Double highlighting – what it is, photo before and after how much it costs, how to do and care after the procedure

Changing your image drastically is so feminine! Each
girl dreams to experiment with your hair, because
Hair coloring or haircut greatly changes the appearance.

If a woman doesn’t want to hurt her hair much,
double staining is the best
decision. This type of staining will refresh your appearance and
make the hair volume. Double highlighting of hair

The word “highlighting” is translated from English as
“mixing”. This technique paints only part of the hair, and
most remain intact.

By the way, highlighting solves some problems: improves the structure
soft and unruly curls, eliminates oily hair.

A technique such as double highlighting is very suitable.
many: for almost any hair color and length. Besides
of this, it refreshes and rejuvenates the face, makes a richer color
palette, both dyed and natural hair.

What is double highlighting?

The content of the article:

  • What is double highlighting?
  • Who is not recommended to do this procedure
  • Highlighting on light, dark and light brown hair
  • How long can do double highlighting?
  • How is highlighting done?
  • The difference of double highlighting from the classic.
  • How much does double highlighting cost?
  • Recommendations for the care of melirovanny hair.

The essence of this type of staining is that
part of the hair is lightened with strands of different sizes.
Strands can be taken both from the roots and retreating from
of them. The level of clarification depends on the primary color.

This technique is suitable for any age.
For example, young people can choose brighter and sharper transitions, and
older women better to choose smooth transitions.

There are many advantages of double highlighting: you can easily hide it
gray hair and rejuvenate your face, you can refresh your hair and emphasize
beauty of hair. This is the quickest and most gentle way to change your
form. girl with double highlighting

IMPORTANT! Who has hair prone to breakage and dryness,
then this staining technique is not recommended. Also worth
note that the procedure takes several hours of work. Where
going to do a double highlighting? DomaV salon

Who is not recommended to do this procedure

  • Whose hair is painted black or very dark color;
  • Who has hair painted with henna;
  • Who has straightened hair keratin or made chemical
  • Pregnant women and women during lactation.

Henna for hair

Highlighting on light, dark and light brown hair

Girls whose hair is naturally light in color
canvas to create a new image! Double highlighting as
can not by the way suitable for blonde. Thanks to the smooth
the transition of colors, coloring will give a finished and neat
the image for hair, the hairdress will look visually more volume. And so
how the shade of paint changes only by a few tones, then this
It is considered a gentle hair dye. blonde hair

Make highlighting on dark hair a little more difficult, so
Like the strand, you have to begin to discolor, and you know it
carries a kind of harm. But if the color will be you
professional, nothing terrible will happen.

Modern beauty industry allows you to dye hair of any
colors, without much harm to them. Meaning double
highlighting on dark hair is to discolor
as many thin strands as possible, and then tint them.
dark hair

Double highlighting is best for thin
hair, the owners of which are often blond
young ladies Highlighting to brown hair has a number
advantages: the technology will give shine to hair, the regrown roots are not
will be evident, perfectly hide gray hair. Highlighting on
blond hair will look as natural as possible
pick the right shades. fair-haired

How long can do double highlighting?

Double highlighting can be made to any length
hair. For short haircuts, dyeing is made easier.
Total. Highlight long curls difficult and long work, better
just do this procedure in the cabin with a professional. Beautiful hair

This type of highlighting is performed in two contrasting colors.
Strands are selectively painted in a light and dark shade of one
type You can also select only individual areas on
hair – side strands at the crown or tips.

How is highlighting done?

Double highlighting can be done at home,
the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

highlighting process

The process of double highlighting consists of 5 steps:

  1. At the very beginning of work it is necessary to divide the hair into
    several pieces – from four to eight, as you like.
    Fix hair with hairpins so that it is comfortable in each part.
    get a strand of hair.
  2. Strictly according to the instructions mix the ingredients of your
    paints. Coloring can begin with any zone. Strand
    pull out gently with the comb.
  3. The dyed strand must be wrapped in
    foil and folded as an envelope so that it cannot
    to open up.
  4. Strands can be taken both from the roots and departing from
    of them. The coloring technique depends on the final
  5. Hold the hair in the paint for as long as
    indicated in the instructions. Usually, it takes about 40 minutes.
    Also depends on the hair color, blond, for example, are painted
    faster than the dark. To control the degree of color strands, you can
    by unfolding the foil.

Remember that before dyeing the hair, the head is best
wash a few days. Since they are used in highlighting
bleaching pigments, the hair needs to be made different
firming masks.

The difference of double highlighting from the classic.

Classical highlighting is performed either with foil or with
special hat. Strands stained over the entire length and one
thickness. Classic highlighting doesn’t look as natural as
double, because the strands are painted strictly in one color. differences

How much does double highlighting cost?

The price of this type of dyeing, of course, depends on the hair itself.
It depends on how long and thick. If you exercise
procedure in the cabin, the master himself will count how much
need paint in grams.

Also, the price depends on the region and city. Most expensive in price
costing thick and long hair, as the paint goes longer and
it takes a lot of time to work. cost

The average price of highlighting for short hair in the salon
beauty costs about 1,200 rubles, while in normal
hair salon about 600-1000 rubles.

Highlighting the average length of hair will cost about
2000-3000 rubles, in small cities – for
1500 rub.

For long hair can request from 2500-5000

No matter where you do the hair coloring, the most
the main thing that the master was an experienced professional. Study
carefully his work and only then trust your hair. Save
here it is not necessary, otherwise you can only harm the hair.


Recommendations for the care of melirovanny hair.

Any coloring is a kind of shock for the hair, so after these
procedures hair requires special care. Must be purchased
special shampoo and hair balm, best in
specialty store. There are such shampoos,
which remove yellowness after lightening hair.
hair wash

It is also useful for the hair to make decoctions of herbs for
rinsing. Strengthen your hair with different masks,
both store and natural products, for example, kefir
or honey. Also pay attention to the condition of the hair ends. They
usually suffer the most after highlighting. Here you can
use special oils.

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