Effective Azelaic Peeling

Among cosmetic procedures all over the world, great popularity
has azelaic peeling.

This type of peeling is classified as a soft chemical.
surface action procedures, it is performed and how
independent procedure, and often as one of the preparatory
stages of a complex of cosmetic events.

The basis of this peeling is azelaic acid – carboxylic
saturated acid with two carboxyl groups with a chemical
formula COOH (CH2) 7COOH, which is a product
oxidation of oleic acid.


  • Properties of azelaic acid
  • Features of the procedure azelaine peeling
  • Contraindications for azelaic peeling

Properties of azelaic acid

Azelaic acid has a number of very valuable properties.
exerting the following effects on the skin:

peeling azelaic acid

Azelaic Peeling – Surface Treatment
chemical cleansing of the skin of the face, prescribed to patients with problems
dermatological nature: rosacea, acne, couperosis and other
pathological changes in the skin.

  • microbial protection;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • neutralization of free radicals;
  • smoothing of small wrinkles and irregularities;
  • normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • obstruction of formation and elimination of existing pigment
  • whitening

Due to the above properties azelaic acid
used not only as a cosmetic product, but also
assigned to patients with dermatological problems as

It is prescribed to patients with pathologies such as:

  • Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the skin characterized by
    rash of rosacea;
  • acne;
  • post acne;
  • folliculitis – inflammation of the hair follicle;
  • couperosis and other pathological changes in the skin.

Azelaic acid is well tolerated by the skin, since
present in cells in small quantities, forming in
the result of the fat metabolism occurring in them.

The effectiveness of this acid is due to the absence
resistance (resistance) to it of bacteria, even with
repeated use.

Peeling results

Azelaic Acid Peeling Result

The use of azelaic acid does not result in the coarsening of the upper
skin layer, and, as a result, there is no blockage of the excretory
openings of the sebaceous glands with the subsequent formation of black

Features of the procedure azelaine peeling

As a rule, in preparations for azelaine peeling, in addition to
the main component, add milk, lemon, almond
acids, as well as various plant extracts. Depending on the
the composition of the drug and the concentration of individual components in it
specializes in dealing with a particular dermatological

Azelaic acid peeling – very popular worldwide
procedure. Its popularity is due to excellent
effectiveness, a minimum of contraindications and possible adverse
actions, as well as ease of implementation, thanks to which this
the procedure can be carried out not only by a beautician, but also
alone at home.

Azelaine peeling has almost no age limit,
It can be done both for young girls and elderly ladies.

The conduct of this type of peeling is appointed in the following

  • superficial skin cleansing;
  • smoothing fine wrinkles;
  • skin tone leveling;
  • rosacea treatment;
  • elimination of acne and post acne;
  • treatment of folliculitis;
  • treatment of rosacea;
  • treatment of hyperpigmentation and in many other cases.

Azelaine peeling is carried out on a course of 3 – 10 procedures, in
depending on the problem to be solved and the degree of development of the problem.
The time interval between sessions should be from 1 to 2
weeks. A repeated course of procedures is held after at least
six months after the end of the previous one.

Before the peeling, you need to visit a beautician who
determine the need for this procedure, help identify
possible contraindications, assign the required number of procedures
exposure time, selects the appropriate composition of the peeling

Approximately a week before the start of the procedure
You must pass the skin test for tolerability of azelaic acid,
inflicting several layers of the prescribed drug on the skin of the inner
side elbow. If the treated skin does not appear
irritation and swelling, it will be possible to proceed to

Experts recommend to undergo procedures before the procedure.
special training at home, consisting in regular
the use of light moisturizing creams containing soft carboxylic
acid, which will help prepare the skin for the basic procedure and will enhance
its effect.

Peeling process

Azelaic acid (Azelaic acid) or nonandioic
acid is dibasic carboxylic acid,
possessing all the chemical properties characteristic of
carboxylic acids.

Azelaine peeling is carried out in several stages:

  • facial cleansing with moisturizers;
  • skin degreasing with special cosmetic preparations for
    ensure deep penetration of azelaic acid;
  • protection of tender skin around eyes and lips
    acids with special protective compounds;
  • Azelaine peeling itself;
  • the application of a topical sedative to prevent
    possible undesirable reactions.

The peeling procedure consists in applying the preparation with
azelaic acid in several layers (as recommended
specialist for a particular case) and rubbing with fingers
massage lines in a few minutes.

Contraindications for azelaic peeling

As noted above, azelaic peeling is very gentle and
fairly universal procedure. But, like all cosmetic
procedures, it has a number of contraindications, which include:

  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic to the components of the drug;
  • mechanical damage to the skin;
  • inflammatory processes caused by other than those listed in
    recommendations pathologies.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that, after waiting for the required time,
recommended by a specialist for solving specific problems
the drug must be washed off with distilled water, after which
skin of the face is dried by soaking with soft wipes.

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