Effective face mask from sour cream

Sour cream face mask is still the most beloved
a procedure that any woman at home can afford
conditions. It is perfect for all types of skin, making it
more moisturized, velvety, tender to the touch, smooth, capable
smooth wrinkles and give youth and beauty.

Of great importance is the fat content of the product in the manufacture
smetan masks. So, for dry, prone to flaking and wilting
skin is perfect homemade sour cream. For oily skin with
characteristic greasy shine and a tendency to the formation of acne,
on the contrary, fat-free sour cream will do.

Sour cream

Before applying the mask, check if you are allergic
on sour cream, causing sour cream on a small area of ​​skin for 10 minutes,
if there is no irritation and redness, then everything is

Even if you do not add other ingredients to the sour cream,
it alone will give the skin elasticity and firmness. BUT
All sorts of supplements only enhance the effect and give the skin youth
and beauty.

Sour cream – a valuable product that contains in its composition
vitamins of group A, E, C, D, PP, group B, biotin (vitamin H) –
beauty vitamin, and beta carotene. Therefore, sour cream mask is very
useful for the skin of our face.

This product is often used in expensive salons as
masks for face, neck, neckline. However, in cosmetic
salon this procedure can cost you quite expensive, although
You can make a mask at home and at a price significantly

About the most expensive salon masks that can be prepared in
home conditions, will be told today.


  • Moisturizing Sour Cream
  • Sour cream wrinkle mask
  • Whitening and brightening mask
  • Rejuvenating smetana mask
  • Mask-scrub from sour cream

Moisturizing Sour Cream

Additional hydration is necessary to ensure that the skin
got a nice peach-pink shade and looked the most
naturally. Beautiful color can be given by using
soft tender fruits of peach and carrot juice.

To do this, mix fatty homemade sour cream with carrot juice and
egg yolk. To enhance the effect and better penetration
carrot juice inside then add a few drops of olive or
any other oil. Stir until smooth.
Apply the consistency and massage movements on the face, neck, area

Relax for 15-20 minutes and then just wash off your face.
smetanny mask. The effect of the procedure will be noticeable instantly.
Repeat it in a week within a month.

Sour cream wrinkle mask

Is a facial wrinkle treatment effective? Known
that dry skin is prone to the formation of wrinkles is much stronger than
oily or combination. In order to reduce the amount
wrinkles on the face, you need to additionally nourish it with vitamin E. Most
rich in this vitamin are: cucumbers, potatoes, carrots,
bran, corn oil.

It should be remembered that for dry skin, it is better to use
The basic basis of sour cream is the biggest fat content, and for fatty skin
cover, on the contrary, the lowest percentage of


Sour cream helps to protect skin cells from processes
aging. Masks from sour cream have a pronounced anti-aging

The remaining ingredients (grated vegetables, bran and
Corn oil) is used for any skin type. Consistency
Facial wrinkle care products should be uniform and very delicate.
Massage it on your face and leave for 20 minutes.
soak in. Then rinse with whey or warm milk.

Whitening and brightening mask

A whitening mask of sour cream will give the skin a pleasant freshness.
a face that can lighten even freckles.

Add a little oatmeal to the base sour cream and
aloe vera juice. Apply the mixture with a thick layer on the face.
massage lines. Relax for 20 minutes and enjoy.
Then wash the smetana mask from your face and wipe the skin surface.
moisturizing tonic

Rejuvenating smetana mask

Since ancient times, honey has been used to rejuvenate the skin. it
nutritional product containing all necessary
minerals and microorganisms. In addition, honey is suitable for owners
any type of skin and gives it a fresh, attractive,
elasticity and resilience.

Honey is most effective with berries (raspberries, strawberries and
others). Therefore, in a small container, combine the berries with honey so that
honey to soak them whole. In this mixture, gently enter
sour cream. Add one teaspoon of sour cream all the time.
stirring. As soon as the consistency will have the structure of yogurt,
mask of sour cream can be applied to the face, neck and area

Facial cleanser with sour cream should remain on the skin for at least
20 minutes. All the benefits that are in the berries and honey, gradually
go under the skin. Just a few treatments a week will allow you
look divine. Sour cream face mask with honey
– a great tool for smoothing wrinkles. Regular them
application will relieve you of many of them.

Mask-scrub from sour cream

From sour cream you can make a wonderful, homemade scrub for
body and face, as well as problem areas in the area of ​​the nose, on which
a lot of acne is often formed. Before applying on
face surface smetannuyu mask, it must be cleaned and removed
from the surface of the excess dirt and dust.

Mask-scrub sour cream

Sour cream masks perfectly make skin whiten.
freckles and age spots on the face less visible. And the skin around
sour cream helps to remove dark circles, make them less

Smetan mask will help to make it more deeply and carefully. For
her preparation will need a teaspoon of sour cream
fat content that suits your skin type, and a teaspoon

Salt can be used sea, which is enriched with iodine. She is
perfectly relieves the skin of acne and acne, peculiar to oily
skin. Extra salt is not allowed. She is very
dissolves quickly and cannot produce the desired effect

Apply scrub to pre-cleaned and hydrated
the surface of the face along the massage lines, carefully cleaning all areas
skin from dirt. Then wash off the scrub with warm water and apply a mask.
from sour cream for the face.

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