Effective massage for breast augmentation

Massage for breast enlargement allows you to make the size larger without
plastic surgeon interventions. Enlarge bust really
help elementary exercises. Below we will talk about non-surgical
ways, about the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. The main
The advantage of massaging body areas is that in the process
blood circulation improves. Therefore, massage is very often
It is recommended by doctors in the fight against excess weight or in case of problems with

Massaging the bust increases the rush of blood to the milk.

In addition, as a result of breast massage, skin tone increases and
a network of capillaries develops. As a result, with the right
massaging the bust becomes beautiful, well-groomed, fit.
However, waiting for a miracle from the massage is not necessary, since home treatments
make the volume larger only by a few millimeters. Yes, and technology
massage needs to be combined with special physical
exercises. The main value of massaging the bust is that
the chest becomes firm and elastic. In addition, after the course of massage
sagging chest and stretch marks.

What is the danger of massage?

Breast massaging can be both beneficial and harmful.
The danger is the possibility of injury to the chest
glands and skin. With a strong pressure on the chest can
microtrauma can occur stretching. Based
of this, it is necessary to do massage in the gentle caressing movements. Besides
In addition, the procedure may provoke a tumor in the dairy


Before the start of the course of massage is recommended to visit the mammologist,
which makes sure that the mammary glands do not develop
malignant or benign tumor.

All the same applies to cystic and fibrous

Types of breast massage

Water massage is done as follows:

  1. First you need to set a comfortable water temperature in
    soul It should be a little cool.
  2. Further, it is recommended to send a strong jet to the chest and drive
    her clockwise. Attention! The area of ​​the nipples under the stream does not fall
  3. The rotation should be for 3 minutes each
  4. At the end of the massage you need to arrange a contrast shower. At first
    should slightly increase the temperature of the water, and after a while
    re-lower to the original degree. Contrast for about 10 seconds
    for each temperature mode. Finish massage should be on
    cool water.

Massage of the female breast

The benefits of this type of massage are what to do.
it can be at any time of the day. In addition, to perform the massage
you only need a shower, time and perseverance. And finally, another plus
is that the whole procedure takes only 5 minutes. TO
few minuses include the possibility of skin injuries
covers which the strong stream of water can put. And
lovers of hot water will have to get used to a cool shower
because high temperatures relax the muscles, which ultimately leads
to sagging breasts.

The next type of massage is corrective. He runs so
in the following way:

  1. To begin with, you should put on the skin oil for breast augmentation and
    another remedy for stretch marks.
  2. Then follows the little finger, middle and index fingers to do
    circular motion for 60 seconds. The nipple area is not touch
    need to.
  3. Then you need to make a stroking movement from the nipple to the shoulder and
    to the clavicle. It is recommended to do it from the bottom up. lead time
    Exercise 60 seconds.
  4. It should clasp the chest with your palm and your free hand lightly
    pat on the back of the hand. The same exercise must be done
    and with the second breast.
  5. It is necessary to stroke the chest with the tips of the fingers in the direction
    from the nipples to the outside.

The advantages of this massage include softening of the skin and
elimination of stretch marks. Also, no outside help is required.
to perform actions. The relative disadvantage can be called
bruising. Also after such a massage should be good
cleanse the skin of fatty oils, creams, otherwise you can spoil the bottom

Vacuum massage is done as follows:

  1. On the chest should be applied moisturizing fat cream or essential
    breast augmentation oils.
  2. Next, you need to take a vacuum device, pump and put in
    her breasts in order to create a vacuum.
  3. Vacuum device sold with instruction and time
    the procedures specified therein shall not be exceeded. It usually
    makes no more than 15 minutes for one procedure.

The advantages include a powerful effect, which can be seen already
after one procedure. The chest increases as the vacuum creates
the strongest rush of blood. Its sensitivity increases, since
nerve endings are activated. By cons fast
loss of result. Vacuum massage required for support
everyday. In addition, very rapid breast augmentation can
lead to skin stretch marks.

Breast massage

Acupressure Shiatsu breast enlargement massage is performed according to
following scheme:

  1. The first thing to do is to determine the points on the body.
    Four of them are located along the neck and thyroid on both sides.
    Another one – behind the neck, at the beginning of hair growth. Six points are located
    along the shoulder blades, three each. And finally, the last two under
    clavicle on shoulder on both sides.
  2. You should press your thumb on each point located in
    neck, neck, shoulder blades and shoulder.
  3. It is necessary to press no more than 8 seconds. 20 seconds later
    pressure on each point must be repeated.

The disadvantages can be attributed to the inefficiency of massage with pressure
past the points. A plus is a good result, which is evident from
Chinese women.

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