Effective anti-dandruff remedies – TOP the best

Dandruff is a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis. Most often she
formed due to dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. If workings
sebum is not enough – dry seborrhea appears, if
on the contrary, too much fat.

Depending on the root cause of the problem, it can be solved
substitute shampoo, drugs or folk
recipes, consider them in order.

Effective dandruff shampoos for women TOP4

The content of the article:

  • Effective dandruff shampoos for women TOP4
  • Sulfate Free Dandruff Shampoo
  • Dandruff spray for hair
  • Dandruff and hair loss remedy
  • Drugs from the pharmacy
  • Vitamins from dandruff
  • Anti-dandruff remedies at home or as
    cure | folk remedies?
  • Laundry dandruff soap
  • Which doctor treats dandruff?
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Conclusion

Your attention the best and proven anti-dandruff shampoos for
women, let’s look at them in more detail.

Fructis 2-in-1

Manufacturer: Garnier

Green tea extract as part of shampoo successfully fights with
free radicals, and zinc pyrithione eliminates dandruff and
prevents its reappearance. Clean, fresh and tidy
hair for a long time – this is the effect for which the fructis shampoos
so loved by girls around the world. Sweet fruit aroma
makes the process of washing your head even more pleasant.

Price: from 153 rubles.


Manufacturer: Ducray

Shampoos from this brand improve microcirculation, accelerate
regeneration and regulate the production of sebum, so that about
dandruff problem can be forgotten for long. In the line of funds from seborrhea
Three products to choose from:

  1. Squan Selegel – for dry scalp
    prone to flaking and increased dandruff.
  2. Skwanom Curtiol – removes fat from the root
    zone, eliminates oily dandruff.
  3. Kelyual DS – designed to treat
    seborrhea Eliminates itching, exfoliates dead particles

Price: from 626 rubles.

Estel Otium Unique

Manufacturer: Estel

A relatively new line of shampoos from the Russian brand.
It is distinguished among its predecessors by peeling and exfoliating
properties. Regulates the production of sebum, eliminates dandruff,
tightens hair and fights the initial manifestations of alopecia.

Price: from 370 rubles

Faberlic Expert Pharma

Manufacturer: JSC “Faberlik”

Relieves itching caused by dandruff and inflammation, has
antibacterial and healing properties. Improves
microcirculation and promotes rapid saturation of hair
follicles nutrient. Suitable for all hair types and
daily use.

Price: from 249 rubles.

Sulfate Free Dandruff Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos are known to be safer for the skin.
heads, to your attention a list of the most popular and effective

Natura Siberica

Manufacturer: Natura Siberica

Russian brand, which has become popular and in demand due to
products, the recipe of which uses healing Siberian
plants. Shampoo normalizes sebum production, eliminates
dandruff and prevents its appearance due to oak extract

Reference! Fungal infection is a common cause.
development of seborrhea. Oakmoss extract is powerful
antifungal agent of plant origin.

Price: from 230 rubles.


Manufacturer: G.R. Global Cosmetics

Israeli brand specializing in professional
cosmetics for hair care. Shampoo is often used before
keratin straightening procedure and after it, because its soft
The composition does not destroy the protective layer. Does not cause irritation and not
provokes the formation of dandruff.

The composition includes such active components as:

  • sheep wool keratin;
  • sea ​​minerals;
  • vitamin complex;
  • natural oils.

Price: 990 rubles.

Botanicus with lavender extract

Manufacturer: Botanicus

Relieves itching and inflammation, eliminates dandruff and, despite
soft organic composition, effectively cleanses the skin and hair from

Contains D-panthenol, silk peptides, citric acid and
extracts from medicinal herbs.

Price: from 1400 rubles.

Yves rocher

Manufacturer: Yves Rocher

Well-known brand of natural cosmetics also did not stand aside
and released its line of dandruff-free dandruff products. Composed
shampoos are listed components such as pomegranate extract and
salicylic acid – they actively exfoliate the stratum corneum
skin and relieve inflammation.

Price: from 330 rubles.


Manufacturer: Naturkosmetik

Shampoo with extracts of juniper, nettle and poplar buds
actively cleans the scalp from dandruff and inflammation. Does
a head of hair smoother and more docile restoring her natural

Important! After first use
feelings of dryness and a slight increase in the amount of dandruff –
this is due to flushing of silicones and salts from the hair. 2-3 after
The washing situation is normalized and the hair will look tidy.

Price: from 780 rubles.

Dandruff spray for hair

Barex EXL for Men

Manufacturer: Barex

Relieves itching, removes excess sebum, gives a feeling
freshly washed head and cleanliness for a long time.

Reference! Freshness and Cooling Effect
achieved by extracting Australian mint as part of a spray.

Price: $ 28

Estel beauty hair lab

Manufacturer: ESTEL

Zinc pyrithione, extract of calamus and elecampane, as well as essential oil
rosemary soothe irritated scalp, relieve flakings and
inflammation. The recommended course of therapy is 14 days.

Price: from 180 rubles.

Angel provence

Manufacturer: ANGEL PROVENCE

Toning and anti-inflammatory green tea extract
deeply moisturizes and softens the skin while eliminating dandruff. Removes the feeling
tightness at the roots and itching. Makes hair soft and docile.
It is necessary to use means once in two days for
of the week. Price: 1 290 rubles.

Salon Treatment Care 3D

Manufacturer: Nexxt

Accelerates metabolic processes, regulates sebum production and
normalizes hydro balance. The effect of salon care is achieved
due to the presence in the composition of peach and almond oil.

Price: 140 rubles.

Dandruff and hair loss remedy


Treated antifungal shampoo, eliminating signs
dandruff and depriving. Eliminates pathogens and bacteria,
located both on the skin surface and in its deep layers. AT
The composition includes ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione – these substances possess
high efficiency, but not absorbed into the blood, so
The tool can be used to troubleshoot small
children, pregnant and lactating women.

Price: from 200 rubles


Active natural components of the shampoo (white willow extract, zinc
and ciclopiroxolamine) destroy the fungi and bacteria responsible for
chronic dandruff formation.

Reference! Dandruff is most often formed
because of the fungi malassezia.

Fitoval relieves itching and inflammation, promotes tissue healing.
and strengthen hair rods. The recommended course of treatment is
twice a week for a month. The remedy works quite
aggressively therefore its use is unacceptable for children younger
12 years old, pregnant and lactating women.

Price: from 180 rubles.

Amalgam Sulsen

Restores healthy hair structure, prevents wrinkles
by lenght. Nourishes hair follicle with nutrients.
Makes the scalp less susceptible to external stimuli,
eliminates dandruff and exfoliates the cornified layer of the epidermis, except
addition comes in the form of ointment.

Price: from 290 rubles.


Tool emergency action to eliminate all manifestations
seborrhea, including severe itching, flaking of the skin and the initial stage
hair loss. Strengthens hair follicles and makes rods
more strong. The effect comes after 5 applications. A course of treatment
– 2-3 weeks.

Reference! Permanent use
Sebosol is addictive and active ingredients stop

Price: from 350 rubles.

Drugs from the pharmacy

Consider the most effective medical drugs from
pharmacies capable of dealing with dandruff.


Most of us, noticing the first manifestations of dandruff in a hurry to
shop for a new shampoo, but not in the pharmacy for pills and
especially not to the doctor for advice. This is a big mistake, because
sometimes seborrhea requires immediate antibiotic treatment
drugs. Drugs are selected on the basis of
the root causes of the formation of the disease:

  • Pathogenic fungus – treatment aims to
    restoration of the natural microflora of the epidermis of the scalp.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis – the doctor selects drugs
    normalizing the patient’s skin immunity and regulating the production
    sebaceous glands

The drugs themselves can be divided into four groups:

  1. stopping the growth of seborrheic fungus;
  2. slowing the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
  3. exfoliating;
  4. restoring lipid and water metabolism.


  • Fluconazole – antifungal drug,
    highly effective in combating seborrhea. Acts selectively
    destroying the fungus, but without disturbing the natural skin immunity.
    It is used in combination with drugs of external action.
    Dosage is prescribed individually.
  • Chlorhexidine is a transparent antiseptic and
    wound healing solution without color and smell. Relieves itching, reduces
    inflammation, destroys bacteria that multiply in the dead layer
    epidermis, but it is not absorbed into the blood.
  • Nystatin – this drug is taken externally.
    To achieve the therapeutic effect of the tablet Nystatin
    must be crushed in hot water and applied to the scalp and
    hair is not washing off. In the process of treatment in the root zone can
    a precipitate in the form of small white flakes is peeled off


  • Nirvel Professional. Ampoules with extracts
    healing herbs and plants have a healing effect on the skin
    heads and strengthen the hair shafts, making them smoother,
    shiny and elastic. The drug contains juniper extracts,
    sage and pumpkin. Apply to hair after shampooing – do not rinse.
  • Secrets of the grandmother Agafi – vials with nutritious
    oils of whole herbs and plants are designed for deep nutrition
    and moisturizing hair from root to tip. Cedar oil fights
    inflammation and nourishes the hair with moisture. Applied before
    wash your head on the skin with massage movements.

Cream and ointment dandruff

  • Sulsena. Available in two versions – 2%
    for therapeutic outcome and 1% for prophylactic.
    Normalizes sebum production, strengthens roots and makes hair
    softer and silky. Odorless.
  • Sulfuric ointment 10%. Proven and reliable
    remedy to eliminate fungus on the scalp. Applied to clean
    and dry skin, aged for 5 minutes and then washed off.
    tar shampoo. Prohibited for use by pregnant women and
    nursing women.
  • Zinc ointment. Effective remedy for
    eliminate greasy dandruff. It has powerful antibacterial and
    antifungal properties. The course of treatment is twice a week for
    throughout the month. The result is noticeable already on the 3rd use.
  • Salicylic ointment 5% – a reliable tool for
    eliminate seborrhea, psoriasis and eczema. Applied to clean skin
    head and after ten minutes of exposure, washed with running water.
    The course of treatment is one procedure per week for three months.
  • Ointment with tar and tea tree oil.
    Available in two forms – liquid and thick. The first is aimed at
    dandruff prevention, the second – for treatment. May cause
    allergic reaction. Prohibited for use by pregnant women and
    nursing women.

This is not a complete list of funds in the form of ointment or cream, we offer
You will find a full review in our special article.

Ointment or shampoo? Ointment shampoo

Vitamins from dandruff

  • Vitamin A. Normalizes the work of sebaceous glands and
    nutrition of hair follicles. Its disadvantage can be filled
    adding carrot juice, fish oil, butter to food
    and chicken eggs.
  • Vitamin B2. Strengthens skin, hair, nails and
    bones. It supports healthy tissue regeneration and skin immunity.
    Contains in large quantities in cottage cheese, eggs, liver and
    the kidneys.
  • Vitamin B6. Needed by the body for
    normal lipid metabolism. Contained in buckwheat, pork liver and
    soy products.
  • B12 – is responsible for metabolic processes,
    ensures the normal functioning of internal organs, supports
    youth of skin and hair. Contained exclusively in products
    animal origin. People sticking to a vegetarian or
    Vegan type of food, often deficient in vitamin B12.
    If you are one of them – enrich your diet with nutritional supplements and
    vitamin complexes.
  • Vitamin B5. Needed to maintain
    regenerative processes and saturation of tissues with moisture. Can
    applied both inside and out, as well absorbed in
  • Vitamin B9. A very important element for health.
    skin and hair. Contained in dark green vegetables, rye flour,
    beans, pumpkin and avocado.

Important! When taking vitamins is very important
take into account their compatibility, as some of them may
neutralize each other. Talk to your doctor or doctor before taking it.
get a balanced vitamin-mineral complex.

Anti-dandruff remedies at home or as
cure | folk remedies?

Of course, you can purchase industrial shampoos, masks or sprays.
to fight dandruff. But what if the problem arose
because of the purchases and trust in them was lost? Can
take advantage of popular recipes that were used by ours
great-grandmothers and cure hair at home.

When choosing folk remedies for dandruff, consider their composition
and properties. Under strict prohibition are ginger-based masks,
Cinnamon, pepper and other local irritants. They
can dry up the already sensitive scalp prone to
dandruff It is worth paying attention to the means of healing,
bactericidal and moisturizing properties.

Dandruff Calendula Tincture

The tincture has bactericidal properties, stimulates
microcirculation and promotes saturation of hair follicles

Mix 50 ml of calendula tincture and 20 ml of any base oil.
Rub into the clean scalp with gentle massage movements and
leave for 10 minutes. After the expiration rinse with shampoo.

Chemerichna dandruff water

The tool stops the growth of disease-causing fungi, strengthens and
heals hair shafts. Cooking is as follows.
in the following way:

  1. Crush burdock root and fill with a small amount
    boiling water. Protome in a water bath for 10 minutes, remove from heat and
    cool it down In the end, you should get about 250 ml of finished
  2. Add 40 ml castor oil and 30 ml lemon juice to the broth.
    Mix thoroughly.
  3. Make up the curls and scalp, rubbing means
    light massage movements.
  4. After the cobalt water dries on the hair, rinse
    head with warm water without using shampoo.

Anti-dandruff salt

Plain table salt can be used in
as a peeling for the scalp. She perfectly removes horny
skin layer, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, opens pores and
allows tissues to “breathe.”

Wet the scalp, take a small amount of salt in
palms and rub between partings with soft massaging movements.
Continue the massage for two minutes, then wash off the remnants
salt cool water by immersing the hair in the basin. So salt
it will wash out better, and low temperature will calm the skin after such
aggressive mechanical effects.

Reference! Do not use salt scrub,
if the skin has inflammation or open wounds.

Oils for dandruff and head itch

Vegetable oils also show good results in the fight
with dandruff and itching. The following are particularly effective:

  • Burdock – contains a natural absorbent
    inulin, which has a powerful bactericidal effect. Cleans
    skin from excess sebum, which often multiply
    fungus and bacteria.
  • Castor oil – contains in its chemical
    composition ricinoleic acid, which has a pronounced
    antifungal and vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes
    tissue from the inside. Relieves itching and inflammation, eliminates dandruff and
    prevents its reappearance.
  • Olive – contains Omega-3 and Omega-6, and
    also potassium, calcium and sodium. Nourishes skin and hair follicles
    nutrients and fights seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Sea buckthorn – has a valuable chemical
    composition with phospholipids and carotenoids. Disinfects skin
    heads, eliminates existing dandruff and prevents the appearance of
    new. Due to the fact that sea buckthorn oil is very heavy it is better
    dilute with other, lighter base oils – grape
    bones, burdock, or sea buckthorn.
  • Tea Tree – has antiviral and
    anti-inflammatory action, cleanses the scalp of sebaceous
    discharge and sweat. Removes the horny layer of skin, preventing
    the appearance of dandruff.

Laundry dandruff soap

Another rather strange, but still effective recipe
for getting rid of dandruff and itching – washing your head with household
soap It is as hypoallergenic as it does not contain
artificial colors and fragrances. In addition, its bactericidal
properties are best suited for getting rid of fungal

Apply liquid laundry soap to your head and leave for 10.
minutes, then rinse with water with vinegar or lemon
juice. If it’s not possible to find a liquid variation of the product on sale, you
You can make a soap solution yourself, dissolving the grated
bar of soap in hot water.

Reference! For the treatment of the scalp
choose a soap with the maximum percentage of fat. So
it will be easier for you to wash it off your hair.

Which doctor treats dandruff?

Diagnosing and treating problems associated with skin diseases
head and hair, engaged dermatologists, trichologists and cosmetologists.
It is in this sequence that you need to visit doctors, if you
decided to fight dandruff. Dermatologist examines the skin, prescribes
laboratory tests and determines the type of seborrheic dermatitis. By
the results of the study, he prescribes medication.

If the disease has progressed and affected the density and health
hair, then next you need to visit a trichologist and a cosmetologist, for
selection of suitable therapeutic and care products.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

Dandruff from Syoss shampoo, what to do?

Complaints about this shampoo come quite often. The reasons for this

  1. Previously, this shampoo was used exclusively in
    salons, and the master himself regulated the concentration of washing
    substances. At home, this can not be done, which leads to
    dry skin and dandruff.
  2. The product is in great demand and often
    faked, and low-quality detergent causes
    itching and dandruff.

To prevent problems, buy shampoos only in
trusted stores and carefully read the instructions on
application. If these tips did not help and shampoo still causes
dandruff, find him a replacement among professional shampoos without

How to distinguish dandruff from nits?

If you suspect that white spots on hair and clothes are
not dandruff, but lice, you can use one of the following
ways to check:

  1. Dandruff easily flies off the hair if shaken
    head or spend on curls comb. Nits hold on
    hard, and to remove them will have to make an effort.
  2. Dandruff is flat and has a white color – nits
    have an oval shape and colors from light gray to
    dark brown.
  3. Dandruff scales can be of different sizes and
    forms, nits are identical to each other.
  4. Dandruff is randomly scattered all over the head,
    nits prefer warmer and darker places closer to the skin – on
    the back of the head, behind the ears, etc.


Dandruff is a very unpleasant disease, but reparable. In some cases
it is enough to replace the care products and the problem will pass by itself
to myself. Others will have to undergo a long antibiotic treatment.
Therefore, it is not necessary to make a diagnosis yourself – to fit
optimal therapy will be able to doctor.

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