Do lice live on dyed hair and where are they dwell

Hair coloring from liceDo lice live on dyed hair?
and is it possible to kill them with paint? What paint to choose and
alternative treatments, about all this in our special

Habitat lice in nature – where the parasite usually lives in
natural environment

The content of the article:

  • Habitat lice in nature – where the parasite usually lives in
    natural environment
  • Do lice live on dyed hair and can they
    get started
  • Is it possible to cure pediculosis by staining?
  • What paint is suitable for treatment, TOP 3 brands with prices
  • Instructions for use of paint against lice, how many times
    make up
  • Contraindications
  • Alternative methods of getting rid of parasites
  • The main ways to combat and prevent pediculosis

Let’s see where the parasites live, their habitats
differ depending on the type of insect.

Lice are of three types:

  • Head – lives in the hair of the human head.
  • Pubic – settles on hard hairs: eyelashes, eyebrows,
    pubic, in the armpit.
  • Bunk – lives and breeds on clothes, gets over to
    man just to bite him.

Lice, parasitic on a person outside his body can not
be a long time. The fact is that they only eat
blood, to no other kind of food their mouthpieces are not
fit. And without food and heat parasites can exist completely
not for long.

Of course, any louse may be on bedding or
a piece of furniture, but it always strives to move into a “warm
place “.

Do lice live on dyed hair and can they
get started

The risk of infection with lice decreases only in the first 2 - 3 days after staining

Hair dyeing is not a panacea for lice, they also sit on
head The risk of lice infection is reduced only in
the first 2 to 3 days after dyeing: a strong odor,
remaining from hair treatment chemicals
some time can “scare away” the parasites, but as it
weathering, the probability of infection with head lice
is increasing. And the structure of the hair during the first days after
Color changed: nits do not attach to them, and simply fall.

Parasites feed on blood and hairs are used by sexually mature.
females to fasten nits: they highlight a special secret capable
attach the larva to the hair. Thus, lice on stained
curls can start, live and multiply in the same way as on
natural, and the paint in no way interferes with even the removal
new offspring.

Is it possible to cure pediculosis by staining?

Inspection of dyed hair for lice

This question has no definite answer. The fact is that active
components of hair dye – ammonia and hydrogen peroxide –
negatively affect living parasites, killing them, but
even the most aggressive components are powerless before
nits: their protective shell is too strong and not
lends itself to being eroded by a permanent composition.

The only thing paint can do is destroy sticky
the secret by which eggs are attached to the hair, as a result
what nits just begin to fall off the hairs. But even outside the hair
the larvae continue to wait for “their time”, because after the start of life
the new individual the risk that one of the households will become new
“object feed” increases significantly.

Eggs lice only need to be removed.
mechanically, the method of frequent combing hair thick
comb or by hand, literally inspecting and turning over each

The effectiveness of the treatment of pediculosis by means of staining
hair is not more than 75%, and then only if
the disease is not running.

The remaining 25% is a peculiar risk zone that occurs when
the absence of measures to remove nits from the hair: even if in the head
there will be at least one live egg, after some time from it
a live individual will hatch and they will start again.

What paint is suitable for treatment, TOP 3 brands with prices

Paint Estel Deluxe

The main criterion that paint must meet
intended to combat pediculosis – in its composition
must include ammonia and peroxide (hydroxide)
hydrogen. It is these components that destroy the parasite chitin,
paralyzing their respiratory system, causing insects
perish from asphyxia.

A higher percentage of these components contain
cosmetics for lightening and blonding, that is, when choosing a color scheme
preference should be given to light colors of the coloring agent. what
As for the brand, then brands are especially popular lately,
listed below; besides, each of them contains not only
ammonia, and other components designed to protect as much as possible
hair structure

  • Estelle De Luxe Contains guarana extract,
    green tea and keratin complex that support water
    balance, thanks to which the hair becomes soft and silky.
    Estimated price – 275 – 340 rubles for 60 ml.
  • Pallet. The composition includes vegetable oils and
    keratin complex, which slightly compensate for the damage
    Harm to hair from exposure to strong chemicals.
    Approximate price – from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on
    region or store.
  • Garnier Ammonia paint, in addition to ammonia in
    The composition includes vegetable oils and lanolin, which gives hair
    brilliance and smoothness. Estimated price – 90 – 150 rubles.

Sparing bezammiachnaya paint in the fight against lice – absolutely thing
useless: it can only change the color of the insect and make
its less mobile.

Instructions for use of paint against lice, how many times
make up

Putting paint in the fight against lice

  1. To test for allergies: a small amount of paint should be
    apply on the skin behind the ear and wait for 12 hours. If not
    there were no undesirable reactions to the epithelium (redness,
    peeling, itching, rash), then you can safely proceed to
  2. On the shoulders should wear a protective plastic wrap, and
    hands – gloves.
  3. Unwashed hair must be carefully combed, then using
    Brush evenly applied to the hair prepared paint.
  4. On dyed hair, you need to wear a plastic cap, then
    – a towel to create conditions close to the greenhouse.
  5. To maintain the coloring composition on the head for the duration specified in
    instructions time.
  6. Rinse hair thoroughly with plenty of
    running water, then wash them with shampoo.
  7. The final stage – the application of balm.

Clearly, lice will not die from a single staining.
Hair treatment should be done somewhat
time: usually 2 – 3 procedures are required with an interval of 3 – 5
days However, this intensity of staining can cause
significant harm to hair and scalp.

Before you buy paint for painting, you must
pay attention to the expiration date: if it is nearing its end,
then you should not buy the tool, it may not be suitable for
treatment of lice.


When the pediculosis in the running form can not use paint

“Paint” can be carried out by no means all. From drawing
dye on the hair should be refrained from those who:

  • On the surface of the skin under the hair there are sores, pustules,
  • The bite site was transformed into a sore.
  • Pediculosis in a neglected form (there is a huge
    the number of nits and lice).
  • The hair is too loose or exposed to others.
    chemical preparations.
  • Pregnant women and children should look for other less
    harmful ways to destroy parasites.

During or after the staining procedure may develop
undesirable side effects, among which most often
there are allergic reactions (itching, burning of the skin surface),
deterioration of the hair structure (thinning, breakage, exfoliation) or
his loss, the appearance of problems with the scalp (dryness, dandruff,
peeling epithelium).

Alternative methods of getting rid of parasites

Alternatively, you can use hydrogen peroxide

Consider the most popular alternative remedies against

  • Henna. The remedy along with Basma will not get rid of
    head lice, but the proportion of prudent in the use of these drugs is all
    there is. They contain a substance that can destroy
    glue secret, as a result – the louse can not fix the nits on
    hair, and, sooner or later, the brood of parasites will disappear. Besides
    Henna is used to alleviate a person’s condition,
    subjected to an attack by lice: the healing composition will relieve itching from
    bites and inflammations.
  • Hair spray. Some brands of hair spray,
    for example, “Charm”, contains dimethicone, derived from
    silicone, which is part of many protivopedikuleznyh drugs.
    As a result of its impact, lice die from asphyxia almost
    instantly, and nits can’t hatch, because silicone blocks
    inlet. Etching technology is simple: good
    ventilated or outdoor protected face
    cape or polyethylene, must be applied over the entire length
    means for laying, paying special attention to the root zone.
    The next step is to wrap hair in polyethylene and a towel for 8
    hours After the time, the head should be thoroughly washed with
    shampoo, and nits – comb. For one treatment can
    need from 1 to 2 cartridges depending on the length
  • Vinegar. Vinegar fumes make lice
    sedentary and weak, which will easily remove them from the hair.
    Also, vinegar dissolves the sizing agent, thanks to which the larvae
    attached to the hair – they can also be easily removed. If on
    moistened with a solution of vinegar (1 tbsp. 9% per 100 ml of water for children from
    3 years and 1 part vinegar in 2 parts water for adults) put your head on
    plastic hat, the nits will be dry, which means that
    juveniles are not born.
  • Kerosene. The chemical composition of the substance kills
    outright adult individuals, scares the smell of other potential
    “settlers”, peels off the larvae from the hair, which significantly
    facilitates the process of combing nits. It has long been to kill lice
    prepared the following remedy: 1 tbsp. kerosene mixed with 2 tbsp.
    vegetable oil and 30 ml of any shampoo. The mixture is applied to
    wet hair, covered head with plastic and a towel on
    40 minutes after which the hair should be washed first
    a solution of vinegar (1 tbsp. 1 1 l of water), then – flow
  • Hydrogen peroxide is great for lice,
    however, it will keep the larvae alive: their thick shell is not eroded
    drug. However, like previous agents, peroxide destroys
    glue secret, as a result of which nits are easily removed from
    hair. Since hydrogen peroxide is a rather aggressive substance,
    it must be used only in the form of an aqueous solution (part 1
    peroxide into 2 parts of water). Duration of the procedure – 7 – 9

In addition to these substances, traditional medicine recommends in the fight against
pediculosis to resort to the help of Dustov soap, beet juice, fresh
cranberries, vodka or alcohol.

The main ways to combat and prevent pediculosis

The main method of prevention is inspection for lice

Prevent any disease is more logical than later
for a long time trying to get rid of it. therefore
compliance with a number of simple recommendations, albeit not 100%, but
still secure your family:

  • Use an individual comb and towel.
  • Do not put other headgear on your head.
  • Responsible approach in choosing a beauty salon: you need to trust
    those who are characterized by perfection in everything.
  • Try to avoid close contact with unfamiliar heads.
    by people.
  • Regularly (once a week) to inspect the head on the subject
    lice detection.

If the case of infection with pediculosis in the family did occur,
you shouldn’t panic. After the treatment of the head
it is necessary to change the bed linen, wash the clothes of the patient,
iron it, steaming all the things you have contacted
ill Particular attention should be paid to the comb, which he
used: it should be washed and treated with steam.

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