Effective means for recovery hair

review of hair repair agentsMeans for
hair restoration can be divided into 2 main groups:
cosmetology and folk preparations. To the first should be attributed
well-known and often advertised masks, shampoos, creams, balms. Their
can be bought in special stores, pharmacies or in ordinary
stores. It is known that similar products enjoy
popular, however, as a result of use in some people
An allergic reaction may occur. Quality product like
usually costly. On the back of the bottle can be
not all the components included in the product are indicated.

Hair restoration folk remedies

In order to make a folk remedy for
hair restoration, it is necessary to use sufficient
the number of ingredients, moreover, it is important to know the exact recipe and
features of manufacturing drugs. In order to
hair repair serum, mask or
shampoo, you must use oils, herbs, products containing
vitamins. Fermented milk products are especially popular.
It is known that cooked folk remedies are not able to inflict
harm to the scalp. Their use does not entail any side effects.
effects because natural and ecologically
pure products. Folk remedies and serum for recovery
the hair nourishes the scalp, makes the hair soft, silky, and
important healthy.

One of the most popular hair restoration methods is
the use of henna, which must be either colorless or red.
This drug tends to thicken hair, strengthen them
structure and rebuild tips. Substance before use
must be poured into a convenient plastic container, steamed
boiling water and apply to the surface of dry, unwashed hair. Above
put on a special hat and wrap a head with a towel. By
after the time you need (from 15 to 35 minutes) the mixture is necessary
rinse with running water.

Perfect for dark hair
suitable rubbing solution with brewing. This way hair
become softer, more obedient. Fluid should be applied and held.
all night after it can not be washed off. For hair treatments,
particular hair tips, many stylists recommend
use oils. They claim that these data substances
are useful and effective. In particular, it is good to use
olive and rosemary oil.

If such masks are used throughout the week, you can save
yourself from the problem of cutting the ends of the hair. Butter and cream good
help restore hair structure and prevent further
bundle. In order to avoid sectional problems, it is recommended
as little as possible use curling, hair dryer, tongs for leveling and
etc. Hair straightening tools for styling causes
significant harm. Well use specially designed
tool for tips. Many medicines can be made from
improvised means.

The recipe for a mask of oil to restore the ends of the hair is pretty
is simple. It is necessary to take olive oil and honey in a teaspoon.
The proportion should be 3: 1. The mixture must be thoroughly mixed.
then put to bask in the gas. Honey and olive oil adjusted to
boil, then turn off the gas and set the tank aside. AT
During the cooking process it is important to stir the liquid. This is needed for
so that it is homogeneous. The mass cools down after it
uniformly applied to the hair, including the ends of the hair and
periodically combed. The mask should be drawn for 15 minutes, after
what washes it off. Head should be washed with ordinary shampoo.
This mask is firming and is well suited as a means for
restore the ends of the hair.

If you have curly hair, a mixture of eggs and
red wine. You need to have 2 eggs and half a cup of wine.
This amount will be sufficient if the hair is not long. Products
Must be thoroughly mixed in a bowl, and then lightly whisk into
hair, should get foam. Mask should be left no more
than 5 minutes. No less effective is a mask of mayonnaise. Her
used in the same amount as regular balsam.

A good tool for the ends of the hair can be prepared from
mayonnaise. The product should be evenly distributed to the tips.
hair, but avoid falling on the roots. If you apply a remedy to
this part, the hair can become very fat. 15 minutes mask
need to withstand. For greater efficiency, mayonnaise is added.
gruel from avocado. The mask is applied to the hair 2 times a week.

Effective blends for dry hair: a brief overview

To make dry hair lively and healthy,
use a lot of cream masks. They can be easily made from
improvised products. You will need 1 yolk, about 150 grams
rye bread, 20 drops of castor oil. Bread knead and moisten
decoction of herbs, it is good to use chamomile, but you can moisten it
and in ordinary boiled water. Next, caste is added to the mush and
egg yolk. In order for the cream mask to have an effect, its
must be rubbed into the scalp, not spreading to the ends of the hair,
then cover with plastic bag. After 15 or 20 minutes of her
wash off using pre-cooked bread infusion: from bread
crusts are cut, boiled water is poured and filtered in an hour.
In this way, the solution is obtained for washing.

The restoring serum for hair uses wide
popular. It consists of natural products that
always at hand. For damaged hair ends effective
is a yeast wrap. To prepare you need 50 grams
yeast, 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon of water. Shivers should
dissolved in prepared boiled water of average temperature
should make gruel. Mass is mixed with protein and whipped as
foam, applied to the head and incubated for 15 minutes.

Masks for weak hair

If your hair has been weakened by repainting,
it is necessary to use decoctions of chamomile, nettle, oregano, sage
and leaf tea. This is the best way to normalize the structure.
hair. For cooking you need to have 1 tablespoon of herbs, 1.5
A tablespoon of green tea, 1 liter of water and 300 grams of rye bread.
It is necessary to prepare a water bath in advance. Herbs with tea
pour boiling water on the water bath and hover for 15 minutes. Further
filter the mixture and cool, add a lot of black
bread and again turn all these ingredients into a homogeneous mush.
The mixture must be rubbed into the hair roots and left for about 1
an hour and a maximum of one and a half. Next, the mask is washed off with warm

Wrapping with chamomile flowers infusion is very effective.
In order to prepare the tool, you will need 2 tablespoons.
spoons of chamomile, 1 egg white. 50 ml of water. Chamomile is poured
boiling water and insist for 4 hours. Infusion is filtered and
mixed with protein, which is preformed in foam.
The mixture is rubbed into the scalp and aged for 10-15

To date, the salons offer a large number
procedures that aim to restore hair and
hair tips. One of them is keratin recovery.
For this, a special solution is applied to the head, which consists of
from keratin with protein. The substance is able to fill hair if
they have cracks. So they get stronger
acquire a healthy look and strength. The procedure must be carried out
correctly, and as a result you will be able to ensure the health of your hair.
Keratin recovery effectively for 4

Homemade hair cream

hair cream at homeSome ladies prefer
only natural remedies. To restore the structure and
hair tips they fit just perfectly. Often at home
conditions preparing the cream. For this you need to steam 3 dining rooms.
spoons of burdock in 300 ml of water, add 8-9 tablespoons to the broth
melted lard and leave the mixture in the oven for 2 hours. Of these
Components get cream. It needs to be rubbed into the scalp every
day for a month.

In order to quickly restore damage to the ends of the hair,
can be used improvised decoctions, olive restorative
hair oil, yolks, lemon, rye bread, honey. Of these
components can be made excellent reinforcing agents that are not
will contain chemical components.

Effectively apply recovery shampoo, cooked
at home. To do this, you will need 200 ml of water, 15 ml
Roma, 2 yolks, which must be pre-whipped, 20 ml
linseed oil, 1 egg, liquid yogurt – 200 ml. Components
thoroughly whipped. This mask will give strength to hair, will return
former shine and health. It should be applied and rinsed with the usual warm.
water after half an hour.

Burdock hair is very popular. For
to use it, you need to take shredded roots
burdock, olive oil 10 parts, burdock root infused
oil The solution is rubbed into the hair roots in order to strengthen them.
structure and well saturate. Almond oil for recovery
The tips of the hair is no less popular. For his
cooking must have 100 grams of burdock root, which
must be crushed, 200 ml of almond oil. Burdock roots
you need to insist for a day, and then boil it on a weak
on fire It is necessary to rub on roots, distributing to tips of hair.
Oil to restore rubbed for 5 hours before washing your head.

What vitamins should be used for healthy hair?

If you read the reviews on the forums, you will notice that most
girls use maxi, cooked with their own hands. beauty
hair depends not only on their care, but also on other factors
such as a woman’s health condition. Brittle tips appear
as a result of a lack of vitamins in the body of iron and calcium. For
to keep your hair strong and healthy
use vitamins of group A and products that contain them. TO
they should include egg yolk, dairy products, cream
oil, carrots. In order for them to shine brilliantly and remain
attractive, you should eat vitamin B. Among
Vitamin B products contain meat, nuts, salmon, spinach, seeds,
sunflower oil, cereal crops. Vitamin C contains
beneficial properties that promote hair growth. To
to preserve the beauty of the skin, it should be enriched with calcium,
magnesium and iron.

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