Does zinc ointment for acne help?

Zinc ointment for acne is known medicine since the last century and
widely used to this day. The problem of acne in adolescents
and young people are always relevant, so science is in
constant search for new drugs that would help in solving
this issue. Inflammation of the sebaceous glands, in which
hair follicles are involved, brings physical and aesthetic
inconvenience to its owners. For better performance in
modern anti acne and blackheads add synthetic
components made on a chemical basis. When a person
stops using a certain cream or lotion, acne
appear again with even greater intensity. Drugs with
by adding zinc made on a natural basis. They are not
addictive and with regular use eliminate even
the most problematic inflammations.


  • Read more about zinc
  • Properties of the ointment with the addition of zinc
  • Rules for applying the ointment

Read more about zinc

Zinc paste for acne is not only effective
a remedy for acne, but also takes good care of the skin. By itself
Zinc is important for the human body. It has many functions assigned to it.
It activates enzyme activity, speeds up the metabolism
skin. Thanks to the coordinated work of this element with biological
regenerating catalysts occur in the cells
reducing reactions.

Zinc ointment

Zinc contains 20% of all enzymes that are necessary for
maintaining water balance and the formation of new dermal cells. By
For this reason, many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies
Include this ingredient in acne treatments. Despite the great
the variety of drugs on offer continues to be the most
use salicylic zinc paste. The advantage of this ointment
is that it can be purchased at any pharmacy at affordable prices.
price Petroleum jelly base prevents the skin to dry out, expands
pores and promotes deeper penetration of zinc.

After a month of regular use of the ointment can be noticed
significant changes in the appearance of the face and internal sensation. Have
some possible complete disappearance of acne, while
for others, only a slight decrease in inflammation is found.
The result depends on the form and causes of acne. If factors
provoking inflammation, lie in the body itself, the wrong
nutritional or hormonal dysfunction, then zinc ointment for acne
will relieve symptoms for a while, but does not eliminate the cause of them

Properties of the ointment with the addition of zinc

Zinc-based drugs are so helpful and effective at
restoring the skin that they are prescribed even to babies. To the main
beneficial properties possessed by salicy-zinc paste,
include the following characteristics:

  • disinfection of the skin;
  • regulation of the separation of fat and sweat through the sebaceous glands;
  • removal of inflammatory processes;
  • drying of purulent acne;
  • fast regeneration;
  • the absence of scars after the healing of deep acne;
  • increase the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis;
  • removal of irritable processes;
  • elimination of dryness and peeling.

The drug is completely safe. It can be used in any
age and in all conditions. Pregnant women can also
use zinc for acne. It does not carry any threat as for
baby and mother.

The ointment is very effective in dermatitis, eczema, cuts, burns,
bedsores and other physical and mechanical skin lesions. Her
may be prescribed as an accompanying remedy for herpes or ulcers.
But you should carefully use this drug if the patient is sick.
psoriasis. In this case, other mechanisms are involved, the reason
which zinc can not remove, so before using
consultation of the doctor is necessary.

Rules for applying the ointment

In order for the tool to have maximum efficiency,
use it wisely.

Knowing the basic rules for using zinc paste, you can quickly
get rid of unwanted skin rashes.

Rational use implies such

  1. Apply the ointment is necessary on fresh cleansed skin. Makeup and
    any other cosmetics should be completely
  2. This ointment may react with other substances. Her
    can not be used as a base for makeup, as this
    will cause subcutaneous pimples and boils.
  3. It is allowed to treat a person with this drug no more than five.
    once a day. At the same time, you can apply the ointment as a separate pimple,
    so on the whole face.
  4. Contact with eyes and mouth should be strictly avoided.
    Contact with mucous membranes may cause damage to the ointment.
    the skin or upper layer of the mucous membrane.
  5. Regular use. Only with systematic use
    a positive result is not long in coming.

It should also be borne in mind that the effect depends not only on
cosmetic products for external use, but also on the diet. By that
who wants to get rid of acne, doctors recommend to use less
fat, high-calorie, flour, spicy and salty. Instead of this
must be preferred greens, beans, eggs and dairy

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