Does your new haircut need a bang?

haircuts with bangsMany girls
believe that the bangs do not go to them, and therefore, choosing for themselves a new
haircut, exclude haircut options with bangs. In fact
bangs go to almost everyone, the main thing is to choose the desired shape, thickness and
way of laying. Women’s haircuts with bangs look very stylish and
immediately catch the eye. Today bangs are so relevant that
haircuts without it have an unfinished look. Let’s see what haircuts with
bangs are fashionable in 2013.


Haircuts with straight bangs are very relevant, and any
length – both very long, hiding eyebrows, and short,
far above the eyebrows. Short options straight bangs fine
rejuvenate the face. Straight bangs to the eyebrows – this is a classic, not
losing popularity at all times. This is because,
in fact, such a haircut fits any style and face shape. If a
do you want to give your look a special expressiveness,
love extravagance and attention, you should choose
long straight bangs below the eyebrows, up to the eyelashes. But
be prepared for the fact that it can disturb you in everyday
life, climb into the eyes and even cause irritation.


This season is especially popular haircuts with asymmetrical bangs.
And if earlier it was especially fashionable to make a bang “triangle”, then
Today, a somewhat different asymmetry is relevant – the “beveled edge”,
it is longer at one end and shorter at the other.
It can be done in a freer, more democratic style if
make graduated, torn. And you can cut it smoothly
and lay down clearly – then the hairstyle will look more formal and
neatly. For this hairstyle will need a little more daily
time for styling. But it’s worth it – you just will not stay


Haircuts with oblique bangs – another trend in 2013. She is beautiful
suitable for girls with the wrong proportions of the face, but
chubby is better to choose another option. She is very good
looks asymmetrical bob haircut. With such a haircut back hair
they are cut off shorter than in front, where elongated strands are left.
This hairstyle helps its owner to attract
extra attention, it is bright, stylish and practical. One more
its plus is that the asymmetrical bob can easily be redone into
Classic, when you want to change again.


haircuts with bangsThis kind of bangs
great for extravagant haircuts, as well as for various
cascades and multilayer.

Most often, torn or graded bangs are made for short
hair – so they look much more spectacular and more appropriate. Huge
plus the fact that they can not be laid, thereby increasing
negligence effect. And if you want to make a special emphasis on
graduation, it is enough to use the modeling gel, and
It does not take you much time.


Short bangs attracts attention not less than
long. It will look very impressive and contrast on
hairstyles with long hair. For example, you can make it a bit
rounded, and the ends of the hair curl inward – so they will
“call” with each other. You can make a short bang and
absolutely straight, stretching it with an iron. If you do the same with
hair over the entire length, it will turn out very harmoniously. Unfortunately,
girls with low forehead should refuse such types of bangs and
choose other options.

Unusual options

With the help of bangs, you can add extravagance and
individuality. For example, there are different kinds
accented bangs. In such haircuts, the hair on the back of the head makes
very short, but the bang is obtained deliberately long. She needs
Ideal to straighten, lay and put on its side. And you can do
layered, fluffy bangs on the background of short straight hair. Highly
unusual look bangs with elongated strands. As a rule, their
do on the basis of straight haircuts. From the overall neatly trimmed
a number of straight bangs let go of several thin strands on the face. Usually
this is done from the side, so that these, as it were, randomly outgoing locks do not
strongly interfered with their owner.

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