Ease of use and efficiency natural kefir in the composition of masks

Kefir contains such beneficial substances as lactic acid
sticks, vitamins of group B and E, and also calcium, protein, yeast.
Kefir hair mask solves the following problems: increased
brittleness, dryness, split ends, slow growth of strands.

The girl drinks kefir Kefir is credited with brightening action,
Therefore, it is better not to use masks based on it for painted
dark hair color. It washes away the coloring pigment from the hair dye
it will quickly wash off, the hairstyle will acquire an unsightly dull color.
Regular use of kefir masks allows you to make strands
silky, obedient, strong.

What is kefir for hair useful?

The content of the article:

  • What is kefir for hair useful?
  • Rules for the use of masks
  • Best masks
  • Video! Cooking mask for hair with kefir
  • Protection. It creates a film that protects the hair structure from
    environmental aggression, including dirt, dust,
  • Nutrition. Kefir nourishes the skin and hair with all necessary
  • Cleansing. Removes horny particles from the scalp,
    free from free radicals.
  • Activates hair growth, prevents the appearance of gray hair
    due to the presence of niacin, vitamin PP and B3.
  • Vitamin B12 accelerates blood circulation, hair
    begin to grow rapidly, stop falling out, dandruff is eliminated
    and split ends.
  • Security. Practically no contraindications, except
    lactose intolerance.

Rules for the use of masks

  1. It is necessary to use only homemade natural kefir.

  2. For oily hair, you should take a one percent product, for
    normal – 2.5%, for dry – the highest fat content (6%).

  3. Before applying kefir should be slightly heated.

  4. Depending on the problem to be solved, the composition is applied to the tips.
    curls rubbed into the head.

  5. Put a mask on slightly wet curls.

  6. Cover hair with polyethylene to create a greenhouse.

  7. Masks hold for half an hour, and if not in the composition of aggressive
    components (cognac, mustard), you can withstand two

  8. Remove the composition with warm water and shampoo.

  9. The full course is usually 10 procedures, once every 5 days.

The table shows the main ingredients that can
enhance the effectiveness of kefir mask
Component Useful properties for hair
Cocoa It gives shine, fresh, radiant look.
Broths of nettle, hop, chamomile, sage + cedar essential oils,
ylang-ylang, mandarin, cinnamon
Strengthen blood circulation, make hair grow
more intense.
Beer, yolk, honey, mayonnaise, nettle, linden, sandalwood, jojoba. Moisturize, ideal for dry hair.
Dry mustard, potato starch, whipped protein or
soaked black bread crumb.
Normalize sebum production, cleanse hair.
Lemon juice Lightening action
Yeast Strengthen hair, prevent hair loss.
Henna Restores damaged curls.
Yolk + burdock oil Moisturize, restore, nourish, eliminate splitters
the tips.

Best masks

For growth

Butter Kefir helps strands grow faster. For this you need to
4 tablespoons kefir add one spoonful of butter.
Carefully rub the resulting mass into the scalp, and the remaining
Distribute quantity carefully by strands. Create heat
effect for half an hour and wash your hair as usual. In order to get rid of
kefir smell, you must use a conditioner. Highly
damaged hair will keep bad smell enough

For dry strands

Olive oil You should mix kefir and olive oil in
proportions 3: 1, hammered egg yolk into the mixture. Mask put on
hair, warm them and in an hour you can wash your hair.

For hair that gets dirty quickly and starts messy
to look like

Mustard The following recipe will do. In a glass of kefir should
stir a tablespoon of mustard powder. To add flavor
mask you can add the essential oil of lemon, grapefruit or
bergamot You should also hammer the yolk, add a teaspoon
honey and butter almond. Apply the composition to the hair, insulate them on
half an hour. Such a mask slightly dries the strands.

Simple mask with egg and kefir

Eggs Restores and moisturizes the curls, prevents them
falling out makes it more alive. If you apply this mask once in
week, the result will show up very soon. Must be mixed
a glass of kefir and chicken egg. The resulting composition is applied to the hair,
heat them for 30 minutes.

Honey – Kefir

Honey Will help solve the problem of slow hair growth
proven kefir mask with the addition of yeast and honey. In half
cups of kefir should be diluted 20 grams of yeast and add
a spoonful of honey. When yeast starts to bubble, you need to rub
composition in the scalp and leave for half an hour. Carry out the procedure
should be within 10 days.

For volume

Yolk Grind the yolk with a tablespoon of cinnamon and fine
trickle into a slightly heated kefir. Massage movements
rub into the head. The mask is left for half an hour and washed off as

With blue clay

Blue clay Suitable for mixed and normal types.
hair. Strengthens the bulbs, gives silkiness, volume and has
restorative action. All you need is to pour it in half
glasses of kefir a tablespoon of blue clay powder, all
stir thoroughly to avoid lumps and carefully
rub into the head.


Oatmeal for hair Carefully looks after and feeds dry,
damaged hair. You need to mix the oatmeal flour and kefir to
turned thick gruel, add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise or
melted butter. You can add to the mask pulp
banana, melon and then she will acquire more and toning

IMPORTANT! In order not to be disappointed in the kefir mask
it is necessary to strictly observe the recipe, do not mix everything, not
Determine by eye proportions.

Thus, kefir itself is an excellent remedy, which
the most positive effect on the curls. However, if you add
a couple of ingredients, you can increase its effect several times and
eliminate almost any problem of hair and scalp.

Video! Cooking mask for hair with kefir

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