • Output voltage: 20KV

Electrodes – comb, drop, mushroom, petal.

Features of the model – | easy to use,
adjustable current strength.

Darsonval Carat DE 212 Ultra

Darsonval Carat DE 212 ultra.


  • Pulse Frequency: 100 Hz
  • Output signal form: Pulse, with HF – filling
  • Frequency of high-frequency filling: 110 Hz

Electrodes – abdominal, mushroom, comb,

Features of the model – | main advantage
is the use of 9 electrodes, due to which
darsonvalize the largest range of body parts

NOTE: No matter how darsonval
you choose, you need to undergo treatment course! How to
to follow the course we wrote above.

Darsonval and nicotinic acid

a nicotinic acid

If you want to make the most of darsonval,
We can advise you to add to the course nicotinic acid, she
greatly enhance the effect of this method.

How to use nicotinic acid?

  1. The first thing is to wash your hair, and then thoroughly
    to dry.
  2. Then with a syringe or with the help of hands, place nicotine on the head
    acid. (2-3 ampoules)
  3. Well rub the head of the liquid.
  4. Then wait again for your head to dry.
  5. Now go through darsonval with a comb over your hair like

Darsonval and butter

with butter

Another way to use the device effectively is to
use it in combination with oil, such as castor oil and
mustard Hair grows 3 or even 4 times faster than

How to use butter?

  1. Apply castor oil to clean hair roots. (If oil
    too thick, it can be diluted with mustard)
  2. Darsonval with a nozzle “comb” gently distribute the oil
    the entire length of the hair.
  3. Some time after the procedure, wash the oil off.

The result will be visible in a couple of weeks.

Or maybe in the cabin? The result of using the device

If you do not want to spend a large amount at a time to buy
darsonvalya, and then also self-bother with his
use, then there is an alternative for you!
Darsonvalization is initially only a salon procedure, therefore
you will not have problems finding a salon where you can
provide this service.

Do not be discouraged if you did not see the result in 2-3
of the week! This is normal! But after a month or two, you will see
excellent result! The hair will not fall out, the thickness of the hair is clearly
to increase. If you had any skin diseases, then with them
you finally say goodbye in 2-4 months.

Reviews and care after the procedure

Source: woman.ru

Images can be increased *

After you have completed the darsonvalization course you shouldn’t let
your hair to chance It is necessary to constantly put on the hair masks and
oils. When washing the head use a balm. Not worth putting
acid shampoos.

Cost of

  • The average cost of Darsonavl varies from 1500 to 4000
  • Average cost of darsonavalization procedure in the salon 400
    rub / session

Now you know everything about such a procedure as darsonvalization and when
need to be able to spend it at home, it remains only to choose
Apparatus suitable for you or enroll in the procedure in the salon!
Enjoy the treatment!

Video: Darsonval, worth buying yourself a home?


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