Do I need a pedicure for men?

Not every member of the strong half of humanity.
you can make yourself a manicure, and pedicure for men in general
puzzling on their part in most cases. Little of
what show their legs sometimes seems shameful to men, but also
they see no practical use for this activity. Worth
in more detail to make out all the nuances of this procedure for representatives
strong sex.

The motivation to make a pedicure for a man may arise from
the onset of the summer period. This is where the aesthetic question arises.
open sandals and shales clearly demonstrate the condition of the feet and
nails, as well as in the summer, the skin can dry out and unpleasant
sensations, peeling and skin cracking on the feet
the discomfort. If you describe a man all the positive aspects of a pedicure
and getting rid of these ailments, then he is most likely
agree to the procedure.


  • What is a pedicure?
  • More about each
  • General recommendations

What is a pedicure?

Foot treatment processes for men and women do not have
no difference. Because of synthetic materials, uncomfortable shoes and
active lifestyle skin on the legs grows coarse, thickens, dries,
cracks, calluses appear. Feelings are not pleasant. therefore
The basis of each pedicure is hygienic treatment of feet. Ways
There are not so many procedures:

  • classic pedicure;
  • hardware pedicure;
  • SPA pedicure;
  • express pedicure;
  • fish pedicure.

More about each

Classic pedicure is a calm, gentle
foot and nail treatment process. Huge advantage is that
it can be done at home with certain
skills and tools. All fixtures must be carefully
process with alcohol after each use. By doing
classic pedicure can risk skin injury instrument,
therefore, the procedure must be carried out very carefully.

Apparatus pedicure is performed with a special machine with a set of
nozzles for processing skin and nails. The procedure is absolutely safe.
and painless, and most importantly, the most effective compared to
other methods. Technique of hardware pedicure is simple
and looks like this:

  1. First, the foot is treated with skin antiseptic, extra length
    nails are removed, and the foot itself, wiped dry after an antiseptic,
    lubricated with a special softener for the skin.
  2. Next, a machine with a special nozzle-cutter with a large
    the whole foot is abraded and then polished. Leftovers
    skin softener is washed off with warm water, the foot is wiped off, and
    The process of finger and nail treatment begins.
  3. Apparatus pedicure includes the treatment of the area between
    fingers – localization of accumulation of microbes, it is done
    small abrasive nozzle.
  4. Then the cuticle is removed and the nail ridges are processed.
  5. The last stage – polishing nails with a special nozzle. AT
    completion can be applied to the foot nourishing cream.

SPA pedicure is the most pleasant of all listed. His goal is not
only make the skin of the feet and nails well-groomed, but also deliver
pleasure. Male SPA pedicure is a great start to a romantic
evenings First, ask the man to take a foot bath, and then
clean with a special scrub and light massage movements
dead skin This kind of pedicure is aimed, rather, at relaxation,
than the elimination of serious shortcomings, therefore, no
skin is not processed with special tools, which means risk
injure the skin is missing. Rough skin simply
dissolves in the bath using special agents, and in
further processing may vary, but mandatory
condition is foot massage.

Express pedicure is a cosmetic manipulation.
over the nails: trimming the cuticle, removing the length, polishing the nail and
varnish coating if desired. Express is a bit like hardware
pedicure, but only horny areas around
nails and without prior softening. You can peel plots
and using a special acid. The main thing is the quick effect. Man
such a pedicure is unlikely to be suitable or would be completely useless, because not
solves the problem with calluses, corns and cornified skin on

Fish pedicure, or rather even fish-peeling, is considered one of
of the most exotic procedures for the care of keratinous skin of hands and
Stop. The pedicure masters here are the garra rufa fish, and
The process looks like this. You put your feet in a tank of water, in
where these fish-doctors live (as they are called in America), and those
painlessly and safely clean your hardened skin. It seems
a little unusual, but the fish have no teeth and therefore the whole process
absolutely painless, even a little ticklish. Peeling performed by
These fish are so thorough and effective that additional
manipulation is not even required, it remains only to put in order
nails – and the pedicure is ready.

General recommendations

Before visiting the salon for the procedure you need to know that a pedicure
done at least once a month and, once visiting the salon, you do not
get rid of problems with keratinized skin for a long time. But by making it
once having experienced all the benefits, you will want to exercise
procedure over and over.

Ensure that the tools that are used to
your pedicure, were specially sterilized, and foot
before starting the procedure treated with disinfectant and
antiseptic. The advantage will be the adoption of a foot
sea ​​salt baths: it not only disinfects, but also is
destructive environment for many bacteria and microorganisms.

If these conditions are met, a pedicure will bring you only benefits
impeccable appearance and comfort in men’s feet.

The use of special foot care creams and
antiperspirants will prolong the effect of a pedicure.

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