Effective curls: the choice of hairstyles for hair middle length

Photo 298Medium length curly hair – great material
to create romantic, flirty, classic or avant-garde

With the help of properly selected and modern haircuts
styling products can be achieved stunning hairstyles for
curly hair of medium length.

Medium length curls are easy to lay at home.

Impeccable accuracy is not required, today deliberate fashion
negligence, emphasizing the man-made styling.

  • 1 Best haircuts for curly hair
  • 2 Hairstyles for curly hair: festive and everyday
    • 2.1 Soft curls
    • 2.2 Fashion tail
    • 2.3 Retro waves
    • 2.4 For girls with blue hair and not only
    • 2.5 Classic Bundle
  • 3 Straightening Options
  • 4 Care for curly hair

Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

When choosing a haircut, you need to take into account the color and texture of the strands, shape
faces, lifestyle and preferences of women. Hair cut
so that the curls can be laid in different ways.

Photo 299Chubby will not work
shapeless shock of curls.

The best option for this type of person is a cascade with maximum
long layers, as in the photo on the right.

Soft milled waves will help soften the heavy jaw.
Narrow face fit classic sesson with
volumetric bangs, balancing proportions.

A great option for hairstyles for medium hair – caret. It can
be complemented by a long bang that can be stabbed or flirtatiously
lower by closing one eye.

No less successful option – bob. This haircut fit
for any type of face, it will gently form an oval,
emphasize the neck length and the beauty of the shoulders. If the hair is very curly,
it is necessary to make the filing removing the unnecessary volume.

Always look beautiful long steps. They are good for soft
waves or curls of medium size. With curls like “small demon”
you should not make the top layer too short, otherwise the heads will be
like a dandelion.

Wavy hair and spectacular when creating asymmetrical haircuts.
This hairstyle can be made on the basis of a bean or a square. Her
complement a long, surely cropped bangs. Depending
from laying curly hair can look romantic and gentle
or aggressively emphasized.

Hairstyles for curly hair: festive and everyday

On the basis of a multifunctional haircut, you can create several
hairstyles suitable for everyday wear or special occasions.
A variety of styling products are designed to simplify the process.
fashion accessories: headbands, hairpins, rubber bands, combs, decorative
hairpins, artificial flowers.

Soft curls

Romantic, and at the same time simple styling can be
make on the base of an elongated sesson or four. Strands
processed with mousse, and then wound on a brush and dried
hair dryer

Photo 300 This technology allows for hairstyles on curly
medium-length hair to structure curls, turning the “small demon”
in large curls.

You do not need to comb them to add volume to the hair.
beat with fingers at the roots, and then sprayed with lacquer medium

Photo 301Curls can be structured using large

On curly hair is applied fixing mousse or spray, then
they wind in one direction.

To curls turned out perfectly smooth, curlers laid
rows, on both sides of the parting.

After curling, they are again sprayed with spray and dried with a warm
a stream of air from the dryer. To fix the result you need a cold blow.
Then the curls are sprayed with lacquer, and only after that
remove hair curlers. Comb curls do not need. Elegant hairstyle in
the spirit of the classics of Hollywood is ready.

Fashion tail

Photo 302Fervent and comfortable tail –
a real classic, indispensable for everyday wear.

Strands are smoothed with a brush and secured with a thin rubber band on
nape or crown.

One curl is separated, braided into a thin braid and
wrapped around the base of the tail in the form of a tape.

The tip needs to be tucked in and pinned to be invisible or
a little hairpin.

Retro waves

Photo 303Looks very stylish styling in retro style.

Hair combed and richly treated with emollients and
moisturizing spray.

Then strands are divided into side parting.

Hands form the waves, each fixed long
hair clip.

Laying fixed varnish. After drying the clips carefully
cleaned, smooth waves sprayed with gloss varnish.

For girls with blue hair and not only

One of the popular hairstyles – Malvina. She is
like little girls, but also adult girls with such styling
look very cute. Its essence is smooth strands on the front.
heads and curls, falling freely on the shoulders.

Photo 304

The hair on the forehead can be slightly combed, giving them more volume,
as in the photo above. Then the strands are smoothed with a flat brush and
fixed invisible between the crown and nape.

The front part can be slightly raised and moved on the forehead,
forming a small cook. Long bangs stabbed with the bulk
short hair coyly released on the forehead.

Malvinka can be decorated with a flat decorative hairpin-bow
or artificial flower.

The hairstyle looks particularly impressive on light, reddish or
brown hair.

Classic bunch

Stylish, strict, but at the same time sexy hairstyle –
simple bundle. Before its creation strands can
straighten smoothing cream and ironing, the knot will be more
exquisite. For a romantic date fit lush bundle of
curly strands.

Photo 305 They need to be carefully combed and assembled into a low
tail in the center of the head or slightly on the side. Curls curled in
a loose harness wrapped around the base of the tail and fastened
hairpins in hair color. Several thin ones can be released from the beam.
curls and leave them free to fall down on the temples.

An interesting option is a high hairstyle based on
bundle (see photo below). Strands are combed up and
tied at the top of the head.

Photo 306 Curls are moistened with a moisturizing spray and with
the studs are stacked with neat rings, forming a beautiful crown.
The hairstyle is fixed with varnish and decorated with decorative pins or
small artificial flowers.

In this video, another example hairstyle for curly hair,
which is easy to do with your own hands:

Straightening options

Photo 307Many owners of curly hair dream to do
them smoother.

For the fulfillment of dreams, various devices have been created and
preparations that can change the appearance of the strands for a short or
long term.

The cabin will offer keratin straightening,
which not only smoothes riotous curls, but also protects them from
negative environmental impact.

During the procedure, a special composition is applied to the hair,
covering each hair with a breathable film. Then strands
processed by the iron, fixing the effect.

After straightening, hair becomes shiny, color becomes
brighter, curls look bigger. The effect holds a few
months, then the procedure can be repeated.

Photo 308At home, curls can be straightened when
relief tongs with ceramic plates.

Too often it is not necessary to process hair, but in special cases
tongs work wonders.

Before treatment, a heat spray is applied to the strands.

Then rather narrow strands are clamped alternately between the plates.
In this way, you can process the entire head of hair or only a part of it,
It all depends on the idea of ​​the hairstyle.

A more radical option, suitable for long-term use.
– the use of chemicals. Straighten
wavy hair capable of ammonium trioglycolate and hydroxide

The drugs are distributed by strands comb, aging ambassadors
the composition is washed off and treated with the neutralizer head of hair.

Attention! Before you decide on the procedure, it is worth
conduct a test test. Drugs can dry out hair,
therefore, they are used quite rarely.

There are less aggressive means that can straighten
too cool curls.

Care for curly hair

Wavy and curly hair is usually prone to dryness. They
different brittleness and brittleness, with improper care strands
begin to split, lose shine, look shaggy and scruffy.
An integrated program will help restore their natural beauty.

For washing you need shampoos, designed specifically for curls.
Preferred professional series, among which you can find
means for dyed, dried or thinning hair. Will fit
shampoos with natural herbal extracts, oils,
mild surfactants. The kit is worth buying indelible
conditioner or rinse covering every hair
the thinnest protective film.

Combing the hair you need a wooden or bone
comb with sparse rounded teeth. Metallic and
plastic combs accumulate static electricity and
can injure the ends of the hair.

You need to dry the strands in the open air, you should not use a hairdryer
use more often 2 times a week. In this case, the device is included in the mode
warm air, minimally traumatic hair shafts.

To care for dried tips fit
natural shea butter, macedamia, argan or
coconut. They are warmed in the palms and gently rubbed into the strands,
then comb with a brush for better distribution. Such
the procedure can be done 2-3 times a week, it will quickly return
lost shine curls.

Useful and nutritious masks with egg, essential oils, herbal
decoctions. They are made 1-2 times a week, before the next wash
heads. Structuring curls will help home wraps on
gelatin base.

More information about hair masks, see:

  • Hair mask with egg and honey: proven recipes;
  • 6 best hair masks with cognac and egg;
  • Homemade masks: 5 best recipes for fine hair;
  • Super moisturizing hair mask at home.

Prepare the composition is easy. A spoon of powder is filled with water,
the mixture is heated and stirred until dissolved. Her
put on strands, retreating a few centimeters from the roots.

The head is covered with a towel and blown with warm air at
help hair dryer. After half an hour you can wash off the composition. Lightly procedure
straightens cool curls, turning them into soft elegant
the waves.

Improve the condition of the hair will help styling products
based on silicones. They cover hairs supple
a film that adds shine and protects against mechanical stress.
To care for curls can not use preparations containing
mineral oils and alcohols, they can dry the already fragile
hair rods.

Wavy and curly hair of medium length is a great base for
the most different styles.

Choosing a suitable haircut and thinking about the care program, you can
turn shapeless mop curls into an elegant, fashionable and very
beautiful hairstyle Photo 309 Photo 310

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