Effective folk remedies for dandruff

Such a problem as dandruff is often left to chance.
perhaps, it will pass by itself, which in no case can be done. Peeling
skin and itching is a disease, and a sick person with the help of a specialist
must determine the cause of the disease and start treatment immediately.
There are many ways to eliminate seborrhea methods.
physiotherapy, but it is helpful to know how to get rid of dandruff in
home using anti-dandruff remedies that
no less effective.

Get rid of dandruff at home


  • How to deal with dandruff at home?
  • Dandruff hair masks
  • Infusions and decoctions against dandruff

How to deal with dandruff at home?

To treat dandruff at home, you can use decoctions,
scrubs, masks, infusions or massage. All folk remedies from
dandruff is aimed at eliminating the excessive activity of the fungus,
causing the disease, and the prevention of this problem. AT
most homemade recipes include tea tree oil, which
fights fungus very effectively, removes redness and
irritation, disinfects the skin.

Getting rid of dandruff at home will help peeling and
sea ​​salt. This procedure perfectly exfoliates the horny
cells of the epidermis, removes excess sebum, improves
blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles. Salt can be rubbed
“dry” or dilute 3-5 tbsp. kefir or a couple drops
any essential oil. Peeling applied to the scalp and
aged 40-60 minutes, then washed with regular shampoo.

Another effective recipe for dandruff is apple vinegar.
A solution of vinegar (2 tablespoons vinegar to 1 liter of water) rinsed hair
after each wash for 5-7 days. For such rinses
You can also use lemon water, which is prepared from zest.
citrus fruit To do this, 4 lemons need to grind, pour 1 liter
water, put on the fire and boil for 15 minutes. Then decoction
filtered, diluted in water in proportions 1: 2 for

A simple but very effective way to fight dandruff
is a scalp massage with a massage brush or just
fingertips. When using a special brush you need
gently comb each strand at least 100 times. But massage in
10-15 minutes with your fingertips will be more effective
since it actively increases circulation and stimulates
hair follicles. The massage procedure is best combined with the application
scrubs and masks, rinsing hair with infusions and decoctions of herbs.

To make the treatment most effective, recipes of folk
means it is necessary to select, having consulted with
specialist, because when choosing a method must
be taken into account all the features of the patient.

Folk remedies for dandruff

Dandruff hair masks

There are several basic recipes for dandruff masks,
who have repeatedly shown excellent results.
First of all, these are hair masks with various oils. To fight
grape seed oil is best with seborrhea,
olive, sesame or flaxseed, and from essential oils the best
tea tree oil, rosemary or eucalyptus

Recipe for dandruff oil mask: 4 tbsp. olive oil
Mix with the juice of half a fresh lemon. Mixture is necessary
Apply both to the roots, even along the entire length. After 15 minutes the mask
wash off.

An excellent helper in the fight against dandruff – colorless henna masks.
This remedy will be optimal for oily and normal hair.
If the hair is dry then a mask of henna is applied only to the roots.
In addition to the treatment of dandruff, colorless henna strengthens hair well,
makes them shiny and resilient.

Dandruff Mask Recipe: Mix 2 bags of colorless henna,
4 drops of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, 100 ml
pre-brewed green tea. The mixture is applied to wet
hair wrapped in cling film, aged 50-60 minutes,
then washed off.

For the treatment of dandruff suitable mask of cosmetic clay. Clay
helps to reduce the activity of various fungi that cause
seborrheic dermatitis, eliminates the itching and burning sensation that occurs during
this disease and also helps cleanse the scalp of
dead skin cells of the epidermis.

Recipe clay dandruff mask: Mix 10 tbsp.
cosmetic clay and 4 tbsp. vinegar until smooth.
After washing the hair, clay grudge is applied to the scalp,
covered with a film and a towel. After 25-30 minutes mask carefully
washed with warm water.

Dandruff Masks

Infusions and decoctions against dandruff

Proven popular way to get rid of dandruff are
rinsing infusions and decoctions of herbs. For example, infusion of onion
husks or nettles. On 1 liter of boiling water 50 grams of onion peel is taken,
infused for 20-30 minutes. Nettle infusion is obtained if 1 tbsp.
Nettle leaves brew in 1 cup boiling water and insist
15-20 minutes. Then broths are filtered and applied for
regular rinses.

Well helps in the fight against dandruff decoction of burdock root. For
this need to pour 1 cup boiling water 2 tbsp. shredded roots
burdock, and cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes. To give
brew for 30-40 minutes, then strain and use for
rubbing into the hair roots for a few minutes while washing the head 2-3
times a week. The rest of the broth rinse hair after washing.

Herbs such as
yarrow and tutsan. Of these medicinal plants are prepared
infusion on vodka or alcohol solution. Hypericum infusions or
yarrow need to be applied daily, causing on the scalp and
hair before shampooing for 30-40 minutes. Excellent help with
loss and breakage of hair, seborrhea and dandruff of the scalp.

Another effective popular recipe for dandruff is
infusion with calendula. This means, unlike expensive
pharmaceutical shampoos and lotions, has a low cost, but at
This efficiency is much higher. In 200 ml of vodka pour 4 tbsp.
calendula flowers, shake and place the prepared mixture in
fridge for 3-5 hours. The finished solution is applied to the hair and
incubated for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water.

Dandy herb decoction

So you learned how to get rid of dandruff at home,
but if the itch persists and dandruff does not disappear, then it is necessary
contact a dermatologist or trichologist, who will correctly establish
the cause of the disease and prompt the right method for you
treatment. Dandruff is not worth running because it can lead to
a number of complications such as hair loss and brittleness, inflammation and
infections in the body.

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