Dyeing hair without dye – natural and harmless hair color change

blonde hairAlmost all
Modern paints detrimental effect on the hair structure. AND
It does not matter whether ammonia is included or not. Those who
worried about the health of their hair, a good alternative will be
paint without paint, which is easily done at home
using ordinary natural products. We will tell you how
dye your hair without dye so that you get the desired color and
keep a beautiful view of your hair.

What’s the secret?

How to dye hair without dye at home,
few know. But, there are enough ways to do this,
so that every girl could pick them up for herself. Process
the preparation of the coloring composition is very simple, because for painting
hair used decoctions of different plants. So natural
dye does not harm the hair, but rather strengthens it,
makes strong and shiny.

The disadvantage of this staining method is that it does not give
significant change in hair color, and the resulting shade is very
quickly washed off. But on the other hand, these features can
turn into benefits. With the help of decoctions you can improve your
natural hair color, making it more saturated and deep.
In addition, if the color for some reason does not suit you, you are easy
You can get rid of it, as it is quickly washed off.

Coloring blond hair

coloring blond hairBlonde hair is the perfect material for
dyeing with natural dyes, as they allow
get more different shades.

Golden shade. To prepare the paint, pour 150 g
dry chamomile with boiling water (about 500 ml) and let it infuse 15
minutes After this time, put the solution on the fire and let it
boil, then strain and add to it lemon juice and any
butter. The resulting composition is applied to wet hair and hold until
complete drying of hair. Then wash your hair with warm water, but without

Straw yellow shade. Make hair beautiful
straw yellow will help rhubarb. For this dry
chopped rhubarb root need to be poured with water and boiled over a fire
about 20 minutes. Then the resulting decoction must be rubbed into the clean and
dry hair.

Light blond shade. As in the previous recipe, the main
The ingredients here are also rhubarb. For paint preparation
150 g of crushed rhubarb (dry) must be poured in half
liters of white wine. The solution must be boiled on the fire, until
half the liquid will evaporate. Then ready composition
filtered and applied to the hair.

Painting red hair

dyeing red hairDyeing decoction will make
natural ginger color more vivid and saturated. If you
hair color
simple recipes for the preparation of the coloring composition.

Bright golden hue. To make your red hair golden
shade, make tincture of onion peel. To do this, take
200 g of onion peel and fill it with a liter of boiling water. Next solution is needed
insist on a water bath for about 20 minutes. After this
time, the composition of the need to strain and apply to the hair.

Reddish orange shade. Onion Husk may also produce
rich red-orange color, but for this you need to boil it.
First pour 50 g of husk with a glass of hot water and boil it on
low heat about 20 minutes. Cooked onion decoction
strain, and then rub it into the hair.

Reddish brown. Give hair
Reddish brown color will help simple Chinese tea. Fill 3
spoons of tea leaves with a glass of water and boil it for 20 minutes. Ready
Apply tea decoction to your hair, hold for half an hour and rinse.

Dark hair coloring

dark hair coloringDark hair is very limited
the use of natural dyes, decoctions, but give them more
You will get rich shades with the help of special recipes.

Brown shade. Make natural brown color more
deep and saturated help linden. Take about 5 spoons
chopped linden (leaves and twigs) and fill them with two glasses
water. Then put the mixture on the fire and boil until the liquid is
evaporated by half. Apply a decoction of lime to the hair.

Chestnut shade. Deeper chestnut color
gives linden mixed with nettle leaves and oak bark. For
the preparation of the coloring composition of a glass of a dry mixture of plants
pour a liter of water and boil for about an hour on low heat. AT
the result should be a strong decoction that will need
strain and apply on hair.

Using these simple recipes, drastically change the color of your
shag may not work, but you can emphasize
natural shade of their hair. In addition, decoctions of plants
make sure your hair stays healthy,
beautiful and strong!

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