Effective masks to strengthen hair

Well-groomed rich curls in priority always. Therefore so
demanded masks to strengthen hair. Effective brand
cosmetics, popular recipes are also popular. When lean strands
cause diseases, ecology, vitamin deficiency, aggressive cosmetics,
help doctors, cosmetologists. From pathological shedding of hairs in
masks of pepper, onion, alcohol or castor
oils. These ingredients invigorate the cells with enhanced blood supply.
why strands become stronger, their color improves, shine appears.


  • Effective masks
  • For different types of hair
  • Vodka masks

Effective masks

Struggling for pomp hair, beauticians enrich the most
effective folk recipes developed by pharmacists.
For example, revitalizing vitamin B9 – Acidum Folicum, folic acid,
– strengthens the roots, the hair shaft. B9 will cause germination
sleeping onions, than thicken curls. This spinach stimulator
(leaf – folium). Added to the mask, it will speed up blood formation,
shag renewal. Its ampoules are in demand: liquid
guaranteed assimilated strands.

Burdock (burdock) oil and folic acid – the strongest
therapeutic formula. Heated oil is combined with liquid vitamin (from
ampoules) and cover their hair for half an hour. The composition is valuable excellent
resuscitation of roots, injured hair trunks and split ends
the ends. This fortifying fortified mask is soft but fast.
stop baldness.

Gelatin mask with B9 is useful for weakened locks. Here
squirrels stick together broken scales. He will fill the voids in
damaged hair shaft and protect it
elasticity. So a half-hour session will perfectly moisturize and strengthen.
weakened hairs instant effect of natural lamination.
Beauticians dissolve a spoonful of gelatin with 120 ml of water for half an hour, then
pour in liquid B9 and air conditioning.

For different types of hair

Dry hair strengthened with nourishing masks. For example, oil
emulsion – firming mask for hair. It includes 1 tbsp. l
castor, sea buckthorn, burdock oil. With her hands
smooth curls, and wash off with baby shampoo only after an hour or two.
Then the dry hairs will come to life, shine with beauty, as their structure
will heal.

Butter is combined with an extract or aloe juice and
massaging, anointing the roots and wet strands. Warm head
stand for an hour and wash off with baby shampoo. Aloe is unique
fortifies the composition (B, C, A, E) to normalize
blood circulation and saturate the follicles.

Fat locks dried available at home
ingredients. Mustard dry (1 tbsp.) Poured infusion tea
green. Then for 15 minutes the roots are covered with gruel and without shampoo.
wash off, as mustard perfectly cleans. 15 minute mustard
the solution will improve blood circulation, and it will strengthen the strands.

Dry yeast (half a spoon), 10 ml of kefir, 1 tbsp. l honey mixed
and after 15 minutes, beat with yolk. This composition is useful to enrich
Aloe or vitaminized (E, C, A – 10 drops). 40 minute
mask will increase the growth of new hairs, heal adult hair
trunks, thanks to the elimination of fatty congestion. Yeast – source
B-vitamins, responsible for the density of the hair.

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Garlic enters regenerating mask blends with baldness.
For example, his minced clove is boiled in milk (70 ml). This
the gruel is kept for half an hour every other day on towel-warmed curls,
because everything is better absorbed in the heat. After 2 sessions noticeably
germination passive onion, and dandruff leaves. Similar
the growth of new hairs is also observed from onion gruel.

Normal hair is helpful to maintain a gentle mask that
will increase their pomp. For example, 10 minutes massage the roots of small
salt, wash off the remnants and then calm the cream. So 6 massages
stop baldness.

Creamy cosmetic clay enriched with sea salt and
left for 15 minutes on wet curls, clear the way to the cells
oxygen and nutrition. After all, these are natural adsorbents.

Vodka masks

Alcohol masks will heal the cells by cleansing and disinfecting,
which is merciless to the fungus saprophyte – the cause of baldness.

And oil inclusions in the mixture are shown brittle hairs.

  1. Nettle, her young shredded shoots, poured vodka 1:10 and
    week later filter tincture. It is enriched with masks or
    moisten the roots, and the alcohol itself evaporates, without rinsing.
  2. Vodka yolk mask to strengthen hair at home
    conditions are exceptionally nutritious, since in half an hour the maximum
    tones follicles (2 yolks, 1 tbsp of vodka and oil
  3. With jojoba oil and orange. Such a vodka compound will triple
    the stability of the roots, removing greasy dandruff (1 tbsp. l. of vodka,
    oil, juice).
  4. The union of 2 fighters for density – alcohol and onions – firming.
    The softening of this mask composition with honey (all for 1 tbsp. L.) Will refresh
    overdried strands. And the onion smell will wash away the vinegar solution.
  5. The powerful unity of pepper with vodka will revive the blood flow, which will stop
    hair fall. Red peppercorn kept 20 days in a glass
    vodka. By the way, adding aloe juice here will soften the dried ones.
  6. Tea contains all the healing substances of hair. Strong
    welding fill with vodka 2: 1. Darkened infusion filter. With
    Healing at the same time painted over gray.

Beauty Tips:

  • masks to strengthen hair make for optimal graphics – 2
    a month maximum every other day, then change the mask composition;
  • slightly heated mass more efficient;
  • oil suspensions are washed off with baby shampoo.

So, homemade firming hair masks vitaminize
oil capsules A, E, preparations with a B-group of ampoules. Useful
to flavor such mask mixture with onion, mustard, pepper tincture,
if the locks are greasy. A dry curls better to appease honey,
kefir, yolk additives or vegetable oils.
The incorporation of Dimexidum ensures complete absorption.

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