Effective LPG facial massage

The demand for massage treatments, especially for LPG facial massage,
present is constantly growing. This massage option is the most
popular today the type of hardware cosmetology. He also has
following names: non-surgical face lift, endermology LPG,
endermolift, lift massage. It allows you to extend the youth of the face,
personal appeal that directly affects the spiritual
comfort and well-being.

LPG Systems, which produces massage machines, on time
noticed the tendency to use massage not only for the figure. She is
developed and began to implement efficient devices for
a delicate massage of the skin of the neck, décolleté, face.

lpg facial massage

The effect of LPG facial massage increases many times,
if carried out simultaneously with the application of nourishing masks, and
also masks with a lifting effect.

Massage using these devices is recommended to use.
to prevent the occurrence or elimination of the consequences of such
phenomena like:

  • decrease in skin tone;
  • flabbiness;
  • rugosity;
  • double chin;
  • deterioration of the oval face;
  • appearance of nasolabial fold;
  • swelling of the face;
  • bags under the eyes;
  • unhealthy skin color;
  • excessive oily skin;
  • the presence of scars;
  • the presence of hematomas.

Recent studies of the world’s leading clinics
once confirmed the effectiveness of LPG massage

Wrinkles are quantitatively reduced by 40%; depth
wrinkles – by more than 25%, the weight of subcutaneous fat is reduced by 2
times, there is an effect of strengthening the elasticity of the skin, there is a process
fiber recovery. There are positive changes even
a single application of LPG facial massage. Medicine proven
improving the quality of blood flow and lymph.


  • Operating principle
  • Method used
  • Preparation for the procedure and the duration of its exposure
  • Indications and contraindications

Operating principle

In our body, collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, for its
healthy look. As a result of age-related changes or external
adverse effects of fiber lose elasticity. how
consequence, the skin of the face looks flabby, saggy, bad
is saturated with moisture, which provokes excessive dry skin
covers. LPG massage trains many cells responsible for
creating collagen in the body.

Thanks to this procedure, training and rejuvenation take place.
deep layers of the skin, it looks younger, it improves its
condition, decreases the number of mimic wrinkles. LPG massage, like
any other, has an anti-stress effect on both processed
skin surface, and the entire body as a whole.

Method used

LPG massage incorporates the best methods of manual exposure to
face, neck and decollete area. Due to the fact that the skin is enough
thin and sensitive to rough effects, should be combined
delicacy with the need for good study of areas with
deep wrinkles. For LPG massage applied specifically
created by a lift handle that gently affects the skin. it
the device provides vacuum and vibration effects on
skin folds, provides a tightening effect, improving
blood and lymph flow.

Feature massage lpg

During the procedure of LPG – massage on the patient’s face
Feels the same sensations as with the usual manual massage.
The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes.

Such an impact in the chamber is made in 3 mutually
intersecting planes that generate vacuum and plucked
impact on the treated area of ​​the skin. Frequency of exposure
apparatus – from 4 to 16 times per minute. Computer control on
LPG controls the degree of exposure, provides
delicate relaxing mode allows you to adapt to
features of each client.

LPG massage produces no ordinary physical effect on the tissue.
skin, it has a profound effect on the whole body:

  • trains the autonomic nervous system;
  • contributes to the creation of skin tissue hormones;
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic fluid;
  • stimulates the growth of capillaries;
  • stimulates cell renewal.

Preparation for the procedure and the duration of its exposure

Special pre-LPG massage preparation is not required, on
the skin is pre-cleansing procedures. Preferably before
this is to consult a dermatologist.

Before the procedure, drink plenty of water, preferably
limit the intake of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates.

It stimulates the removal of sebaceous skin during the procedure.
sediments. The duration of the session – from 20 minutes. Consistently
3 exposure zones are treated: bridge and eyes, mouth line,
neckline. After the procedure, redness is formed,
there is a slight swelling, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it – this is a sign
improve blood flow and lymph, improve the tone of the deeper layers
skin. The disappearance of these symptoms – from days to

See the effect of the use of massage is possible after the first
session. This result is maintained for several
days. To obtain a long duration, you must complete the course.
LPG massage from 10-20 sessions, 2 treatments each week. After
the passage of the entire complex massage course the result is observed
within 6 months. To extend the effect, you must pass
per month adjustment procedures.

Indications and contraindications

There are no special restrictions for carrying out LPG massage, they are applied.
the same requirements as for an ordinary massage. Main

LPG facial massage procedure

To assess the effectiveness of LPG technology were carried out
numerous scientific studies that are authentically
confirmed that LPG massage is a technique that allows the skin using
own reserves, to restore its structure.

  • vascular changes;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pregnancy or lactation period;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • acute respiratory infections;
  • violations of the skin: abrasions and scratches;
  • skin rashes;
  • epilepsy;
  • neurological diseases.

LPG massage combines perfectly with other treatments.
the use of specially selected cosmetics. But
need to carefully approach the combination. For example, not
LPG massage is recommended after contouring the face,
as it provokes increased blood circulation and, as a result,
faster absorbed when administered plastic drug that
undesirable. LPG massage can be applied to men and women with
different skin types and different ages.

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