Diet for hair loss

Man loses about a hundred hairs every day and this is
completely normal process. Update bulbs needed for
growth of lush and healthy curls. But for various reasons,
for example, as a result of stress, with a lack of vitamins in
body hair loss can be significant.

To ensure the health of hair and prevent hair loss,
need to eat right and comply with the appropriate

Top 10 most beneficial hair strengthening products

The content of the article:

  • Top 10 most beneficial hair strengthening products
  • Sample diet menu for hair loss
  • Basic nutritional rules for hair loss
  • Food causing baldness
  • Video about the products against hair loss in the transfer of Helena

Hair Products

If the hair began to fall too plentiful and there is a chance
partial baldness then you need in your diet without fail
Include the following products:

  1. Meat dishes. Hair in large quantities
    need a protein that makes up the basic structure of the curl. AT
    The most protein is found in red meat. Non-greasy
    Beef is the ideal food for human nutrition.
    achieve stunning head of hair. Also considered very valuable
    turkey and chicken dishes.
  2. Legumes They are a good meat substitute.
    dishes, as well as their complement. Large amount of protein
    found in lentils, beans and beans. In these products also
    contains the necessary elements for the hair – zinc, iron and
  3. Seafood. Various fish, oysters, crayfish,
    squids and other inhabitants of the water element contain
    iron, vitamin B12, zinc, iodine and omega acid – 3. All of these
    components provide not only a good growth of curls, but also their
    beauty and healthy look.
  4. Eggs Contain such useful for
    head of matter substances like protein, B vitamins, biotin and
  5. Milk products. Calcium, casein, and
    the serum contained in such products prevent the loss
    curls and strengthen their root structure.
  6. Seeds and nuts. A large number of
    amino acids, selenium, zinc and copper are found in hazelnuts, almonds,
    walnuts and brazil nuts, as well as cashews. It is these elements
    prevent baldness.
  7. Whole grain products. Iron,
    Zinc and vitamin B are found in large quantities in whole grains.
    flakes, in bread, and also in bran and muslya.
  8. Vegetables. Hair products are valuable
    cabbage, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, dill, parsley,
    celery, beets and carrots. They contain a large amount
    vitamins A and C, magnesium, iron, calcium and antioxidants, which
    strengthen the structure of the curl and nourish it along the entire length.
  9. Kashi. Against baldness very helpful
    are considered gray porridges (barley, millet, barley, oatmeal and
  10. Green tea. It has a large number
    antioxidants and trace elements that help rapid growth

Sample diet menu for hair loss

Diet for hair loss

For heavy hair loss, experts recommend
Follow the following diet week by day:

  • The first day should consist of the following admission.
  1. For breakfast, drink a glass of yogurt, kefir or milk.
  2. After a couple of hours, drink a glass of fruit juice.
  3. For lunch, cooked boiled broccolli and red pepper, as well as soup
    – Mashed whole grain bread.
  4. At lunch, they eat 2 apples and drink fruit juice.
  5. They eat dinner of vegetables and boiled breast.
  • Second day:
  1. In the morning eat oatmeal with raisins.
  2. After a couple of hours, drink a milkshake.
  3. Dine with soup made from beef, carrots and
    squash. On the second they eat mashed potatoes with mushroom
  4. Tea time should consist of fruit salad.
  5. Before going to bed, they eat seafood pasta.
  • The third day:
  1. In the morning, they eat oatmeal on water with the addition of 30 g of almonds.
  2. After 2 – 3 hours consume any fruit.
  3. For lunch, prepare a vegetable salad, rice with vegetables and a glass
  4. Dine kefir.
  5. Dinner should consist of vegetable salad with the addition of a spoon
    olive oil and two potatoes.
  • Fourth day:
  1. Breakfast milk porridge and 1 orange.
  2. At the second breakfast eat a handful of currants.
  3. Lunch consists of lettuce, bell peppers, onions and carrots, and
    also soup with chicken breast and beans.
  4. In the afternoon drink a glass of carrot juice.
  5. Before bedtime they eat a bean salad and wash it down with kefir.
  • Fifth day:
  1. In the morning, eat buckwheat porridge and wash it down with grapefruit
  2. After a couple of hours eat 30 grams of any nuts.
  3. Dine with green borsch and tomato juice.
  4. At noon they use a sandwich with red caviar and tea without
  5. Dinner consists of bean salad and a glass of milk.
  • Sixth day:
  1. For breakfast, eat porridge on the water with the addition of
    dried fruit and honey.
  2. The second breakfast consists of cottage cheese with nuts and green
  3. For lunch, prepare a vegetable salad in olive oil, broth from
    chicken and mashed potatoes with mushrooms. Wash down with tomato juice.
  4. Tea time consists of snacking nuts with a piece of cheese.
  5. Before bed, make a salad of carrots and celery, and
    buckwheat porridge with boiled liver.
  • Seventh day:
  1. For breakfast, millet porridge with cumin and sesame and green tea.
  2. A few hours later eat kiwi and 100 g of currants.
  3. Dine shchi, cooked in chicken or beef, and drink
    tomato juice.
  4. Afternoon banana alone.
  5. Dinner should consist of filler fish and 100 g low-fat

Reference! Compliance with not so difficult weekly
diet will help in a short time to achieve thick hair growth. With
This bulbs will be strong, and the structure of the curl bulk and

Basic nutritional rules for hair loss

To avoid baldness you need to stick to a balanced
power supply. The composition of the products must include fresh vegetables
and fruit. It is desirable that they grow in the region

The right food

Any diet should be mandatory
enough vitamins. Substances necessary for growth
lush hair is iron, iodine, calcium, zinc.

The peel of fresh vegetables contains a significant amount
vitamins and beneficial microelements, therefore, to use such
products need in a holistic manner.

It is necessary to cook food in olive, flax or hemp
oil These oils contain a lot of valuable elements and are
tremendous components of the diet, as they nourish hair throughout
length and accelerate their growth.

Attention! With hair loss you need to drink like
can be more fluid. It can be juices, teas, fruit drinks, and
liquid broths. Fluid helps the body get rid of toxins.
and accelerate the growth of hair.

Food causing baldness

In order to prevent excessive hair loss, you should try
avoid eating the following list of foods:

Fast Food

  • alcoholic beverages and tobacco;
  • smoked, salty and spicy foods;
  • fast food;
  • canned products;
  • fried food;
  • fatty foods;
  • coffee drinks;
  • sweet and flour dishes;
  • carbonated drinks.

In order to achieve a lush and healthy hair, you need
follow the diet. Vitamins and trace elements contained
in many products, are able to provide hair density and rid
from their excessive loss. With proper diet
you can quickly deal with incipient balding and correct
health of hair follicles.

But do not rely only on diet, it is important to identify the causes
hair loss, consult a specialist and follow it
appointments. At the moment there are many tools and
procedures able to cope with the problem of baldness.

Video about the products against hair loss in the transfer of Helena

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