Do you have average hair length? Find out how their fashion lay down!

shoulder-length hairstyleLength
hair at shoulder level, just shoulder length or just below
is the most common. And this is understandable, because such a length –
golden mean between short bold haircuts and luxurious
long curls. Short haircuts are not all love and not all of them
go, but here are long curls, despite the fact that there are very many and
have a huge number of fans, yet it is difficult to grow and
maintain up to standard. That’s why girls choose
middle – shoulder length hair. Today you can meet
a variety of haircuts and hairstyles for shoulder-length hair, let’s
consider some of them.

The fastest styling

The most common styling on the hair to the shoulders is styling with
using curls. This styling has many options.
for example, the easiest is to slightly strand the face near the face with
curling irons or tongs, it is desirable to apply a little mousse on the strands
for fixing. This hairstyle saves you time, because
done in just five minutes. But despite this, your view will be
well maintained and neat.

hairstyle with curls photo 1 hairstyle with curls photo 2 hairstyle with curls photo 3 hair with curls photo 4 hairstyle with curls photo 5 hairstyle with curls photo 6

Large curls and volume

curls on hair shoulder lengthIf a
do you want to build a more voluminous hairstyle with curls, then
use large curlers. For this hairstyle is necessary,
so your hair is just below your shoulders. So wash your hair and
start laying from the roots – comb them as if on the contrary, that is, with
neck to the forehead, it is necessary to give volume. Now
work on your tips before they are dry – wind them on the curlers
and dry them with a hairdryer. After removing the curlers you will get luxurious
large curls and beautiful volume, fix all this beauty with
using lacquer.


bunches of hair - photoUsually girls who have straight
shoulder-length hair, there is a problem – they cannot build
horse’s high tail, because it is on such rather short hair
it looks ridiculous. Although sometimes, for some cases it is quite
acceptable, but about going to work with such a hairstyle can not be
speech. The solution is simple – put your hair in a bun! For this you need
Gather the hair in a low tail and secure with a rubber band. Then twist
tail into a bundle, wrap around the gum and secure with studs.
If the length is still not enough, use a mesh or tape to
hair to put the hair together and hide their lack

Straight hair

square on the hair to the shouldersIf you
the owner of a stylish and trendy square below shoulders, then lay
hair in a strict style. For this you need to perfectly straighten hair with
using forceps and gel. This hairstyle will look best
in the presence of bangs. Bangs can be any – and short and long,
and thick, and not so, the main thing – also ideally straighten it.
The alternative to this hairstyle on hair below the shoulders can be lush,
scattered, slightly wavy bangs against your smooth
straightened hair. It will look very original.


Beautiful hairstyle with weaving – video

Girls who have shoulder-length hair rarely make braid hairstyles,
After all, with such a length, a pigtail is very short, as if
chopped off. But for them there is a great option – to braid
pigtail just along the face like a bezel. It will look very nice
mini-French braid on the contrary. Take a small lock at the temple
and divide it into three parts. Begin to weave braid framing
face like this: the right strand is laid under the middle one, then the left one under
average, while you can take a little loose strand from
remaining hair. The rest of the hair can be slightly curled to
light waves came out, as if emanating from this

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