Diagonal highlighting – pros and cons, photo before and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Nowadays, women dye their hair not only to paint
gray hair, but also to give to your image of expressiveness,
it is a kind of self-expression. Now more
two decades, girls dye their hair by highlighting, so
as it is a very gentle way of dyeing hair, and also it does not
requires frequent correction.

There are a lot of variants of highlighting, and each
appliances can change your image in different ways. Using different
methods of staining can emphasize facial features, make larger
hairstyle or correct flaws. Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Below we will talk about the diagonal highlighting, which appeared

Diagonal highlighting appeared at all

What is diagonal highlighting

The content of the article:

  • What is diagonal highlighting
  • Who is contraindicated
  • Is it possible to make a diagonal highlighting during pregnancy
  • Pros and cons of diagonal highlighting
  • Description of the technique of diagonal highlighting
  • Coloring by the method of diagonal highlighting
  • Do I need to wash my hair before coloring
  • Cost in a beauty salon
  • How much is done in time and how much is held on the hair
  • How often can you highlight
  • Diagonal highlighting at home and approximate
  • Photo before and after staining
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • Hairstyles with diagonal highlighting
  • Hair care after diagonal highlighting

Diagonal highlighting is one of
popular techniques of staining. It fits any
hair length, but looks best on medium to short hair.
Also, this procedure is suitable for both fair-haired women and

The essence of this coloring is that strands
stained with not on the horizontal, but on the vertical parting
either diagonally. The width of the strands is determined by
what effect you want to achieve. Thin strands will add to your
the hair shine and volume, and wide will give your hair

ATTENTION! The straightening of the strands remains classic.
The master must select for you a special composition of the dye in order not to
harm your hair.

The technique of diagonal highlighting can try a girl with
any hair color. Trust the hands of a professional master,
to get the desired result.

Diagonal highlighting – a new and spectacular technique

Who is contraindicated

Such coloring is contraindicated to you if your hair has lost
shine of life, there are dry and split ends.
We recommend to begin to improve the condition of your hair with nourishing
procedures Also diagonal highlighting cannot be done on
bleached strands, henna-colored hair and after chemical

Today there are many ways to protect
your hair So that hair does not deteriorate under the influence of
dyes, you can do keratin straightening,
lamination or thermal mask. Immediately after these procedures
you can not dye your hair, but after about 2-3 weeks you
You can safely go to your hairdresser for the procedure, without harm
for hair.

This type of highlighting is contraindicated for hair on which
there are dry and split ends

Is it possible to make a diagonal highlighting during pregnancy

When highlighting hair, we expose our hair to
dyes and brighteners, they penetrate deep into the hair structure
and upper respiratory tract. Due to this, many pregnant
wondering if this procedure will harm their future

Many masters say that highlighting is allowed when
pregnancy, since this type of staining is considered the most
safe. When highlighting, the paint does not touch the scalp
pregnant woman.

Diagonal highlighting is not contraindicated in
of pregnancy

To make the risks more minimal, follow
Some tips:

  • you can only gloss out part of the hair,
    for example, just bangs, or grab strands only in the face area,
    to visually refresh your hair;
  • use dyes without ammonia, only
    Remember that dark hair will not take such a dye;
  • You can also try to dye your hair natural
    dyes, such as decoction of chamomile, onion peel,
    Basma or henna.
  • You can also toned individual strands from
    tinting harm will absolutely not be, but the effect is enough for a few
  • don’t dye your hair in the first trimester
    pregnancy when the baby’s body is only in
    the very beginning of development;
  • can choose vegetable based paint,
    such sell in professional stores;
  • if ammonia is still present in the dye,
    use a medical mask to not
    inhale harmful vapors;
  • be sure to air the room at its best
    case keep the window open;
  • don’t dye your hair from the roots, back off
    about 5 cm

Pros and cons of diagonal highlighting


  • Suitable for dyeing gray hair;
  • The gentle method of dyeing does not damage the hair structure, as when
    monotonous staining;
  • No need to dye your hair too often. Sometimes sock
    can be as long as six months;
  • It will give your hair expressiveness, visual volume and
  • When styling hair in different ways, dyeing can
    Look like a new hairstyle.

This is a gentle staining method that does not spoil
hair structure


  • You can not paint immediately after perm;
  • If the hair is dyed with henna, then the diagonal highlighting is already
    you can not do;
  • The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women;
  • It is forbidden to paint on bleached strands.

Description of the technique of diagonal highlighting

  1. Divide the hair into several pieces diagonal or
    horizontal partings, hair fix hairpins.
  2. In a zigzag fashion, put strands on a thin one.
  3. Put the selected strands on the foil and paint them in with
    movements, then wrap the foil so that it holds
    dyed hair.
  4. The next parting of the dyed recedes by 2 cm.
  5. These methods need to paint every part of the head.
  6. We are waiting for the paint to work. Usually about 40 minutes.
  7. Then wash off the paint with warm water and wash your hair.
    professional shampoo.
  8. If you want the brightened strands to give a different tone, then after
    wash in the same way apply tint.

Proper dyeing technique is very important.

Coloring by the method of diagonal highlighting

On dark hair

If you want to give your hair color natural, then
choose colors from brown gamma. If you want more
extravagant image, the colors can be brighter – red,
purple, purple.

Diagonal highlighting on dark hair

On light brown hair

Choose similar colors for this hair color, otherwise the contrast may
play a cruel joke, and the hairstyle will lose all its beauty.

Diagonal highlighting on light brown hair

On dark brown hair

This hair color is more fortunate. Can be applied perfectly
different shades for strands, it all depends on your originality.

Diagonal highlighting on dark blonde

On blonde hair

Blonde hair is a canvas for the master. The most winning shades
will consist in pearl and nacreous modulations.

Diagonal highlighting on blonde hair

On red hair

Very rare hair color. The most beautiful and safe option
highlighting will be combined in gold and copper shades

Diagonal highlighting on red hair

On gray hair

The procedure of highlighting is best done on dark strands. And most importantly
The condition for dyeing gray hair is that more
half the hair was not gray.

Diagonal highlighting on gray hair

On brown hair

This initial hair color will suit golden, copper,
honey and brown tones.

Diagonal highlighting on auburn

On curly hair

This kind of coloring is not recommended for curly girls, so
how that chip in transitions and brilliance will not be noticeable

Diagonal highlighting on curly

Straight hair

Straight hair is a standard condition for girls’ hair, such
The structure of the hair is most of the techniques of coloring.

Diagonal highlighting on straight hair

Do I need to wash my hair before coloring

Apply coloring matter to freshly washed hair.
is harmful. When highlighting used clarifying pigments,
which can damage the structure of your hair, so before
a visit to the hairdresser refrain from washing your hair for about
3-5 days. Thus, the hair will be covered with a natural protective layer.
fat, and further staining will not be as toxic to
of them.

But you should not bring the hair to the state of “hanging icicles”,
in everything there must be a measure. If your hair is prone to dryness, then
before the procedure it is recommended not to wash your hair for about 5 days, not
longer, and if the condition of your hair is excellent, then 1-2 days will be
more than enough.

Before the procedure, it is recommended not to wash your hair for about 5

Cost in a beauty salon

First of all, the price depends on the length of your
hair and thickness.

On average, the price in a beauty salon for short hair will be about
4000 rubles, on average – 6000, for long – 8000 rubles.

Also depends on the prestige of the salon, on professionalism.
masters and from the geography of the city.

First of all, the price for highlighting depends on the length and
thick hair

How much is done in time and how much is held on the hair

The time of exposure to hair dye must be respected.
strictly according to the instructions. Usually it is about 20-40
minutes, depending on how much you want to dye your hair.

IMPORTANT! You can not keep the dye in the hair longer
specified time, otherwise you risk much harm to them.

Usually staining time is about 20-40

How often can you highlight

With properly selected shades, re-staining can
do not earlier than 2 months. With
regrowth of the roots, the hair still looks beautiful and
well maintained

Coloring can be carried out not earlier than 1 time in 2
of the month

Diagonal highlighting at home and approximate

In order to dye your hair in a diagonal highlighting, you
You will need: foil, container for dye, brush, comb, itself
paint, shampoo, balsam.

  • Dividing the hair into diagonal parting, pull out
    strand the thickness you want and put it on the foil.
  • Paint over the strands and fold the foil into an envelope.
  • Thus, you need to paint over every part of the head.
  • Start from the back of the head and finish on the parietal.
  • After dyeing all hairs, they need to be washed.
    shampoo and lubricate with a nourishing balm.

IMPORTANT! If you use multiple colors, then
first paint in one color and wash it off, and only then
proceed to the next.

Make highlighting possible at home

Photo before and after staining

On short hair

This staining technique is simply intended to be short
hair length Thanks to the diagonal highlighting, short haircuts
acquire the ability to change the appearance of hair with different

On medium hair

Medium hair is like a happy medium. Suitable as bright
and natural color strands.

Coloring on medium hair

Long hair

Long hair is better to dye classic highlighting, so
how the diagonal will not be so noticeable on them, and time will pass
much more on staining.

Long hair coloring

Beautiful shades and colors

Currently, monochrome, pastel or
avant-garde diagonal highlighting. In monochrome
dark and chocolate shades prevail, in pastel hair dye
in natural and natural shades, and in the avant-garde apply
bright shades: blue, red, yellow, green.

Beautiful shades diagonal

Hairstyles with diagonal highlighting

Coloring by diagonal highlighting looks gorgeous
on such haircuts as a cascade, ladder, bob, square. Also
asymmetrical haircuts will look elegant, either on
hairstyles where a certain styling is required.

Diagonal highlighting favorably looks on such
haircuts, like a cascade, ladder, bob, square

Hair care after diagonal highlighting

After any kind of dyeing your hair needs care.
Get a special shampoo for colored hair, which
removes unwanted yellowness. You will also need different
nourishing hair care treatments. After bleaching,
the structure of the hair is broken and needs additional moisture.
Therefore, to return shine to hair, rinse hair
nutritional balms and conditioners.

Diagonal highlighting is best to be trusted.
hands of professionals. Do not save on quality
work, because in the worst case, hair restoration can do
even more expensive.

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