Debut: one haircut and 5 styling options

Experts say: the debut of this haircut began to prepare
half a century ago, and finally formulated the idea, developed
technology and gave the name haircut in the late 1990s.

Since then, debut (like a haircut) has a lot
admirers who, thanks to her, feel themselves beautiful, fashionable,
well maintained. Debut can be done on short and long hair, but
Particularly interesting is the haircut on the curls of medium length.

  • 1 What does a haircut look like
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 haircuts for medium hair
  • 4 Execution Technology
  • 5 Styling

What does a haircut look like

Haircut Debut on medium hair enables every woman
maintain their individuality, look special. Here is her
distinctive features:

  • achieved by layering strand on
  • volume (even if the hair is not thick enough and
  • the design of strands near the face in the form of an arc (or, as they say
    specialists, in the form of an inverted horseshoe);
  • visual separation of hair into separate strands (hair is not
    looks like a single mass).

Hairdo debut looks interesting both on straight and on
wavy hair.

hairstyle debut on straight hair Moreover, difficult to work
curly strands (only high level professional with them
cope) will not give his mistress a lot of trouble – for them is easy
take care to look perfect every day.

IMPORTANT: Debut – a real find for owners
fine hair. Haircut using filing will make them
fluffy, thick, like a fluffy hat.

In this haircut, an important role is given to bangs
(although you can do if you wish, and without it). Short, straight,
asymmetric, torn or oblique, it helps to focus on
merits and hide the flaws of any facial features.

To suit

Debut is best suited to ladies with oval and round
face shape, such as in the photo:

Whose haircut debut? But this does not mean that everyone
the rest of the fair sex this haircut
contraindicated – the stylist has many tricks in his arsenal, like
tailor a hairstyle for almost every:

  • if the shape of the face resembles a square, the “sharp corners” will be smoothed over by an oblique
    bangs or straight, combed to the side;
  • trapezoidal shape will improve asymmetric bangs;
  • oblique bangs are ideal for a full face;
  • oblique bangs, moreover, elongated, suitable chubby
    Yes mom;
  • owners of an oval-shaped face will be decorated with straight bangs, her
    can be combed to the side.

More difficult is the situation with the narrow-faced ladies. Long side strands
able to make the face more narrow, unnaturally elongated. But
even this situation can correct if necessary
haircut with bangs. To restore harmony to the look, bangs are made
straight and long (up to the brow level).

TIP: Debut is well suited for ladies with large
features, haircut will make them softer, more feminine.

As for age, there are practically no restrictions.
exists. The debut is suitable for both high school and for
women whose life, according to the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears,”
just beginning – debut, in one word.

Options for cutting medium hair

The owners of hair of medium length are not deprived of attention
stylists, they have developed many interesting, practical in
using models: bob, cascade, graded square and simple
kare. Debut among them – a favorite.

For women, it is important that they do not
looked like twins: the principle of multistage set in
Debut base allows you to make as many haircuts as possible
beautiful ladies exist in the world. Each head experienced hand
masters will give a unique shape and shape.

debut on medium hair

Haircut on the hair of medium length (as opposed to short and
long) is a classic version in which all
Debut performance techniques.

The side strands perfectly adjust the excessively large cheekbones, and
the foreman too cleverly forehead masks with a bang. And what would
neither did the stylist, his model would look feminine and
slightly naive (or – sincerely, this is someone you like more), and
so younger and fresher.

Variance haircuts are achieved through edging and thinning
strands (for every woman it will look different),
different approach to hair treatment (strands can be
clipped, made in the form of a complex cascade).

Diversity in appearance brings a combination of the three most important components.
Debut – rounded “cap”, curls to the shoulders and bangs. From that on
what exactly the master will do will depend on the final

ATTENTION: do not insist that the master do you
bangs below eyebrows. It will cover your eyes, and the expressiveness of the image.
will become much weaker.

Execution technology

Debut work begins with a headwash. Without waiting for when
the hair is completely dry, gently combing it and making two
parting – from the middle of the forehead to the neck and from one ear to the other (this
the line must pass through the crown exactly). To make it more convenient
work, the upper strands can be secured by crabs.

This video shows in some detail the whole process of cutting and

The next parting is done in
frontal parietal area. Then the hair is combed over the face and
proceed directly to the haircut, giving the strands shape

It is at this stage that the master chooses the length of the curls, which he
will adhere to further stages of work. And she will
a lot, and quite painstaking, as the master achieves the effect
overlay strands on the strand. Step by step the wizard will do
next parting parallel to the previous one and separated from it
about 1-3 centimeters (each specialist has his own approach), and
then (with a slight delay) cut the hair at a right angle.

In principle, it is not so important for a woman to know in detail that
going on her beautiful head because repeat action
master on herself or her friend she can hardly –
Debut is considered one of the most difficult haircuts, with
which not even every hairdresser can handle if he is in the profession


But with the laying of a woman perfectly cope herself. It can
be different options:

  1. casual,
  2. eccentric,
  3. stylish,
  4. tender,
  5. evening

In the first case, everything is done very quickly with foam (her
put on strands) and hair dryer. The tips are slightly twisted to
achieve a slight wave effect.

styling haircut debut

To make an eccentric styling, you need to wet your hair,
tilt your head down, apply the foam and start drying the curls with a hair dryer,
squeezing them alternately with their hands. As a result, you will get much more
volume and effect of disheveled.

careless styling haircut debut

For a stylish option that is perfect business lady
you need an iron – with his help strands visually pull.

If a woman needs to create a gentle image, she should
take advantage of large curlers and lift hair from the roots.
Hair must be fixed with varnish, and if desired, complement
any accessory that will make the image more feminine and

Evening version is suitable for going to the theater or visiting.
styling, in which curling curls curls out.
Varnish in this case is also required (see photo).

USEFUL INFORMATION: haircuts for medium hair
very practical, they are not spoiled by any rainy weather and high
moisture, no hat, under which the strands are hidden in winter.

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