Each bride – by hairstyle, or what hairstyle do for a wedding?

wedding hairstyles Perhaps in
preparing the wedding image of the bride one of the most difficult tasks
is the choice of hairstyle. This is due to the fact that everyone else
components (dress, accessories, etc.) a girl can measure
in unlimited quantities, but with a hairstyle in this sense
more difficult. Of course, wedding hairstyles need to be “rehearsed”, but
still, you should at least approximately decide
what hairstyle do you want To this end, you will have to reconsider not
one site and look through more than one catalog of wedding hairstyles.
Let us dwell on some of the nuances that are worth knowing when choosing
hairstyle for the wedding.


Since the choice of hairstyle is usually done after
the choice of dress, the style of the image will be already defined, and you will be
it is clear in which direction to work. It is very important to withstand
the style of the image, that is, choose a dress of the same style,
shoes, jewelry and, of course, hair. Go through the main styles
in wedding dresses and hairstyles.

Classics of the genre

Classic style implies a high hairstyle. Usually all
hair is removed from the face and rises to the top, where they are constructed of
various designs of curls, beams and accessories.
A classic look is sure to need a veil or tiara. Various
flowers and hairpins with rhinestones should also be present in the hair.
Sometimes produce a couple of strands near the face and some of them.
knock down.


Romantic wedding hairstyles for the bride filled with tenderness.
Most often, the hair is either completely dissolved or only removed.
partially. For this style are very important curls and flowers, but everything should
be very soft and sweet: light waves on the hair, small
jewelry on the head. Most often, brides who choose this style
do without a veil, replacing it with fresh flowers or uneven

Greek style

Today dresses in Greek style are rapidly gaining
popularity. Therefore, hairstyles in this style are highly in demand.
The main advantage of this wedding hairstyle is that it is pretty
simple, and you can do it yourself. Enough for that
parting, put on the tape and gradually curl curls
under her. You can use both braids and harnesses, as long as all
looked organically.

Back to the past, or retro style in hairstyles

Now it is very fashionable to hold a wedding in the retro style of the 20s, 30s
or 50s of the last century. Therefore, the demand for those hairstyles
times is growing steadily. Their main feature is minimal
the number of accessories, and somewhere even their absence.
For example, with short hair, make waves of hair and dress
hoop that fits under the dress. Long hair is also attached
waviness and leave loose, and the decorations here can
not to be at all.

Folk charm

This style is called folk or folk. Not difficult
guess that the basis in such hairstyles – braids, in their very different
performance. Very good to use a variety of weaving,
right up to frilly. Can make one braid – bulk french
or “fishtail”, and you can make a lot of braids, interlaced
between themselves. Beautiful accessories will give this hairstyle even more

Avant-garde for the brave

The most original wedding hairstyles belong to this
style Brides wishing to stand out and impress
surrounding, of course, will choose a hairstyle in the avant-garde style. Here
a variety of accessories from feathers, exotic flowers and
unimaginable hair clips. Very often such hairstyles are made from short
haircuts. Needless to say that the veil, in its classical sense,
here will be just inappropriate. Is that its counterpart in the form of a short

What can you do yourself?

wedding hairstyles To many
brides want to do their hair with their own hands. Main cause
such a desire is, of course, saving, but sometimes girls
just want to show their own imagination and brag later
this in front of the guests. Whatever it is, do your hair without help
barber is quite possible. Of course, it is better to choose options
simpler. For example, romantic and greek are perfect.
styles or retro hairstyle. All girls can make beautiful
curls and fasten them with wedding accessories – here is the flight
fantasy is unlimited.

The simplest options

Divide hair into small strands centimeter, starting from
forehead. Twist each strand into a bundle, but not along the entire length of the hair, but
just to the crown. There fasten them with festive hairpins or
studs with rhinestones. Give hair light ends
waviness and secure them with a strong hold lacquer.

The French braid, on the contrary, is an excellent option for
self-execution. Separate three small strands and
start weaving a braid. Every extreme strand need to start under
neighboring, thereby creating the effect of an inverted spit. Gradually
add strands of loose hair until they are completely gone.
It will be very effective to finish weaving in the middle, fasten
beautiful hairpin, and from the remaining hair to make curls.

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