Ecovolum – review of the procedure, photos, reviews, prices

Hair of any type often lacks volume due to
which transforms the state and appearance of the head of hair:
Curls become well-groomed and look very impressive. For
giving the curls such an effect on a long-term basis, you can
use a procedure called ecovolum.

What is Ecowolum, history of origin

The content of the article:

  • What is Ecowolum, history of origin
  • Pros and cons of this procedure
  • Indications and contraindications. Pregnancy and Ecolumum
  • Photos before and after, the effectiveness of the procedure
  • Technology of the procedure. Phased instruction
  • Means and necessary composition for Ecowolum
  • Ecowolum at home
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Reviews
  • Price in the cabin
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can add volume to the head of hair with the help of
simple pile during drying and blow-dry,
however, this method is quite harmful with frequent
application, besides it takes quite a long time, and
the effect, in turn, is usually very short-lived.

If the curls need to add volume for a long
time, forgetting about all kinds of bouffant and other traumatic
strands tricks you can resort to the procedure
Ecovolum girl with lush hair

This method is a modern way of giving
curls volume at the roots, which applies to any type
shag This procedure is due to the need to give
hair volume and shine without aggressive chemical components
and harmful drying components. The risks here are reduced to
due to the safe, mild composition of the active substance and
the most forms of exposure to strands.

An additional advantage of Ecowolum is the elimination
excessive fat of locks that will allow locks to look
fresh and clean for a long time.
Accordingly, the problem of frequent washing of the head disappears.

Pros and cons of this procedure

The main positive effect of such a procedure
is, first of all, the lifting of curls from the roots, which
looks natural and natural. In addition, this method has
many additional benefits.


  • gives shine and healthy shine;
  • slightly “smoothes” the hair scales, due to
    which eliminates the problem of fragility and secularity;
  • slightly dries curls that especially
    useful for oily hair;
  • facilitates combing and styling;
  • with regrowth, elevation smoothly disappears naturally
    by, without requiring special adjustments;
  • lasting volume effect that holds
    about four months;
  • this method does not affect the color of the strands;
  • safety and delicate impact by
    compared to other similar procedures.

shiny hair

However, it is necessary to take into account some negative
features of Ecowolum.


  • probability of dryness, stiffness or loss
    hair. Curls are processed by chemical composition, which,
    although it has a mild effect, it can cause some
    side effects;
  • peculiar smell during the procedure or on
    during a short time after it;
  • sometimes small creases appear at the attachment site
    special hairpins;
  • in the first days the volume is very strong,
    which may look a bit unusual.

dry hair

Despite the possible presence of some negative phenomena,
Ecowolum occupies an honorable place among modern
hairdressing procedures to give a curl of elation,
grooming and shine.

Indications and contraindications. Pregnancy and Ecolumum

Indications for this procedure are determined individually, after
consultation with the master. Independently, you can select some
key points that may be indications for

  • insufficient amount of strands at the roots;
  • hair confusion and disobedience;
  • the lifelessness and dullness of the hair;
  • fast salting and tendency to fat content;
  • frequent use of a hair dryer or permanent styling with a pile.

hair dryer

Contraindications often depend on the characteristics
body structure of the hair and scalp. Also has
sensitivity to components and substances in the composition with
applying a special solution.

The main contraindications:

  • very dry curls, especially over dried or damaged
    unsuccessful staining;
  • hair loss;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • any injury to the scalp: scratches, cuts, irritation;
  • idiosyncrasy of any substances used
    during this procedure.

consultation with a doctor

Pregnancy is not a clear contraindication to
Ecowolum because there are no particularly dangerous and
potent ingredients however recommended
consult with a specialist before starting this
procedures. If the pregnancy is difficult or
state of health leaves much to be desired, creation of basal volume
worth some time to postpone.

Photos before and after, the effectiveness of the procedure

Efficiency and results directly depend on professionalism.
master, the quality of his work and the means used. Besides,
the length of the curls matters also. Although Ecowolum can
hold on all types of hair, work with medium length hair
most convenient and easier, and on a short hairstyle the result will be
most noticeable.

  • on short hair. Short length like
    it is usually easiest to comb it to the required volume, however, if
    strands themselves are too thin and prone to rapid contamination,
    this method of radical ascent will be kept only for
    two or three hours. Bottom-volume procedure will lead the hair
    in order, creating the necessary volume at the roots and gives curls
    fresh, lively look. Important: up to 10 centimeters long Ecowolum
    do not succeed; Short hair
  • on curls of medium length. Ideal length for
    carrying out this procedure is average, to the blades. Shag such
    lengths are easily volumetric, and the result will be fixed
    for a long time. The view is very spectacular and natural. middle length
  • for long. Long hairstyle is pretty hard
    raise, in addition, the length will constantly pull the curls down that
    may adversely affect their maintenance in an elevated state
    at the roots. However, in the hands of a skilled professional master
    long curls will be voluminous, fluffy and visually thicker.
    long hair

The effect of such a technique, if properly executed, will remain
over time – up to several months. Piling
curls will cease to be a problem and will take only a couple
minutes, and the volume itself will stand firmly even

Technology of the procedure. Phased instruction

The technology and method of carrying out the procedure called ecovolum
almost identical for any type of curls and for any length.
Individually calculated only the time of the event and
some adjustments in the composition of the solution used.

The procedure consists of three parts: preparation of the hair,
direct exposure to it with special
devices and tools, and the subsequent purification and drying.

Technology and step-by-step instruction:

  • preparation: shampooing mild cleansing
    means selected for a specific type of hair and lung
    Drying with a heat gun;
  • carefully combing the curls and highlighting the individual
    strands for work. Strands should be of medium thickness;
  • stabbing strands with special pincers
    corrugation. Stabbing is done closer to the roots;
  • application of professional composition for basal
    volume on curls. Drawing is made through hairpins,
    through special holes in them;
  • waiting for 30-50 minutes (time
    set individually for each, depending on the type
    hair and their length);
  • flushing the solution with a simple soft
  • removing pins and one more washing
  • gentle drying with a standard hair dryer
    way, slightly lifting the strands at the roots.

The volume in this case is achieved by the smallest
corrugation of hair, which is usually not noticeable to look,
however, it is very effective to provide bulk by
lifting the strands at the roots.

Means and necessary composition for Ecowolum

The number of necessary tools and devices for such
events are quite modest, however all the items used
must be of high quality and carefully selected for each
hair type individually.

The list of necessary items and tools:

  • softened water best to use
    distilled boiled;
  • mild shampoo without parabens and other harmful
    substances. Shampoo should not have searing
  • barrettes for Ecowolum;
  • means for giving volume at the roots;
  • powerful hair dryer with warm airflow.

hairpins corrugation

Professional tool for volum (volume) is purchased in
specialized stores for hairdressers. The composition is usually
The following substances are included: cysteamine hydrochloride as
the main active ingredient, as well as lanolin, which adds shine and
various vitamins and plant extracts for nutrition, strengthening
and recovery curls.

Ecowolum at home

Despite the fact that Ecowolum was originally one hundred percent
salon procedure, currently this method of giving
head of hair do and at home, though a little
changing it. hair dryer with a pile

Ways to create basal volume at home:

  • standard technique with hair dryer and pile. Here
    There is nothing difficult, it is important only to protect the curls from
    the harmful effects of a hair dryer by thoroughly moistening;
  • curlers. For brittle and slightly damaged
    strands are better to use curlers, stickies, and for thick and prone
    heated hair rollers are suitable for oily hair
    strands and applying thermal protection on them;
  • by using the ironing-corrugation. Option with
    the longest effect among other home remedies. Important
    thermal protection and frequency control
  • using curling. Create the required amount of
    the roots can be using the usual curling, which should warm up
    each strand is closer to the base for about 5 seconds. Required
    thermal protection to avoid overdrying.

With hard and unruly hair before use
any home remedy you need to apply a suitable light tool
for styling. Thin curls, in turn, need
moisture and thermal protection.

Hair care after the procedure

In some cases, after Ecowolum may occur
hair problems The composition used during this procedure
has a slight drying effect, so sometimes the hair
lose their softness and elasticity, or they start
manifest creases. applying fluid

  • dryness. To eliminate and prevent
    dryness must be carefully nourished and moistened curls after
    carrying out the procedure and especially after washing the head. If a
    hair dryer is used for styling, it is necessary to apply on strands
    protective agent that not only neutralizes the negative
    exposure to an electrical appliance but also moisturizes
    head of hair;
  • rigidity. In the fight against stiffness will help
    the use of soft shampoos and balms, as well as emollient
    nourishing masks based on oils (coconut, argan
    or almond). In this case it is better to apply oils.
    pointwise. So, if the tips are tough, oil should be applied.
    on them;
  • dropping out. Fix a problem related to
    hair loss can be rubbed into the skin
    capsular vitamins A and E, as well as using head massage,
    which normalizes and increases blood circulation;
  • how to straighten hair after Ecowolum. Sometimes,
    after this procedure, the strands in the places of the clamps look uneven
    or wavy. It does not look very aesthetic, so in
    In this case, it is desirable to straighten the curls. For straightening
    keratin and keratin straightening are commonly used, or
    procedure called “anti boost up.” Besides, in
    at home you can try to get rid of uneven problems
    hair by applying emollient oils and balms and applying

Proper care of hair after ECOVOLUM procedure
involves gentle handling and constant moisturizing and softening
curls with natural oils or eco-based products
natural ingredients. It is important that the composition was absent
zinc, which can cause dryness and hardness


Several reviews from popular resources and

Price in the cabin

Price category for the procedure of the root volume
varies from 1500 to 4000 thousand rubles, depending on
salon, qualifications of the master and the length of the curls. Also have
the ability to call a professional on this procedure at home.

Will you do Ecowolum? Yes

Analogs and similar procedures

Ecowolum is considered the safest and safest method.
giving volume to curls at the roots. Similar procedures
slightly different in composition of the main active agent and
directly by the very method of lifting strands.

The main analogues found in the salons:

  • boost ap. Creates elastic curls due to
    hair wrapping on special hairpins;
  • fleece Pomp is created thanks to the fleece and
    the use of professional tools in the form of a gel;
  • buff. The volume is obtained by combing and
    its subsequent fixing with hair curlers and cosmetic

hair treatments

Most natural volume and moderate pomp
it turns out when carrying out a buffer and fleeing whereas
boost up creates a very big lift that can perfectly fit
for long and hard curls.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinion Ester Hairdresser-makeup artist from Jerusalem

Which is better: fleece or ecovolum?

Despite some similarities, these procedures are essentially
differ in the end result: Ecowolum possesses
softer composition and at the same time keeps on hair better and

What is the difference between ecovolum and boost up?

With the volume created by Ecowolum, the curls are less injured and
the volume is more natural and not as strong as when
conducting boost ap. It’s all about the composition of the funds and, of course, in the
methodology: Ecowolum simply “holds” strands, whereas
Boost up them on the studs;

Ecowolum or buffer: what are the differences?

The most similar are the ECOVOLUM procedures.
and buffer. In both cases, the hair is slightly combed and
fix. The difference is in the way of this fixation: for Ecowolum
apply hairpins-flute, and for buffalo – special
curlers. Pomp is better kept after Ecowolum,
whereas the volume on the basis of buffering may suffer slightly from
wearing tight headgear. However, the problem with the disappeared
the volume in this case is easily solved by simply beating
hairstyles or easy styling comb.

Make curls look spectacular, pomp and volume by using
Ecowolum procedures. This method does not take much time
quite affordable and safe. The result is immediately visible.
after the end of the procedure and lasts up to four months,
providing easy styling and always well-groomed hairstyle.

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