Disinfection: Facial Cleansing with galvanic current

Disinfection is a method of galvanotherapy, which is based
on the use of continuous electric current of low power and
low voltage for cosmetic purposes. In this case
disincrustation is skin cleansing with continuous impulses
low strength and special alkaline solution. Can say that
Disincrustation is a very gentle way to clean your face, unlike
chemical peels and mechanical cleansing. Therefore, this method
purification can be recommended to owners even
sensitive skin susceptible to any irritants. Usually,
This method is not used as an independent procedure, more often
In total, he is part of a complex of skin care activities.


  • What is the essence of the procedure?
  • How to carry out the procedure
  • Advantages of the method
  • Who shows the procedure?
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • What effect to expect from the procedure
  • Disadvantages of the procedure

What is the essence of the procedure?

The disinfecting machine is based on the method
electrophoresis which using direct electric current
conducts biologically active substances through the skin and mucous membranes.
In other words, electrophoresis is the process of moving particles.
dispersed phase. Dispersed particles are one or several phases.
(tel) that do not mix and do not react with each other. So
the cathode on the surface of the skin (negatively charged
electrode) begins to attract positive particles that are under
galvanic current begins to be activated,
loosening the surface of the epidermis and producing an alkalizing effect


As a result of their interaction, acid – base
skin balance, and its environment is transformed: from acid
becomes alkaline. Next begins to act solution for
galvanoforeza. The composition of the solution includes: sodium chloride (5%),
sodium bicarbonate (1%) or sodium salicylate (2%). It happens,
that the solution is already provided in finished form by manufacturers
apparatus for galvanophoresis. The solution can be an independent way
to enrich with various active substances, for example, potassium ions,
magnesium, etc.

After the transformation of the medium, in the pores under
alkalization occurs alkaline reaction and the process of saponification
and alkalization of skin fats, that is, an increase in skin pH. AT
the result is a pore cleansing and opening of the mouth of the follicle, and
the contents of the sebaceous glands secreted
skin and is mechanically removed. Also in the process of changing
environment acidic products when passing through an electric current
destroy the connections between the cells of the stratum corneum (keratinocytes), which
contributes to the thinning of the epidermis and the restoration of its epithelium.

In addition to cleaning the face, galvanic current conducts micro-massage of the skin,
which improves blood and lymph circulation, skin permeability, and
also accelerates metabolic processes in cells.

How to carry out the procedure

First of all, you need to make facial makeup. Then on
cleansed face impose a special mask soaked
disintegrant The mask is a strip of gauze, which after
of how they applied to the face, treated negatively charged
an electrode. Particularly carefully treated areas where are located in
a large number of sebaceous glands.

The electrode can be wrapped with a cloth in the form of a roller – a sponge, which
moistened in a disincrustan or put a mask as it was written
above. A positive electrode is applied to the forearm.
patient in the form of a cuff.

After alkaline saponification and sebum have occurred
released on the surface of the skin, it is removed by mechanical
way, and the skin is cleansed from saponification products. For this
use a cloth moistened with a special solution.

The next step is to change the polarity of the electrode for
restore the pH of the skin, that is, produce recovery of acid
skin reactions and pore closure. To do this, change the polarity of the electrode
and process the skin for a few more minutes (1-2 minutes).

The final stage of the procedure is
intensive restorative measures: application of drying,
tonic and nourishing masks.

The course of procedures consists of 5-10 sessions. Holding each
the procedure is 10 minutes with positive and negative
polarity alternately.

The number of necessary procedures is determined by the doctor – cosmetologist.
It depends on the tasks that need to be addressed. Repeat course
procedures are usually repeated after 2-3 weeks. This method is good
combined with other cosmetic procedures.


In the process of deincrustation, drainage of pores occurs, which leads to
their secret is out along with the bacteria in it. Because
clogging of the pores leads to the formation of a closed system and accumulation
it has pathological bacteria.

Advantages of the method

This procedure has several significant advantages. With
the implementation of deincrustation occurs:

  • loosening and softening of the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • opening the mouth of the follicle;
  • improved vascular permeability;
  • improved blood and lymph circulation;
  • softening fat plugs;
  • increased vascular permeability;
  • increased cellular metabolism;
  • the procedure is painless;
  • deeply cleanses the skin without mechanical injury, redness and
  • normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

As a result, not only skin cleansing occurs, but also
improvement of its physical parameters.

Who shows the procedure?

The procedure is recommended in cases of:

  • oily, problem skin;
  • the presence of comedones;
  • the presence of acne;
  • excessive activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • enlarged pores;
  • oily seborrhea.

In the above cases, disinfestation is effective and
recommended for permanent care
for the skin of the face.


Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the many positive effects, this method has
a number of serious contraindications:

  • purulent rash on the skin;
  • microtrauma and skin damage;
  • chronic skin diseases;
  • allergic diseases in the acute stage;
  • rosacea, rosacea;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • the presence of metal prostheses;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  • individual intolerance to electrical effects
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute and infectious diseases in the acute stage.

What effect to expect from the procedure

Above, we have described all the advantages of this method, and now we will call
The effects that disinfection provides:

  • clean, smooth skin without microtraumas and redness;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • improvement in complexion;
  • elimination of acne and post acne;
  • pigmentation elimination;
  • elimination of greasy face;
  • alignment of skin tone and its relief;
  • reduction of the stratum corneum of the epidermis.

Disadvantages of the procedure

There are no serious flaws in the procedure, if all are taken into account.
contraindications. There is some discomfort during
The procedure is as follows:

  • slight tingling;
  • metallic taste in the mouth;
  • headache;
  • feeling weak and weak after a session;
  • personal intolerance to the effects of electric current.

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