Ducray Squanorm Shampoo Dry and Oily dandruff

Dykrey shampoo line against dry and oily dandruff is very
well proven in the market for clinical remedies
with dandruff.

Unlike most similar more budget products.
mass market is designed not only to eliminate
dandruff (which is only a symptom), but also fights against
the root cause of its occurrence. Duckray

Mushrooms of the genus Malassezia and seborrhea are the main enemies
shampoo. Despite such a difficult task,
it does not have any dramatically negative effect on the skin, and
quite the opposite.

Restores the natural balance of the scalp,
moisturizes it and eliminates inflammatory processes. Moreover,
all this is achieved without harm for painted

Tool overview

The content of the article:

  • Tool overview
  • The composition and use of components, as shampoo acts
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Cost of
  • Where is more profitable to buy?
  • Instructions for use
  • Effect after application, photo before and after
  • Means analogues
  • Conclusion

Dukray shampoos have a nice package with a discreet
by design. We immediately see that this is a serious specialized
product, not just a popular mass brand.

The option for oily dandruff is sold in clear bottles and
has a moderately thick consistency of the color of the diluted juice
lemon and mint.

The smell also reminds lemonade with hints of lime and mint,
which makes it enjoyable to use. means of gray teeth

In many reviews, people compare shampoo with a remedy for
burns or ice compress – so effectively he fights
itching and irritation.

Ducray is sold in only 200 bottles
ml. Let such a small amount not perplex you.

The shampoo foams very well and is easy to apply.
hair surface. As a rule, upon completion of the course
there is still quite a lot that allows you to use
it as a prophylactic for some time.

The bottle for dry dandruff is opaque. Liquid
very thick, it is even a little difficult to squeeze, but, nevertheless,
easy to apply and enough for a long time.

The composition and use of components, as shampoo acts

These components should pay attention! If a
something from the list previously caused you to be allergic, then from the application
need to abstain before consulting a doctor or a beautician.
There were no similar cases for product reviews,
but caution is not superfluous.

Micronized selenium sulfide allows
shampoo effectively and quickly fight dandruff, eliminating not only
falling out, but also resistant scales. Its most important property is
eliminate the underlying causes of dandruff. Enjoyable
the complement will be the sheen and volume of hair immediately after the first

  • Ichthyol is a specific ingredient in shampoo
    which should eliminate irritation and inflammation of the scalp.
  • Piroctone olamine – a component that also
    affects the underlying cause of dandruff, namely, mushrooms
    of the Malassezia genus.
  • Guanidine glycolate – keratolytic
    component that aims to consolidate the effect of previous
    components and does not allow the appearance of new scales dandruff.
  • Oil with palm sabal extract – this
    the component must regulate the amount of sebaceous glands and
    Do not allow excessive moisture to the hair. Active remedy against
  • Bisabolol and natural shale distillate –
    additional funds for relieving itching and calming the skin.
  • Salicylic acid – has
    resistance to persistent scales.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • enough for a long time;
  • dandruff disappears after 1-2 applications;
  • hair becomes healthy after 1-2 applications;
  • smells good;
  • The declared result lasts quite a long time.

dry hair


  • some users dry their hair heavily in the middle
    course (very rare). It should be alternated with moisturizers.

Indications and contraindications

Ducrey Shampoo is designed to combat oily and dry
dandruff The reasons for its appearance can be: stress,
hormonal disruptions, aggressive treatment drugs, inappropriate
hair care products, seasonal imbalances in the body.
These factors can cause reproduction.
fungus of the genus Malassezia furfur. It causes itching and
inflammation, strongly irritates the skin. head

As a result, one of the species begins to appear on the head.

  • Oily dandruff – different from dry large
    scales and yellow tint. They have a dense texture and
    greasy to the touch. Due to associated increased secretion from sebaceous
    glands, scales tend to stick to the skin. Usual
    shampoo does not take them at all.
  • Dry dandruff – not accompanied by elevated
    the release of fat, so crumbles into small scales grayish
    shade and falls on the shoulders.

Squanorm shampoo is also great for
effective fight against seasonal, fledgling and passing dandruff,
which appears due to the heating season or improper

Independent addition to the composition of essential oils with
antifungal effect. These can be oils of peppermint, bay, laurel and
eucalyptus. If you are hypersensitive to these
components should not be used at all.

Cost of

In stores Duure official distributors cost
product ranges from 750 to 850 rubles. This is undoubtedly
more expensive than most mass market shampoos, but do not forget
that Skanorm is a healing shampoo with a pronounced effect and
sparing composition. If you use it according to the instructions, then
A bottle of 200 ml is enough for almost 3 months.
Given these factors, the price can be considered absolutely acceptable.

Where is more profitable to buy?

On the manufacturer’s website declared a list of official
Ducare company distributors. Consider the cost of shampoo
squam on each of them.

Ozon.ru – 839 rubles excluding
delivery. The possibility of delivery to any region of Russia, as well as to
some neighboring republics. In some regions (for example, Crimea)
shipping cost a lot of money.

Eapteka.ru – 720 rubles without
shipping accounting. The cheapest option presented.

Apteka.ru – 840 rubles.

Pharmacosmetica.ru – 779

Piluli.ru – 720 rubles.

So, the leaders among the manufacturers recommended distributors
steel shops Eapteka.ru and Piluli.ru, where
the fixed cost of the product without discounts is
only 720 rubles.

If you have time or discount advantages in
other stores, then use them. It is possible that,
for example, Wildberries is building another sale, on which
get a shampoo with a big discount. But dandruff comes
always without warning, so you can not run it.

One of the stores represented will certainly deliver
product to your region. Otherwise it is worth contacting
licensed pharmacies and cosmetics stores in your city.

Instructions for use

For dry skin

First you need to wet your head well, and
then apply shampoo while massaging the skin. Followed by
apply another shampoo on the hair and give it 2-3 minutes for
effective action.

After the time, the shampoo should be washed off with copious amounts
water. The recommended course involves the use of
funds 2-3 times a week for at least 6 weeks.
As an intermediate cleanser recommended
the use of shampoo-conditioner “Elusion” (fr. – Elution) of
ruler manufacturer “Ducrey”. applying shampoo

For oily skin

Shampoo for oily skin is applied to the scalp with the same
in a way that is dry. The product should also be applied twice and
wash off after 2-3 minutes of effective action on
skin You can use no more than 3 times a week for
minimum 6 weeks. After treatment and between
using Skwanorm shampoo will be helpful
use shampoo-conditioner “Elusion” (Fr. –
elution) from the Ducrey manufacturer line. AT
case of deterioration of the situation at any stage of shampoo use
should consult a doctor or authorized distributor

Effect after application, photo before and after

Clinical studies and reviews of thousands of customers “Swanorm”
show that most users have shampoo after
first-second use there is a sharp decrease or complete
dandruff removal. The tool increases the visual volume
hair, and also gives them a natural shine and greatly simplifies
their interaction with the comb. effect from the use of Ducrey effect from the use of Ducrey effect from the use of Ducrey effect from the use of Ducrey

Afraid for dyed hair is not worth it. Of cases
No color damage was recorded. Even if you wash your hair without
conditioner, the scalp will be able to soothe and eliminate itching
after 1-2 washing. Due to the special refreshing
The components of the shampoo are very pleasant to use. He really
brings a feeling of relief to irritated skin.

Even with obvious symptoms of seborrhea, this remedy relieves
itching and inflammation. Dandruff in some cases disappears not
immediately, but this is not a reason to stop the course ahead of time.

Means analogues

Shampoo Analogs:

  1. Ducray Kelual DS – Another Dandruff Product
    from the manufacturer. This tool is not completely identical.
    It has a stronger effect, so consider it.
    it is worth only in cases of running chronic forms of seborrhea.
    The tool is suitable for both the beginning of the fight against chronic dandruff and
    itching, and to prevent relapse. Cost of
    hovers around 800 rubles. Ducray Kelual DS
  2. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Scalp Therapy Deep
    Cleansing Shampoo – softer analogue of
    professional line of shampoos. Suitable for daily
    deep cleansing of all types of hair. This option is not only
    will relieve from fat content for a day, but will also remove all cosmetic surpluses
    means and oils. Consumption is somewhat higher than Ducare, but
    the cost is accordingly lower – around 600 rubles.
    Schwarzkopf Professional BC
  3. La Roche Posay Kerium DS – let’s start right away with
    cost. On average, for 1200 rubles the manufacturer offers
    a small bottle of 125 ml. Let it not scare. By
    economy shampoo can compete with Ducre and has
    strong accumulative effect. After the course of dandruff shampoo
    there will be about 3 more weeks. La Roche Posay Kerium DS
  4. Klorane Soothing shampoo with extract
    peony is a fairly cheap product of therapeutic action (about
    400 rubles), which will help with mild forms of dandruff, as well as
    will have a great auxiliary effect when using more
    powerful tools. This option will protect the skin from drying out and
    add healthy shine and volume to hair. Klorane Soothing Peony Shampoo

If you want to see the full list of pharmaceutical shampoos
anti-dandruff (and not only), welcome to our special
an article.


This dandruff shampoo has a fairly gentle effect and in
most cases do not lead to drying of the hair.

It is advisable to alternate with any other soft, sulfate-free.
shampoo, so as not to overdry the hair and achieve the effect
declared by the manufacturer.

The rest of the price / quality ratio fully justifies
yourself The versatility of the shampoo is not limitless, but
it can be safely supplemented with auxiliary means from the ruler
manufacturer or something more suitable in the individual
situations. Beautiful girl hair

Never forget about caution and not
use too much shampoo.
Excellent feedback and availability of a stronger counterpart from the manufacturer
gives hope that any, even the most neglected dandruff can
to overcome

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