Effective facial wrinkle massage

Facial wrinkle massage is the easiest and most affordable way.
maintain the skin in perfect condition both in terms of health and
appearance. Both women and men are all the same.
subject to the effects of time on your body. One of the external
signs of this are the wrinkles appearing primarily on
delicate skin of the face. And if men are mostly indifferent to this, it’s
even makes them somewhat more solid and courageous for the beautiful
half of humanity wrinkles is really a problem.

In pharmacies you can find various creams, lotions, ointments, other
skin care products. Marketing “machine” of companies
producing it, ranked third of the ad units on
television, and many people are not only bought for this advertisement,
They also spend money on various Botox injections,
face skin tightening, etc. Yes, in certain cases such
procedures are justified, and they should be remembered, but no more, because
with the right approach to facial skin care a certain case
may not come.


  • Where do facial wrinkles come from
  • Face massage
  • What you need to know about massage?
  • Neck massage
  • General rules for self-massage

Where do facial wrinkles come from

There are many causes of facial wrinkles: mimic
habits, wrong position of head during sleep, harmful
habits, mindless use of cosmetics. You can bring more
many examples, and if you think about it, avoid wrinkles,
caused by these reasons easily. We must try to eliminate these
factors from your life, except for facial expressions – it is very important when

Wrinkles on the face

With age, the human body slows down
exchange and regeneration processes. It happens in all tissues,
including in the tissues of the skin.

Age wrinkles can not be avoided. By the age of 30
begins the process of aging skin: it begins to fade, lose its
density and elasticity. Creams and lotions, of course, help in
to some extent, filling the folds in the skin, but this is only
cosmetic changes that are not a real solution.
Really can have a therapeutic effect massage.

Face massage

High-quality and proper facial massage can be compared with
plastic surgery. However, it does not require large expenditures.
This effect is due to the fact that during the procedure occurs
stimulation of metabolic processes, the skin gets the necessary
nutrients, begins production of collagen and elastin,
which are the basis of elasticity and elasticity of the skin. how
result, there are such positive changes:

  • muscle tissue is strengthened, helping to smooth
  • sagging skin effect disappears, contours are drawn
  • normalizes metabolic processes that contribute to the disappearance
    various redness or acne;
  • leaving puffiness.

Also massage is a relaxation process during which
relieves stress and improves the general well-being of a person that
cheers up. And this, as you know, is one of the pledges

What you need to know about massage?

Even if such a procedure seems harmless, there are still some
rules and contraindications. Acting irresponsibly, you can only

Wrinkle massage is a good idea to start practicing at the age of 28, because
The first signs of skin aging begin to appear at this time.
Of course, for the prevention of no one forbids doing it before
if it is really necessary. However, apart from such a recommendation
There are other contraindications:

  • acute skin rash (eczema, pyoderma, herpes and
  • a large number of moles or papillomas;
  • scratches, abrasions on the skin;
  • increased fragility of blood vessels;
  • previous procedures for medium and deep skin cleansing.

Non-observance of these points can lead to serious problems with

Neck massage

No less careful self-care require neck and area
neckline. These parts of the body have delicate skin, and wrinkles in the neck, like
on the face, appear one of the first. Neck wrinkle massage
complex with special exercises and masks for skin will help
remove all signs of aging, making the neck, as before,
attractive, and the skin on it is young.

Over the years, a variety of facial massage techniques have been developed.
Each species is unique and is designed for different parts of the face.
One of the most popular and effective can be identified such

  1. Japanese – a type of acupressure. Relaxes muscles, cleans
    skin, saturating instead with its beneficial substances. Fits good
    for smoothing wrinkles under the eyes.
  2. Pinching – helps to get rid of wrinkles and puffiness on the face.
    It normalizes the release of subcutaneous fat.
  3. Classic – probably the most common technique. Her
    should be used more as a preventive measure, for smoothing
    mimic wrinkles, as the procedure does not affect deep
    skin layers.

General rules for self-massage

Regardless of the technique chosen, to achieve maximum
effect without risk of harm, several
the rules.

Self-wrinkle massage

For best results, try to do
Facial massage twice a week, paying 10-15

Before the procedure, you need to clean the skin, steam it. Farther
hands should be well washed and sanitized. For face
You must use a special cream or lotion. During
finger movement procedures should be gentle and neat.
also performed in a specific order along the massage lines.
Massage lines – areas where lymph moves. For the face they
distributed in this way:

  • eyes: from the inner corners to the outer for the upper eyelid and
    on the contrary, for the bottom;
  • forehead: from nose to temples;
  • chin: from the center of the chin to the earlobes;
  • cheeks: starting from the wings of the nose towards the temples and from the lips
    to the ears;
  • neck: front movements are performed from the bottom up, and vice versa
    – top down.

Such movements prevent stretching, give tone and
healthy look. Make again a young and healthy face and neck skin
so difficult, and using massage for this purpose is also pleasant.
So why not use it?

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