Do body wraps help against cellulite?

Any woman and sometimes men who have nasty
“orange peel” on the skin and bulging sides, dream to find
effective remedy for cellulite. One of these methods is
various cellulite wraps: clay, honey,
Acetic, mustard, hot, cold, etc. And do this
the procedure is possible not only in the salons, but also at home,
following some simple rules.

Cellulite wraps are effective
helping the body get rid of the accumulation of excess fluid in
problem areas, so that their volume is reduced and
“orange peel” disappears. Sometimes wrapping procedure
can reduce the volume by 1 cm, even after one session, if
Combine wraps with sports and nutrition. But,
conducting a similar procedure yourself at home, you must
follow certain rules.

Wrap from cellulite


  • Rules of anti-cellulite wrapping
    • Honey – an assistant in the fight against cellulite
    • Clay wrap against orange peel
    • Vinegar cellulite in two accounts will win!
      • “Freeze” and remove fat on the sides!

Rules of anti-cellulite wrapping

How to make a wrap from cellulite:

  1. First of all, the skin must be prepared for the procedure, removing
    the help of a scrub or a special lotion all keratinized cells,
    since dead cells prevent the penetration of active
  2. Then applied to cleansed skin of the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen.
    ready mix (special cream, blue clay, coffee, seaweed,
    honey, chocolate and other ingredients) with a brush or
  3. To activate the action of active substances you need to create
    effect of the steam room, for this problem areas turn around food
    wrapped in cellophane or foil and wrapped in a towel
    Thermo shorts are worn or, when hot wrapped, you need to wrap up
    thermal blanket.
  4. To achieve the greatest effect, you can do fitness or
    gymnastics during the procedure for 25-35 minutes. With
    anti-cellulite wrap without exercise time
    exposure of the mixture on the body increases to 60-70 minutes.
  5. After the fats break down, the mask is washed off and the skin
    treated with oil or massage cream. Problem areas
    are actively massaged so that through the open pores to bring split
    fats and waste fluid. The skin is washed again.
  6. Then the skin must be soothed, close the pores, causing
    special anti-cellulite cream, soothing lotion or
    cooling gel with a lifting effect. First felt
    long-awaited coolness, and after – pleasant warmth.

This procedure cellulite wraps can be considered
over. To achieve the result, it is necessary to do 2 procedures.
in Week. The course includes a minimum of 10 sessions, and a maximum – to
the disappearance of the “orange peel”.

However, it may happen that at what stage of the procedure is not
will give no effect, it means that the body has
developed an immunity to the active substance that was used
in the mix. It is only necessary to change the main components in the mask and
continue the sessions.

Honey – an assistant in the fight against cellulite

Very popular honey wrap from cellulite. Do this
The procedure is not only useful and pleasant. Can only be used
natural honey, but it is better to mix it with other active
components: with yolk and essential oils, with algae, with

For example, use a mask of honey and a few drops.
any essential oil can be 2-3 times a week, maintaining 40
minutes Mixing honey with a natural mole in a 1: 2 ratio, you need
maintain the mixture on the body for at least 50 minutes, then wash the active
components with cool water.

Also a popular mustard wrap, in which 2 spoons of honey
mixed with the same amount of mustard. Mustard Mask
ideal if the procedure is combined with physical
loads, because the composition with mustard is quite thick and does not
spread during exercise. It will feel light
burning, so mustard plus honey wrap from cellulite
refers to the hot method.

Honey wrap from cellulite

Clay wrap against orange peel

Another good option is a mask with blue (red, white or
black) clay. You can buy the mixture with clay in a pharmacy or
cook independently, diluting the composition with water until thick
sour cream, and adding chopped cinnamon, essential oils, red
pepper etc. Clay wrap with vegetable oils
(olive, corn, flaxseed) will not only help to get rid of
“orange peel”, but also returns the skin the lost elasticity.

You can use any clay, but preference is given precisely
blue because it was created specifically for anti-cellulite
sessions. So a mixture of blue clay and crushed mustard will return
skin elasticity. Aged such composition from 35 to 45
minutes, then washed off.

If there is no allergy, then you can add to the mask with blue clay
a few drops of citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit) essential
oils that will make the skin not only smooth and elastic, but also noticeably
refreshed. Mixture with blue clay and essential oils can
keep on the body from 50 minutes to 1 hour. Then should take

For lovers of “thrill” sensations, clay is perfect
wrap with red pepper. For the preparation of thermonuclear mix
you need to mix a pinch of crushed hot red pepper with
blue clay and a little water until creamy

The mixture is applied to problem areas with a thin layer, and
wrapped in film, and after 25-30 minutes, washed off. Such
blue clay mask will improve blood circulation in the treated areas
and will contribute to the early splitting of body fat. Such
clay wrapping also belongs to the category of hot.

Vinegar cellulite in two accounts will win!

One of the most effective procedures is acetic acid.
cellulite wrapping, which besides the main action,
helps to get rid of varicose veins and reduce vascular
cells. To prepare the mixture you need to mix 2 tablespoons.
spoons of water in equal proportions with apple, grape or table
vinegar. In the resulting solution wets a bandage or strips.
cotton fabric wrapped around problem areas.

Then it all wraps around the top with cellophane, and the top with warm
towel or blanket. The session lasts 60 minutes. In the first 10-15 minutes
coolness will be felt in the next 20-30 minutes – pleasant warmth,
and then heat. Therefore, before the procedure, it is better to do
warming massage. And people with cardiovascular diseases
wrap with apple or any other vinegar is best not

You can also do the procedure by mixing more water.
(3: 1) with apple or grape vinegar and 1 teaspoon sea
salt or ground cinnamon. The course is 15-20 procedures, but not
everyday. Acetic wrap cellulite better conducts with
2-3 days apart.

Hot cellulite body wraps enhance
blood circulation, detoxify the body, effectively fight
fatty deposits, if they do at least 2 times a week.

Acetic wrap from cellulite

“Freeze” and remove fat on the sides!

Those whose skin is prone to flaking and flabbiness are recommended.
do not hot, and cold wrapping from cellulite. Solutions
for “cold” procedures purchased in pharmacies and prepare a mask
houses. For example, mix peppermint oil with raw potato gruel.
You can also use various cooling essential oils with
natural ingredients.

In terms of the use of cold mixtures differ in composition and
exposure to the skin, cooling and refreshing them. Therefore, in
the process of such wrapping becomes cold to many. Part
solution for the cold procedure is almost always included menthol or
mint. Cold wrapping from cellulite reduces pores, tightens
vessels, improves metabolism in tissues, contribute to the outflow of the bodice and
improve overall skin tone. And slags are derived naturally

Cellulite wraps are really very effective, but not
it’s worth forgetting that people with cardiovascular disease
system, gynecological diseases, varicose veins, damage
skin allergies to mask components, as well as pregnant women
women, such procedures are contraindicated!

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