Dustov soap against lice – how to use, pros and cons means

Pediculosis is a parasitic disease that affects the skin and
scalp and provokes a number of unpleasant symptoms.

For the treatment of the disease using various means, as
pharmaceutical and folk. One of the popular methods available is
This is a dust soap. Dustov soap lice

Dustov soap from lice and nits – composition and method of application

The content of the article:

  • Dustov soap from lice and nits – composition and method of application
  • How much to keep dust on the head from lice
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Where to buy and average cost
  • Forms of release and alternative use of dust
  • Pros and cons of dust in the fight against pediculosis
  • Other folk remedies against lice

The basis of the composition of dust soap are derivatives of phenol and
alkali, saponified with oils. It also contains vegetable or
animal fats, an indicator of which, depending on the technology may
make up 65, 70 or 72%.

The insecticidal property of the agent is provided by dust or
dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethylmethane (DDT). This substance in the composition
Soap contains only 5%, but this is enough for
extermination of parasites already for one application. Dust
affects adult lice and detrimental effect on nits, destroying them
cocoon. Dustov soap

IMPORTANT! Insecticide can be harmful
influence not only on parasites, but also on humans, therefore the means
need to use caution.

Dustov soap is used like special shampoos.
Instructions for its use are as follows.
in the following way:

  • The soap should be chopped and whipped in a container.
  • Apply the foam product to the hair and scalp.
  • Then the head must be wrapped with polyethylene or put on
  • Keep the soap you need a maximum of half an hour.
  • Then the head is washed with the usual shampoo several times.
  • After that you need to remove insects using a special
    scallop with frequent teeth.

CrestTo prevent hair from drying out after
Dust soap is recommended to apply balm.

Usually one application of soap is enough to eliminate
parasites. If no results were achieved, for
post-processing is better to use less aggressive

Can DDT use soap for children?

Do not use dust soap for children
recommended. This is due to its toxic properties.
For kids, it’s better to look for safer alternatives.

Effect of use on dogs and cats

Dustov soap can be used in the fight against fleas and
other parasites in domestic animals. Required
use a special collar that will protect the animal from
getting the drug in the eyes, mouth and ears.

The use of dust for the animal is carried out according to the following

  • Large pelvis need about half fill with warm water.
    You can also use the bathroom.
  • The pet is fitted with a protective collar. Must be placed
    it in the water and wet the wool.
  • Dust soap lather the entire body of the animal except
  • Foam should be left for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then the tool is washed off. It is better to do this several times.
  • The animal must be dried with a towel.

Dust soap for dogs and cats

IMPORTANT! After the procedure, the pet must be withdrawn to
air, so that the body is cleared of toxins faster. If a
maybe give him some fresh milk.

How much to keep dust on the head from lice

You can hold on to your head in soap suds for up to half an hour. Exceed
this time is impossible. If the remedy causes severe burning and
tingling, wash it off before. on the head

Contraindications and precautions

Douste is a highly toxic substance, therefore it is contraindicated
children, pregnant and lactating women. Do not use it
people with poor health and chronic diseases.

Dustov soap is strictly prohibited
asthmatics – a sharp smell will instantly lead to an attack
choking. Also contraindications include dermatitis and
allergic reactions. asthma

ATTENTION! Before the treatment, the hair needs
make sure that there are no open wounds or scratches on the skin.

The absorption of a poisonous component by the blood can lead to
poisoning. The lethal dose of DDT is 3 g per kilogram of weight.
Intoxication can also occur with significantly less

Due to the presence of alkali in the composition of the drug may
provoke dryness and irritation of the scalp. With
the accumulation in the body of a poisonous substance is possible following

  • malfunctions in the functioning of the brain;
  • disorders of the brain;
  • gene mutations;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • nervous and autonomic disorders.

During pregnancy, dust can provoke
fetal death of the fetus. Pregnancy

Insecticide is able to accumulate in the body. He almost
does not split and is not displayed, which can lead to powerful
intoxication manifested by the following symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • nausea;
  • headaches;
  • respiratory disorders;
  • allergic reaction;
  • muscle cramps.

headachesIf after the use of dust soap arose
at least one symptom of poisoning, you need to immediately turn to
a specialist.

When using dust soap you need to stick
The following precautions:

  • It is recommended that the head of the patient with pediculosis
    handled by someone else. Handler need to wear
    goggles, respirator and rubber gloves.
  • The patient during the entire session should keep his mouth and
    eyes closed.
  • If discomfort occurs, wash the soap

Precautionary measuresDustov soap is not suitable for
regular use. Only one time is allowed.
application. For repeated procedures use less aggressive.

Where to buy and average cost

Dustov soap can be bought for 30-60 rubles. Bar can
weigh 40 or 65 grams. Today’s toxic drug
practically do not produce, so find it in pharmacies or
supermarkets hard. Can be purchased insecticide in
pet shops or online.

Forms of release and alternative use of dust

To combat parasites, you can only use dust soap.
This is done extremely carefully with all security measures.

Dust with water for lice

Dust soap is always wet before application.
water This is necessary to make it foam. Foam need
apply on all hair. Dust with water from lice

If any part of them that has not been processed remains
larvae of parasites, then a few days later relapse will begin

Dust powder

In no case should dust powder be applied to
head This will lead to dangerous consequences and provoke
severe intoxication. Dust in powder form

Pros and cons of dust in the fight against pediculosis

Now dust soap is not used so actively, but in the past
For centuries, it has been one of the main ways to combat parasites.
The main advantage of the tool is its effectiveness.

Doust helps to get rid of parasites in just one procedure,
that far from all pharmacy tools. Also from the pros
low cost of funds.

Despite this, the product has several disadvantages.
disadvantages of dust

These include its toxicity and strong sharp
odor, which requires more than one hour to weather.
In addition, the remedy has many contraindications, and it can
provoke poisoning.

There is also a negative impact of dust soap on
hair. After its application they become dry,
dull and brittle. It is therefore necessary to provide strands reinforced

Did the louse soap help you? Yes

Other folk remedies against lice

People are known for other means to help cope with
parasites. Many of them are safer than dust soap,
therefore, can be used as its alternative.

Alcohol (vodka)

One of the popular folk methods of treatment of pediculosis –
use of vodka or alcohol. They can not be applied in pure form,
otherwise burns may occur. Alcohol is an antiseptic, so
contributes to the destruction of adult insects. Alcohol

But at the same time it does not act on nits and is contraindicated
children Alcohol should be kept on the head
for half an hour, pre-warmed head.

Tar soap

Tar soap has antiseptic properties,
therefore helps in the fight against parasites. Besides their
scary smell. You need to soap your head with soap and hold it under
polyethylene cap for 2-3 hours. After this soap is necessary
wash and comb the hair. Tar soap


Kerosene helps to eliminate parasites, but it is very
aggressive means. It needs to be bred vegetable
oil in proportions 10: 1 – in its pure form, the composition is not used.

The tool must be kept for two hours, head wrapped
polyethylene and a towel. After that, the hair is washed and
combed out.


Cranberry juice helps to cope with nits, eating off the shell
and destroying the germ. It should be applied within 10-15 days.
cranberry juice

Tea tree oil

Tea oil is an effective antiseptic that promotes
death of parasites. It is not used in its pure form – its
must be used with a light base oil (almond, jojoba,
peach, apricot, etc.). Tea tree oil

The oils are mixed in a ratio of 1: 2, then the mixture is applied to the skin.
head and distributed along the length of the hair. Keep the composition under
polyethylene need at least two hours. The procedure must be repeated in
for three days. In the future, tea oil can be used once
per week for prevention.

Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide cleaves a protective chitinous layer of parasites and
causes them a chemical burn. Parasites do not die from it,
but combing them will be much easier. For treatment you need to take
peroxide 1.5%. peroxide

If she has a three percent concentration, she needs
dilute with water in equal proportions. Means is applied on
the scalp and the roots remain for 8-10 minutes, then carefully
it is washed away, and parasites are removed by a comb.


Vinegar fights both lice and nits. But
it can cause a burn, so it needs to be diluted with water
(1: 1 for apple vinegar and 1: 2 for nine percent).
Vinegar treatment

The mixture is applied only to the hair, without affecting the scalp.
Keep it up to half an hour, then wash your head and
comb out

Laundry soap

Laundry soap – an effective antiseptic. It is not
only fights parasites, but also helps relieve itching.
It is applied like tar soap: it is applied on the head and
remains under the cap for half an hour. But the tool gives clear results
not earlier than in a week, therefore it is rather additional than
the main thing. laundry soap

All folk methods should be applied with caution. it
Especially for dust soap.

Despite its effectiveness, the remedy is toxic and may
lead to serious negative consequences. If it was decided
choose to eliminate parasites it is important to consider all
contraindications and precautions.

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