Double hair coloring: popular methods and technology

Double staining gives girls new sensations.
There are various variations and techniques of execution. For
obtaining a harmonious or extravagant appearance can
used white and black or other bright shades of the palette.

double black and white coloring

Each type of hair dye in 2 colors has its own
features, advantages and disadvantages, but is unique in its own way and
unique Girls when choosing is recommended to consider
own shade of hair and skin.

In the absence of special skills, it is better to trust the experienced
to the stylist. Many equipment – salon and require for
a certain level of skill.

Fashionable hair coloring

  • 1 What is double hair coloring
    • 1.1 When applied and suited to
    • 1.2 Pros and cons of staining
    • 1.3 Price in the cabin and at home
  • 2 Methods of staining
    • 2.1 Horizontal method
    • 2.2 Vertical
  • 3 For short hair
  • 4 For medium hair
  • 5 For long
  • 6 The best combinations of two colors
  • 7 Basic Styles
  • 8 What are the names of such painting?
    • 8.1 Highlighting
    • 8.2 Balayazh
    • 8.3 Mazhimesh
    • 8.4 Shatush
    • 8.5 Coloring
    • 8.6 Ombre
    • 8.7 Booking
    • 8.8 3D coloring

What is double hair coloring

Hair dyeing in two colors – a popular method of transformation.
It allows you to create contrasting, original hairstyles with
using paint of dark and light tones. it
the ability to give the strands an extraordinarily beautiful look, and the appearance –

Double hair coloring

Stylists offer the most popular painting options.
For example, in black and white with the arrangement of the same color
– on top, on the other – on the bottom of the head of hair with soft gradient

Tip! If you want to get extravagant appearance
girls can use other natural shades (light brown,
coffee, wheat, chocolate, pink, purple or blue).

This video shows fashionable double hair coloring.

When applied and suited to

Two-tone hair coloring is an excellent choice for many
owners curls or straight curls of any length, which

  • give shine to dim strands, and hair –
  • increase the volume;
  • slightly or radically change the image;
  • shade native natural hair color;
  • smooth out the mistakes of early colors. For example,
    Disguise the bad color scheme.

Contraindications to the use of this type of staining:

  • dye allergy;
  • damaged, weak curls with split ends.
    It is recommended to cure them first.

The pros and cons of staining

Coloring in two shades

Painting technique in 2 shades – universal:

  • gently and carefully affects strands;
  • does not need correction up to 4 months in a row;
  • gives a sustainable effect, as it does not affect the roots;
  • visually increases the amount of strands, gives shine and
    shine curls, and the image – freshness and youth;
  • corrects the shape of the face;
  • radically changes the image.


  • restrictions on the use of color palette for
    blondes and brown-haired, because coarse double color can
    to harm;
  • problematic return to the previous shade when applying
    fanciful tones;
  • the complexity of the production of certain types of painting at home;
  • high cost of salon procedures;
  • the need for thorough care painted
    the tips of the strands;
  • the presence of a number of contraindications for one or another

Price in the cabin and at home

Coloring in the salon

The cost of salon procedures depends entirely on:

  • paint quality;
  • length of curls;
  • equipment (armoring, shatush, balazhezh expensive, unlike
    simple highlighting);
  • professionalism of the stylist, hairdresser.

The average price in Moscow, St. Petersburg – from 3500 rubles. and up to
12 000 rub.

Staining methods

Methods of staining

Stylists offer several types of coloring strands in 2

  • mazhish;
  • highlighting;
  • booking;
  • shatush;
  • balayazh;
  • coloring;
  • ombre;
  • screen coloring.

All methods have their advantages and disadvantages.
Before you make a choice, it is worth deciding which one is more

Horizontal method

It consists in a horizontal division of curls into 3 extensive
stripes. Dark color is selected for the basal part, clarified –
for the rest of the hair to give a burnout effect


horizontal, vertical coloration

Strands are painted in turn vertically, with shades
many can be used – up to 2 dozen (watch
a photo).

For short hair

It is easy to perform dyeing short hair in two colors with
techniques shatush, balayazh, when not needed sharp transitions.

short hair double coloring

On short squares, bob is better suited to ombra,
painting, highlighting, creative painting, color drawings
or a combination of blond with pink, purple and chocolate tones.

double coloring on short hair

For medium hair

Trendy double dyeing for medium hair can
get by resorting to highlighting. Mixing black and white
or red tones with black shades will give hairstyle
contrast. If you want a better natural solution
look at the techniques ombre, shatush.

double coloring on medium hair


For long

Best ways:

  • shatush, visually increases strands in volume;
  • brondirovaniye is suitable for blondes, owners
    golden curls;
  • Stencil – an unusual look for bright personalities. Presents
    a re-creation of brindle or black and white painting by coloring
    individual strands.

in two colors

The best combination of two colors

Combination of two colors

Optimal tones to achieve harmonious blonding –
honey, gold.

To create an American coloring coloring
red palette (rosehip, burgundy, ruby, ripe cherry) and
red (gold, red clay, orange sunset).

Successful combinations at the sight of colorists:

  • chestnut – copper;
  • violet – blue;
  • White black;
  • red – black;
  • dark chocolate – caramel;
  • ashen – light brown;
  • platinum – black.

When choosing the optimal shades, experts advise
Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • eye and skin color;
  • hair structure and hairstyle length;
  • type of face.

Ombre on blonde hair

If you consider your own color type, then the best will be

  • for winter girls – dark blond, ashen;
  • for summer – light brown, ash, platinum;
  • for spring – brown, honey, golden,
    dark red;
  • for autumn – the most intense and deep tones for
    underscore the dignity of their appearance (bright red,
    chestnut, copper).

Basic styles

Every girl today can choose for themselves the best
staining technique with contrast or clear transitions
tones, considering the type of face and the desired effect. Main

  • horizontal – with horizontal staining lines;
  • vertical – using different colors for individual
  • screen – using a pattern of drawings when
  • zonal – with the shading of a specific area, such as temples
    on the head;
  • figured – with painting on a shaved nape.


What are the names of such painting?

Popular techniques and styles for coloring in two colors:

  1. Shatush.
  2. Reservation.
  3. Balayazh.
  4. Mazhimesh.
  5. Ombre.


Hair highlights

This method involves painting the hair over the entire length. Coloring
The pigment should be identical with the native hair color.
The main component of the paint is wax. Ammonia
missing. Suitable for blondes to lighten up to 1-2 tones,
to get a golden tone.

If the locks are dark, then the chaotic method will be optimal.
painting in two colors for brunettes – Venetian highlighting.

Reference! Highlights are great for dark
hair. When choosing a color, it is worth considering that bright transitions and
shades can visually increase the age.



Balayazh – dyeing hair in two colors with the combination of elements
coloring and highlighting. Suitable for owners
wavy dark long hair. The essence of the technique: dark
Part of the strands do not touch, and tinted (brighten) the tips, causing
paint horizontal strokes.

Highlighting of the middle part is allowed (in this case dark
do not touch the root zone). Technique involves
use bright colors. The resulting curls
Should be overflowed with artificial light or solar

This video shows a double dyeing of hair in a red color in
technique balajazh.


Sparing type of ammonia-free bleaching
wax based. Suitable for blonde girls wishing
to update a hairdress, having added it with different shades.


Technique with two colors, imitation of burnt hair throughout
length or directly tips. It reminds highlighting, but
foil when carrying out is not used. The method is open, i.e.
held in the open air. Eliminates unsuccessful early
coloring, corrects the contours of the haircut, gives the effect
burnt hair.


The peculiarity of the technique is a smooth transition from clarified
tips to darkened crown. To give hair
volume can be dyed strands in a chaotic manner or in depth
haircuts Shades are used various: natural,


Method using from 2-3 to 20 shades with full or
partial staining of individual strands. For contrasting
shades and create a beautiful effect apply
tonics and professional paints with lighting.


Coloring and Ombre

Transverse coloring technique. Classic option
versions (white and dark) – clarified tips + dark
the roots. Many women of fashion prefer to do the opposite: top paint
light, the tips – dark.

Reference! This method looks advantageous on
wavy hair.


The method involves the maximum clarification of hair in two colors for
blondes, creating a unique shade, but close to
natural. To give your hair a genuine depth perfect
combines brown with light shades.
Booking is suitable for blondes and girls with golden blond


3D coloring

The method is ideal for fashionistas who want to increase hair in volume.
Light and dark shades of paint are used for carrying, but
the difference between them on the strands should be
invisible, blurred. 3D coloring adds

Important! At home, such staining
difficult to perform. This is an exclusive salon procedure.

Different technologies of double staining are known, therefore
it is often not easy to make a choice. Worth coming from
individual features. If the hair is thin and straight,
then the ideal options – shatush, brondirovanie, highlighting.

3d coloring

If you wish to preserve the health of the strands, it is better to give preference.
sparing technique mazhimesh. Young girls fit balayazh and ombre,
adult women – brondirovanie, easy highlighting,
smooth degradation.

When choosing warm and cold colors for painting tips or
strands over the entire length should take into account the color type of the exterior. For
selection of the winning palette must proceed from the natural color
hair and skin tone.

Many techniques of double staining – saloon
procedures, therefore in the absence of special skills it is better
confide in an experienced stylist.

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