Effective Almond Peeling at Home conditions

Almond skin peeling – very effective and gentle
a way to significantly improve her condition. Make almond peeling
at home currently represents no
special difficulties.

Mandelic acid (differently phenoxyglycolic) refers to
a number of so-called fruit acids (or AHA-acids), which
deservedly popular in cosmetology

This procedure refers to the chemical surface
peels and exfoliates on the upper horny
skin layer.


  • Impact Features
  • Performing the procedure at home
  • Contraindications

Impact Features

The effect of all fruit acids on the skin is soft and
causes a minimum of negative reactions, but mandelic acid even
in this list is on the first positions on the softness of its

Almond Peeling at Home

Face after almond peeling looks dry, reviews
people are different about this. But you should not be afraid of this phenomenon,
because it is a typical skin reaction to chemicals. For
reduce the effect of overdrying, experts prescribe
soothing post-peeling cream or mask in which there may be
algae extracts, lactic acid and collagen.

The peculiarity of the influence of funds is due to significant
the size of its molecule compared to other
alpha hydroxy substances, so that this acid is in the smallest
degree able to penetrate deep and delayed upper layer

Almond, along with peeling with lactic acid, has
most gentle effect on the dermis, it is recommended that even
when treatments with other fruit ingredients
contraindicated for any reason.

This peeling can be done to people of different ages, even
owners of very delicate thin skin, prone to inflammation. Not
is a contraindication for hair removal and summer
season with intensive insolation, subject to post-peeling
everyday use of sunscreens with protective
a factor of at least 30.

Mandelic acid is able to soothe the dermis,
anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic action, it is capable
normalize the sebaceous glands, eliminate hyperpigmentation
skin. Mandelic acid activates skin production processes
collagen, hyaluronic acid, which helps to strengthen
skin matrix.

Despite the gentleness of its impact, the removal procedure
hair can solve a lot of cosmetic and dermatological
problems, it is used not only to improve the overall appearance,
but also for the treatment of many pathologies.

This type of peeling is assigned to address the following skin

  • fine wrinkles, including facial wrinkles;
  • uneven tone;
  • dark spots;
  • low turgor;
  • acne and post acne;
  • obstruction of the outlets of the sebaceous glands (black dots);
  • folliculitis;
  • seborrhea;
  • excessive fat content.

Performing the procedure at home

To perform the procedure does not necessarily use the services
professional beautician in the salon, make almond peeling
can and independently at home.

Perform a course of 7-14 procedures, depending on the problem
tasks and degree of neglect of the problem. The time interval between
procedures is 1-2 weeks. Repeated course can be held
not earlier than six months after the end of the previous one.

Currently it is not difficult to get ready
a set of tools to perform facial peeling
at home. These kits contain all the necessary tools.
and detailed instructions for performing peeling.

You can also purchase almond acid at the desired concentration in
a pharmacy or beauty salon and perform peeling using
recommendations of the cosmetologist and observing the necessary rules.

Peeling at home, use almond acid.
small concentrations to avoid possible negative

Approximately 1 week before almond peeling
At home, it is necessary to conduct a skin tolerance test on almond
acid, for which a small amount of the product is applied to
inner surface of the elbow. If the treated skin area is not
redness or itching will appear, then it will be possible to proceed to


According to research by cosmetologists, gentle peeling on
home-based almond base completely replaces
traumatic deep procedures in which more
aggressive acids.

Facial peeling at home is performed in several

  • prepeeling training;
  • skin cleansing;
  • degreasing;
  • peeling itself;
  • soothing mask;
  • post peeling care

Pre-training preparation usually starts in 1 week
before the procedure and is applied overnight
moisturizing cream containing 5-10% almond acid. This
preparation contributes to the addiction of the skin to the main drug and
enhance its action.

Skin cleansing is carried out with a soft cosmetic milk, and
degreasing – cosmetic lotion.

This is followed by the peeling itself, which is applied on the face.
peeling preparation containing 30-60% almond acid solution
(according to the recommendations of the instructions, depending on the
task), light massage of the skin with fingertips. Time
exposure is 5–20 min, depending on skin type and
problem to be solved, and must also be specified in the instructions or
Recommended by a beautician when purchasing funds.

After the required time has elapsed, the peeling composition is washed off.
water and skin of the face soaked with soft wipes. Thereafter
it is necessary to apply a soothing mask with calendula extracts,
aloe or chamomile to prevent or reduce possible
negative skin reactions.

Post-peeling care is to use moisturizers and
nourishing creams for 10 days after the procedure, and in roast
time of year you must not forget about the means of protection from
UV rays.


Although the effects of mandelic acid on the skin
as soft as possible, yet there are a number of contraindications for
peeling procedures, among them:

  • allergic to mandelic acid;
  • mechanical damage to the skin of the face;
  • acute herpes
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is necessary to carefully manage
with this procedure.

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