Does thiogamma help against wrinkles?

Anti-wrinkle Thiogamma – a drug that
is a special solution for the dropper used
as a stand alone lotion or as a component
face masks. Laudatory reviews on the Internet, argue that this
a magical anti-aging product that perfectly smoothes
wrinkles and slows skin aging. There is a mass on the Internet
recipes based on pharmacy thiogamma.

However, for some people, the instinct of self-preservation and common sense
very well developed and they ask some questions. For example,
how effective is the intravenous drug for external
application? Is it justified and safe to use? And how is it
apply to have a good result?

We will try to answer all these questions in this article.


  • What is thiogamma?
  • The active substance and properties of the drug
  • Why use a pharmacy form of thiogamma?
  • Cosmetics are much more effective.
  • Drugstores – not cosmeceuticals
  • What conclusion suggests itself?

What is thiogamma?

Thiogamma is a metabolic agent that is used to
treatment of diabetes and alcoholism. Drug use
guarantees the normalization of carbon and lipid metabolism. is he
produced in the form of injection solution, in tablet form
and in the form of a concentrate. Well restores the metabolism in
patients with diabetes, while it is used in the form of drip

Let’s look at what advantages this
product. Since it is based on alpha lipoic acid
(we will talk about her below), then she performs the following in the body

  • improves metabolic processes;
  • stabilizes blood sugar;
  • normalizes the state of the nervous system;
  • eliminates the effects of intoxication.

In cosmetology, it is used as a drug that
removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin of the face. Drug effect
determine its characteristics:

  1. Antioxidant effects. It is well known that our body
    It is aging because it is oxidized from the inside. To prevent
    this process needs antioxidants that neutralize free
    radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that are formed in
    as a result of aggressive exposure to contaminated
    air, sunlight and tobacco smoke. Alpha Lipoic Acid
    is a good fighter against free radicals. Besides she
    has one distinguishing feature: unlike other antioxidants
    distributed in an aqueous and fatty environment.
  2. Also this substance interferes with gluing collagen.
    fibers and glucose molecules that prevent cell aging

The active substance and properties of the drug

The active ingredient of the drug is alpha-lipoic (ALA)
or thioctic acid (acidum thiocticum). In cosmetics use
Lipoic Acid Form.

Alpha – lipoic acid is well known for its comprehensive
beneficial effects on the body. This substance
is synthesized in our body and has primarily
antioxidant action. But the most important thing is that alpha is lipoic.
acid prevents the process of glycation, which is considered one of
aging factors. This process is characterized by “gluing”
collagen fibrils with sugar (glucose molecules). As a result
collagen fibers lose their orderly structure,
stretch and lose elasticity. The skin becomes flabby on it
wrinkles appear and it is aging rapidly.

In this case, alpha-lipoic acid is truly magical.
the remedy, since, besides preventing the process of glycation,
able to eliminate existing signs of aging and restore
skin elasticity.

However, in this barrel of honey will have to add a spoonful of tar. The thing is
the fact that over the years this substance in the body is becoming
less, because its synthesis slows down with age. How then

Use cosmetics with alpha – lipoic acid, which
presented there in an accessible molecular form. In cosmetic
products it has a synthetic origin. Since her
the molecule is small, it easily penetrates the protective
skin barrier and is used primarily in anti-aging

Why use a pharmacy form of thiogamma?

Indeed, if there is cosmetics with this substance, then why
use a variant from the pharmacy? There are several reasons.

First, it seems to many women that once a product is sold
in the pharmacy, it means that it is more useful and has the best effect. But deal
All that the pharmacy product is intended for intravenous
infusion, that is, it goes directly into the blood and immediately
It has the desired effect on the entire body. That is, then,
what is meant for internal impact cannot be
effective for external use. In other words, pharmacy
unstabilized thiogamma and instantly opening the ampoule
reacts with oxygen, sunlight, piped
water, metals in water, air temperature, etc. As a result
acid is destroyed and does not have the desired effect.

There is another form of cosmetic present.
chemical compound, it is stabilized and provides the desired
us effect.

Secondly, many women, buying a pharmacy product, are trying
to save. Cosmetic composition can have a significant price.
and many can not afford. In the pharmacy, the product is significantly

Third, some people are deeply convinced that production
cosmetic products is a well-established business, based on
which a lot of fakes. If the active substance is the same, then
Why overpay? However, not everything is simple and above all
because this form of acid is intended for intravenous
use, but not for external topical use.

The fact is that the molecules of this chemical compound are very
capricious. They do not like light, water, air, glucose, metals, or
just do not like, and quickly destroyed under their influence. So,
the pharmaceutical form of the substance when applied to the skin will contact with
molecules of these substances and will settle on the skin in the form of complex
compounds. Well, then what is the benefit to the skin? Yes, nothing. To
the substance has a beneficial effect
stabilize, that is, make invulnerable. For that his
encapsulate in special transport microscopic containers:
liposomes and nanoparticles that bring acid inside the skin in
unchanged. In addition, it should be noted that the molecule of this
compounds are very active, it is used in very small doses – not
more than 1%.

So, we can assume that the pharmacy product is no
no beneficial effect on the skin. In connection with
By this I want to say that many women use thiogamma and
Observe a great result. But the placebo effect is nobody
canceled, from a chemical point of view – this is a real dummy, and not
really working means.

Cosmetics are much more effective.

Even doing your best and try to keep all the properties
this substance, the pharmacy is still inferior
cosmetic composition. It is also encapsulated in a cream in order to
so that it does not react with its other ingredients. but
she exists and friends, interacting with whom she “works”
it is better. Therefore, to achieve the desired result, joint
exposure to squalene (a form of carbon), vitamins
antioxidants, selenium, vitamin E, C and coenzyme Q10. So
Thus, the effectiveness of the cream is achieved not so much by the presence of
given substance in it, how much complex interaction
components that together have the best effect.

Very often, charges are brought against cosmetologists that they
guided only by the result and therefore they can be cunning in
some issues. Yes, the result is really needed and important, but
not any valuable. You can even say that the result is needed by all. AT
this article we are not trying to influence the reader or to persuade him
in any direction. We urge to think about some
nuances. After all, if the tool is available, inexpensive and effective, then
why refuse it? However, this is not the case of thiogamma. Product
can be applied to the face, but do not wait for a good effect, it
just won’t.

Drugstores – not cosmeceuticals

Many people identify these two concepts. However this
not at all. Pharmacy products are medicines intended for
solutions to certain medical problems. Cosmeceuticals are
drugs that combine cosmetics and pharmacology. They
characterized by certain advantages, sold in a pharmacy,
but still remain makeup, not medicine. Therefore, pharmacy
goods are a very weak substitute for cosmetic products.

But thiogamma also costs money, and given that
efficiency is zero, then it is wasted money down the drain. She is
cannot replace everyday care, we need drugs for
cleansing, nutrition and hydration, various tonics, emulsions and

Isn’t it better to take a high-quality cosmetic product, where
presented a whole range of nutrients, including this
a connection that will work as efficiently as possible.

What conclusion suggests itself?

So, about the main thing:

  1. Thiogamma – a drug for the treatment of diabetes, active
    the substance of which is alpha-lipoic acid.
  2. It prevents bonding of collagen fibers to molecules.
    glucose, which prevents aging of the skin. Also this substance
    has a powerful antioxidant effect.
  3. Pharmaceutical product based on this substance
    intended for intravenous infusion.
  4. A remedy that is sold in a pharmacy unstabilized, then
    there is at the opening of the ampoule the substance is destroyed by exposure
    oxygen, sunlight, water and temperature.
  5. In the cosmetic composition there is another form of substance
    It is stabilized and intended for outdoor use.
  6. In a cosmetic product contains no more than 1% acid.
  7. Form of substance sold in a pharmacy when applied to the skin
    binds to molecules of other substances and deposits on the skin in the form of
    complex compounds that does not bring any benefit to the skin.
  8. Pharmaceuticals are not able to compete with cosmetic

So, use pharmacy products and say that they
better cosmetic compositions just not serious. Alpha – lipoic
acid is a very effective ingredient that is used in
cosmetology, but there are some nuances and pitfalls, oh
who need to know.

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