Dermabrasion: types, purpose and properties

Many people have acquired or congenital skin defects.
Sometimes these are signs of post-acne, or acne, or keloid scars,
or just the innate structure of the skin, which is manifested in her
irregularities. Over the years, the face loses the smoothness and elasticity that
also contributes to the formation of irregularities, wrinkles and
failures. Eliminate all the above defects is not very easy, but
nowadays there is an effective method that allows it
to do.


  • What is dermabrasion?
  • Types of dermabrasion
  • How to carry out the procedure
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Possible complications and side effects
  • Dermabrasion at home

What is dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is a mechanical peeling method that
is the scraping of the skin on which the scars are concentrated
post-acne, wrinkles, age spots, keloid scars and others
skin defects. In other words, the defective upper layer of the skin is removed from
using a special apparatus until the skin surface
will become uniform and smooth. Dermabrasion performed by the smallest
abrasive particles that peel off the top layer
epidermis. In the same way, we exfoliate our skin every day.
bedtime delicate scrub, but the degree of exposure to the scrub in
home conditions are comparable less than with the hardware
dermabrasion. The technique of the procedure is to remove
the surface layer of the skin, revealing the lower layer with young cells,
which are able to regenerate and renew tissue.

With the help of dermabrasion, you can not only solve problems
aesthetic nature, but also to launch recovery processes and
skin renewal, in the form of enhanced activation of collagen synthesis and
elastin, which return skin youthful, making it elastic and


This method of hardware cosmetology can save forever
skin from adverse events and age-related skin defects. Should
notice that dermabrasion is quite hard and painful
procedure. The degree of the apparatus effect on the skin is regulated
a specialist. All sorts of problems require a certain degree
impact. For example, if you need to remove light acne scars,
then the intensity of the impact will be shallow. If nessesary
remove the keloid scar, the effect will be deeper and

Types of dermabrasion

Modern cosmetology offers several types

  • laser dermabrasion;
  • diamond dermabrasion;
  • mechanical dermabrasion.

Laser dermabrasion can eliminate scars, scars, wrinkles, and
also activate fibroblasts and stimulate processes
neocollagenesis. Thanks to the regenerating properties of the laser
dermabrasion, the skin will repair itself.

The advantages of this type of dermabrasion:

  • scars and scars are effectively removed or occur
    maximum reduction;
  • fibroblasts are activated and synthesis is stimulated
    collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Cons of this type:

  • the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and only permanently.
    in specialized institutions;
  • long rehabilitation period, not less than three months, in
    during the same time it is necessary to use sunscreen
    cream with a high SPF protection factor of at least 50 (as they can
    pigment spots are formed);
  • sensitive skin reacts to dermabrasion with irritation and
    redness that remains on the skin for a long time;
  • there are some contraindications for

Diamond or microcrystalline dermabrasion is performed with
using abrasive diamond particles. Diamond particles have
microscopic size and a very solid texture, but it is their
superhardness causes abrasive effect. Diamond
microparticles successfully remove age spots, acne marks and
blackheads, wrinkles and skin bumps. Specialists most often
opt for this kind of dermabrasion because he
universal and has a number of serious advantages.


Advantages of diamond microbrasion:

  • skin is less injured, but at the same time it is better polished;
  • anesthesia is not required;
  • irritation and redness of the skin lasts no more than a day, in
    difference from other types of dermabrasion;
  • the method is affordable for the masses of consumers;
  • removes scars, scars and at the same time removes dead cells,
    triggers the activation of fibroblasts and the stimulation of collagen, elastin
    and hyaluronic acid;
  • The procedure has a good anti-aging effect, due to which
    used as an anti-aging procedure for all ages
    and skin types;
  • the possibility of carrying out the procedure at home;
  • does not cause dryness and dehydration of the skin due to the content
    moisturizing ingredients;
  • diamond dust or almost diamond dust impregnated
    therapeutic active substances, due to which occurs
    renewal and restoration of the epidermis.

Cons of this type of dermabrasion:

  • does not eliminate deep scars and scars;
  • contraindication to the procedure is
    intolerance to some of the ingredients that are part of
    cosmetic preparation for dermabrasion.

Mechanical dermabrasion is the deepest and most painful.
procedure. This type of dermabrasion is performed using
special apparatus with a rotating abrasive cutter, which
carefully treats each skin area, literally removing
upper layer of the epidermis. This type of dermabrasion has a long
rehabilitation period and without serious anesthesia and local
anti-inflammatory drugs in this case is indispensable. But
the effect of mechanical dermabrasion can shake


Advantages of the procedure:

  • eliminates scars and scars of any depth;
  • removes small and even large wrinkles;
  • keloid scars go away;
  • effectively eliminates age spots and there is no risk of them
    appearance after the procedure;
  • effectively rejuvenates the skin of the face, after the procedure of the mirror
    you will look at the person who threw off 15 years;
  • effectively evens skin texture;
  • helps to improve the complexion;
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  • the procedure is highly traumatic;
  • long period of skin rehabilitation, during which not
    It is recommended to use conventional care products, and only
    those that register a doctor – beautician;
  • the procedure has a long course of procedures and it is necessary
    hold at intervals of three months, unlike other species
  • on sensitive skin irritation, damage and redness
    can hold up to two months;
  • skin becomes prone to dryness and dehydration;
  • The choice of the type of dermabrasion always remains not so much for the patient,
    how many for the doctor-cosmetologist. Only he can accurately determine
    condition of your skin and determine how to treat and eliminate
    existing defects. In the absence of deep scars, scars and
    skin damage, a specialist will recommend a sparing diamond
    dermabrasion, since it is less traumatic and in this
    case more efficient.

How to carry out the procedure

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. First of all, they carry out cleansing and make-up removal of the face.
  2. Then the face is treated with a special antiseptic.
  3. The next step is to conduct anesthesia, since
    The procedure is quite painful.
  4. On the treated area superimposed heating pad or container with
    ice to make the skin more dense.
  5. Then comes the stage of the procedure itself:
    The specialist gradually treats the face with a special
    apparatus that generates laser beams of light.
  6. Then a freezing spray is applied to remove the dead.
    horny scales, antiseptic is applied again to avoid
    skin infection, and after that it is applied soothing and cooling
    skin remedy.
  7. At the end of the procedure, a special sunscreen is applied.
    cream, even if there is no sun outside.
  8. A bandage is necessary to stop
    bleeding (if deep dermabrasion was performed).

The procedure is carried out 2-6 times for sustainable

The rehabilitation period lasts from a week to a month, in the case of
sensitive skin regenerating period is extended to two
months. During this period, you should use only healing and
restorative preparations prescribed by a cosmetologist.
Be sure to use sunscreens with high
protection factor.

Indications for the procedure

The dermabrasion procedure effectively copes with the following
skin problems:

  • scars and scars of various etiologies (after acne, stretch marks;
    burns, postoperative);
  • the presence of hyperpigmentation on the skin of the face;
  • tattoo removal;
  • the presence of spider veins;
  • small and deep wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores;
  • fading and aging skin.

Contraindications to the procedure

Contraindications to the procedure are:

  • skin diseases;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • infectious and chronic diseases in the stage
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • sensitive and problematic skin;
  • blood clotting diseases;
  • susceptibility to the formation of keloid scars;
  • diseases of the liver, kidneys, tuberculosis.


Possible complications and side effects

Since dermabrasion has a profound effect on the skin,
possible side effects and complications. Major complications after
this procedure is swelling, inflammation of the treated areas and
skin sensitivity In case swelling and irritation is not
pass independently, then special treatment is required. To
this did not happen need to follow the recommendations of the doctor, right
clean and restore skin, apply special
antibacterial drugs. It is necessary to take into account the time of year when
conducting dermabrasion. Skin recovery occurs better in
autumn – winter period. Summer and vein is not recommended
procedure, as there is a risk of solar formation

When conducting dermabrasion in patients with dark skin can
to form a depigmented foci of clarified skin.

Dermabrasion at home

Many cosmetologists have a negative attitude to the procedure.
home dermabrasion because there is a risk
burns and deep skin damage. This procedure
best done in aesthetic salons under the guidance of an experienced
doctor-cosmetologist. But if you still decide to carry out the procedure
dermabrasion home then it is imperative to turn to
doctor for advice. It should be remembered that when irritated,
sensitive and problematic skin even sparing dermabrasion
contraindicated. Only the absence of the above contraindications
allows you to conduct dermabrasion at home.

At home, spend only microcrystalline
(diamond) dermabrasion, as it is the least traumatic
procedure. Examine the skin for the procedure before the procedure.
development of an allergic reaction. And the day before the procedure follows
refuse cosmetics containing retinoids, glycol or
salicylic acid. For the procedure there
special preparations for dermabrasion that you individually
will be chosen by a cosmetologist. Do not carry out the procedure
questionable drugs just because they are your friend
come up. These points must be considered to avoid

The dermabrasion procedure takes several minutes. Skin
gently massaged with special tools for 5-7 minutes.
Sessions are held twice a week for 2 to 3 weeks.

The first week after dermabrasion must be bold.
nourishing cream to eliminate dryness. Not recommended
use decorative cosmetics, go to the sauna, take
sunbathing, swimming in the pool. When going out
be sure to use high factor sunscreen
protection even when there is no sun.

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