Dyed hair: care, nutrition and maintain

You said you left your dyed hair in your bed
a cat that she scratched your back through a down jacket — yes, I, too,
it did not believe until the dog on my neck hickey left

Today, one of the most common procedures is
staining procedure. When coloring, hit on
curls of various chemicals that act negatively
both on the hair itself and on its bulb, and, accordingly, on

dyed hair To prevent the deterioration of their condition
and prevent destruction, special care should be taken
for dyed hair.

A few short tips to help in the care

The content of the article:

  • A few short tips to help in the care
  • Folk hair care products
  • Hair Nutrition
  • BONUS: How to choose a paint?

There are many tips for preserving dyed hair, the same goes for
gray and dark, but it is worth paying attention to the ways that
in fact, are universal in this matter.

  1. Constant clipping of the tips will favorably affect the structure.
    scalp. This procedure will allow you to do
    they are more obedient and keep them from tangling, which will allow
    prevent falling out during laying.

  2. It is worth limiting water procedures using shampoo for
    of them. Shampoos, most often, dry the scalp and hair, which is
    source of negative effect. Do not wash
    shampoo hair unnecessarily.

  3. You should get a comb with rare teeth, which
    combing after bathing.

  4. Long and hard to rub your hair, if they are wet, should not be. it
    lead to increased fragility. Carefully blot them.
    after washing.

These simple tips will help you in the care, you can save
structure, prevent brittleness and mitigate the harmful effects
paint chemicals.

Folk hair care products

One of the best choices for hair care after dyeing,
there will be folk remedies. Folk remedies have natural
the basis therefore will carry the maximum benefit for gray-haired painted
hair, because they are the most fragile of all. Similar
Ways will suit all dyed hair, they are universal and not
require special effort.

spring girl Favorably affect the structure
scalp and on the scalp using yolks eggs. For
preparing a similar solution, you should break one chicken egg
in a bowl and pour it with warm water. At the same time, you should follow
so that the yolk is not curled, constantly stirring it.

yolk hair mask

Such a solution will strengthen the structure, prevent their drying,
as well as, will interfere with the cross section of the tips. After application
Balsam worth the wait a few minutes for what would be a solution
imbibed. Rinse it with running water.

Chamomile decoction is well suited for dyed hair care
blond They need to rinse their hair after washing.

camomile hair mask

Such a tool is not only popular, but also the most
effective in the care of light colored hair. On
today, in a similar way of leaving many stars,
surprising beauty of their curls. Various remedies with extract
Chamomile also fit.

In addition, in the recovery of foam used the same eggs.
[toggle title = “Egg Foam Mask Recipe”]

  • Beat yolks 2-4 eggs, the amount depends on the length of the curls
  • After that, the solution is applied to the hair and scalp. Curls
    follows, as if, to wash with this solution.
  • To enhance the effect, it is worth doing a similar procedure 3 times.
    for the bathing session.
  • Rinse with warm water, because hot water
    promotes coagulation of the yolk.


Along with this, you can add a spoonful of lemon juice in
solution. This balm will help strengthen the structure of the hair
cover, make them more flexible, and lemon juice will supply them
essential vitamins. [/ toggle]

Hair Nutrition

Vitamin A It gives shine and freshness, saturates with color.
Vitamin B Carries protection function, helping to maintain the brightness of color
Vitamin E Protective element, reduces brittleness, increasing elasticity
Vitamin F Fills with moisture and supports lipid balance
Panthenol Contributes to retention of moisture in the hair, as well as, makes them
softer and more obedient
Vitamin H (Biotin) Promotes the production of collagen fibers and stimulates
Keratin Prevents further damage if damaged while filling
imperfections in the hair structure

This table shows the value of various vitamins and substances.
for the structure of the scalp. Selection of funds based on
This classification will help you save hair, and if not
neutralize, then reduce the effect of chemicals,
contained in the dye, on the skin of the head and the structure of its hair

This is especially important when caring for painted
gray hair. Gray hair requires increased care and
purchase of special balms and shampoos, concentration
vitamins which are much higher.

White hair These are specialized tools. Separately,
It is worth paying attention to the oils and complexes in which
Shea butter, almond, argan or jojoba oil is present. These oils
will help strengthen hair, improve blood circulation of the head,
contribute to their growth and saturation of the pigment.

When choosing a hair dye, or based on the fact of coloring,
pay attention to other products of the brand, which paint
You have enjoyed. Most often, a separate line of funds is provided.
for the care of dyed hair. These funds contribute to
preservation of color, fixing paint elements on the hair and
mitigate their destructive action.

dark hair

For example, when caring for dyed dark
hair should be used with the addition of
cocoa butter extract, hazelnut or chestnut, with a mandatory
the content of vitamins E, A.

Such formulations should be used within two weeks,
after which, you can go to the usual means of caring for
hair, given the recommendations above, which will help make care
for your hair more productive and efficient.

BONUS: How to choose a paint?

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