Drugs from gray hair

In the XXI century, a lot of research in medicine and
cosmetology, including with respect to gray hair. Stop
further development of gray hair can be helped by treatment and medicines
which now will be discussed.

Medical remedies for hair

! IMPORTANT The use of drugs is prohibited without
general laboratory studies, analyzes and consultations with
a doctor!

TOP 6 popular medical remedies against gray hair

The content of the article:

  • TOP 6 popular medical remedies against gray hair
  • Vitamins and minerals for hair
  • Vitamin complexes and tablet preparations from gray hair
  • Therapeutic shampoos from gray hair
  • Video on how to dye your hair with natural
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Consider the most popular and effective medication.
medications that can help combat gray hair:

  1. Magnesium sulfate (magnesia). 25% solution for

Magnesium sulfate

One of the root causes of gray hair is pathology.
cardiovascular system, such as increased arterial
pressure. Hypertension can be caused not only
atherosclerosis of the arteries, but also by spasm of the vessels, including
nourishing hair follicles.

Due to malnutrition pigment-forming die
cells – melanocytes, which is accompanied by “bleaching” of the hair.
Magnesia has a pronounced vasodilating effect,
which improves hair trophism and prevents further development
gray hair

Price – 60 rubles.

  1. Reparex from gray hair

ReparexReparex is a cosmetic remedy
from gray hair without the need for hair coloring. Created
beauticians-pharmacists from Slovakia. The main effect of the drug
aimed at restoring biological processes that will return
natural shade of hair. The manufacturer claims that Reparex
made from natural ingredients, therefore it is harmless
for good health.

Price – 2110 rubles.

Composition means Reparex:

  • G-reductase. Under the influence of this enzyme
    melanin is stained in the desired color;
  • Lapis (monovalent silver nitrate).
    Neutralizes the pathological oxidative processes;
  • Rosemary acid. Possesses
    antioxidant properties that do not occur
    re-bleaching hair;
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).
    Helps to stop hair loss and also stimulates
    melanin formation;
  • Ricinoleic acid. Also strengthens hair and
    prevents their loss;
  • Sea salt. It is a natural mineral

Apply the lotion on slightly moistened hair evenly.
layer and then rub carefully into the hair roots. After waiting in
Within 5 minutes you need to dry your head with a hair dryer.

Reparex should be used daily for 14-21
of the day Next to keep the effect continue to use
his weekly 1-2 times a week.

REFERENCE. Since the needs of men’s hair and
women in different substances are different, cosmetologists have developed
separate forms of Reparex for men and women.

  1. Antisilverin from gray hair

Antisilverin or antisedin – a complex drug,
affecting mainly melanin production. Additionally
Antisedin helps in the fight against dandruff, strengthens hair, makes them
smooth, soft and less brittle. Antisilverin enough
distributed in pharmacy networks of Russia and Belarus.

IMPORTANT. Many people who buy this product think
that after the first application of gray hair noticeably disappear. However this
not so, because Antisedin is not hair dye. To receive
The clinical effect must be used regularly.
Antisilverin not less than 20 days.

Price – 534 rubles.

  1. Stopseed

StopsedinSpray Stopsed also aims to increase the synthesis
melanin and improvement of metabolic processes. All this is achieved
thanks to the active components of the spray:

  • Vitamin B7 (biotin). Is a substance
    activating many enzyme compounds due to which
    fatty acid and leucine are exchanged. Without it hair lose
    its color. Thanks to the spray, Stopsedin is filled in by his
    insufficient amount in the scalp;

REFERENCE. In various sources of information
it can be found that biotin is also referred to as vitamin H.
this with the saying Haar und Haut, which means “hair and

  • Amla oil. It consists of many
    vitamins, minerals and organic compounds that have
    antioxidant effect, as well as improve blood circulation in the skin
    head, which improves the trophism of hair follicles. Thereby
    hair begins to grow with new force, increasing synthesis
    dye pigment and hair gradually acquire its
    natural color;
  • Vitamin B8. Its main function is
    protector Using the action of vitamin cell membranes less
    exposed to stress hormones – norepinephrine and
    adrenaline, which helps prevent hair color loss;
  • L-tyrosine – an amino acid that has
    aromatic structure. It partly regulates the synthesis of stress
    hormones and also directly involved in the formation of

Before using Stopsedin, shake the bottle thoroughly, and
then sprayed on the hair. Then carefully rub it into the skin with
using massage movements. After massage for a uniform
spread hair carefully combed. Duration
application is selected individually.

ATTENTION! Allergic reactions are possible.

Price – 990 rubles.

Feedback on the drug

  1. Grecian 2000

GretsianA distinctive feature of this lotion is that
that it does not affect the hair follicles, but already
gray hair The tool does not require tedious
massage application on the skin. It is enough just to drip on
Grecian 2000 gray hair and comb it to some moisture.
The lotion is suitable for all shades of hair from coal black to very
light Hair color returns gradually, within 14-21
of the day

Price – 945 rubles.

  1. Dimexide

DimeksidDimexide is a drug with excellent
antioxidant protection, so it is perfect for graying
hair. Dimexide is sold in the form of a powder from which it is prepared
solution for external use. Dimexidum solution is used as
in isolation and in combination with other drugs in the form of masks
on the hair.

Price – 65 rubles.

Vitamins and minerals for hair

An important factor in the violation of various metabolic processes and
synthesis of substances (including melanin pigment) are
avitaminosis and insufficient content of various ions. What kind
vitamins need to take?

Vitamin B12, zinc and

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

CyanocobalaminThe exact effect of vitamin B12 on melanin synthesis
not learned. However, the important effects of cyanocobalamin are
neurotropic. Also, when avitaminosis B12 develops pathology
blood systems – B12-deficient anemia. It can be assumed that when
this disease, there is a lack of nutrition of hair
bulbs, which leads to insufficient pigment formation
melanin and further bloom. At the initial stages of development this
anemia does not manifest itself.

ATTENTION. Despite the fact that the exact mechanism
effect of vitamin B12 on gray hair is unknown, scientists have proven
that people getting insufficient vitamin
(vegetarians, people with Crohn’s disease, resected stomach and
other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, in which there is insufficient
suction B12), turn white much earlier than people receiving
enough cyanocobalamin.

For the prevention of further graying need several times
per year prick vitamin B12 course for 10 days. Daily need to prick
1 ampoule 1 time per day intramuscularly.

Also, do not neglect products rich in data
substance. Basically, a large amount of it is found in meat
products, however, a considerable amount of it is contained in milk.

Price – 35 rubles.



Zinc is a constituent element in many enzymes,
involved in the physiological and biochemical processes of the body.
It is noted that when zinc deficiency occurs in the body
many failures, including the appearance of gray strands.
You can compensate for the lack of metal by taking various
mineral complexes.


When thyroid dysfunction is also observed
premature gray hair. You can avoid it by taking iodine-containing
drugs (iodomarin and others) that make up for the deficiency
iodine. Recovery of thyroid function may also help. For
It is necessary to refer to

Vitamin complexes and tablet preparations from gray hair

In the 21st century, it is not necessary to fill the shortage of any
vitamins and minerals separately, because special
vitamin complexes.



This multivitamin complex contains 11 vitamins and 9
minerals, among which are important for hair color B12, zinc,
as well as vitamins with antioxidant protection.

Price – 313 rubles.



Multivitamin complex Pentovit contains 5 vitamins,
necessary for the proper functioning of the body as a whole and
scalp in particular, which also contributes to preventive
measures against graying hair.

Price – 137 rubles.

Paba Vitamins from Now Foods

This is nothing more than a dietary supplement.
to food containing various vitamins, and in particular
para-aminobenzoic acid (vitamin B10), which is powerful

Price – 780 rubles.

Melan Plus

With this tool, blood circulation is restored.
vessels and capillaries, skin pores expand, exchange improves
substances and keloid structure of the epithelium. In the process of regeneration
of hair follicles melanin flow is restored –
a substance that restores the natural color of gray hair.
Gray hair is removed from the hair roots as they grow. Visually this
The process is observed after 3-4 months from the beginning of use.
complex Melan Plus.

Price – 2749 rubles.

Therapeutic shampoos from gray hair

Among the popular shampoos that received positive feedback

  1. TianDe “Master Herb” shampoo

This shampoo is well suited for both sexes. Main effects
are as follows:

  • Improves trophism hair follicles;
  • Stimulates hair growth;
  • Enhances the formation of pigment;
  • Protects the scalp from dandruff.

People using this shampoo on a systematic basis
satisfied with the result. A gradual return has been noted
natural color without the use of tint balsams and paints
for hair.

IMPORTANT. Many believe that the decrease in loss
hair is a complete cessation. This is not true. Hair too
their lifespan and, dying off, fall out, thereby giving rise to new,
strong hair. The normal loss is up to 200 hairs per day.
Therefore, having seen some lost hair on a comb, it is not necessary
immediately run to a dermatologist or a beautician.

  1. Shampoo for a fair and gray hair Color Obsessed So

Color Obsessed So Silver ShampooThis shampoo produced
by Matrix, is tinted. According to the manufacturer, he
corrects hair shade, removes “yellowness” and gray hair,
making hair more beautiful. However, according to consumers,
shampoo most spoiled hair. Everybody knows that many
Blond hair-dyes make hair dry and brittle. TO
Unfortunately, this shampoo was no exception.

In addition, if you have increased hair loss,
We present you a rating of the most useful anti-bald shampoos
for women and men.

There are many means to save a person from this

  1. Popular anti-graying cosmetics
  2. Folk remedies
  3. Paints

First of all, you should consult a trichologist for
identifying the causes and selecting the right treatment.

If you decide to resort to the help of cosmetics,
It is important to know how to dye gray hair and pick

Video on how to dye your hair with natural


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