Effective pigment spot bleaching methods at home



  • Types of pigment spots
  • Cosmetic procedures in the fight against pigmentation
  • Folk pigmentation bleaching methods
  • Masks against pigment spots

Even, beautiful skin color is the dream of many women, but they can
To brag not everyone. Very often on a sweet, feminine face
pigmentation appears – dark, shapeless, randomly
scattered spots of various sizes. Some have very few of them, and
some they cover the whole face. If this is some pretty
freckles on the nose, appearing only in the spring for a short period
time, it does not become a problem. But large, bright dark
tint of rash spoil the appearance and deliver a lot
experiences. In such cases, the question of how to get rid of pigment
stains, it becomes relevant and requires effective solutions. For
First you need to figure out what exactly the rashes cover

Whitening pigment spots

Types of pigment spots

Different types of age spots on the face require different
relations. Their nature, appearance, causes of appearance will influence
on the choice of a method to eliminate them. Therefore, it is important to be able to
determine exactly what pigmentation will have to fight.

  • Chloasma

Chloasma – dark spots of brown-brown color, different shapes and
sizes, with a smooth surface and sharp borders. More often
appear on the face of women during pregnancy and do not require
some measures to eliminate, since after the birth of the baby
disappear safely.

If these age spots are not related to pregnancy,
you must pass a medical examination for the presence of
internal diseases.

The reasons for their appearance can be serious gynecological
problems, too long use of contraceptives,
impaired liver function, uncontrolled sun exposure.
After the course of treatment and elimination of the cause of the chloasma, they disappear and do not
require additional cosmetic intervention.

  • Lentigo

Lentigo – very dense spots on the face of black-brown or
brown color, which tubercles protrude above the skin. Have
sharp outlines and the most different sizes, pour out as in small
quantity and whole islets. Pigment spots
due to age processes occurring in the body
person Lentigo can be:

– childish (up to 10 years, and then
disappears independently);

– senile (occurs in older people,
sometimes reaching sizes up to 2 cm in diameter).

Lentigo does not require treatment in childhood, and after 50 years
they are successfully removed by cosmetic procedures in the salons.

  • Birthmarks (birthmarks, nevus)

Moles – pigment spots on the face of the most different forms and
sizes. They can be congenital and acquired during
of life. Reddish or pale pink are difficult to treat, so
as formed by blood vessels and lymphatic
knots. Darker, brown, almost black due to
cluster of melanocytes – a separate group of cells. They can not
remove at home. Even in the cosmetology office you
may refuse to remove them, as this is fraught
serious health consequences.

  • Freckles

Someone thinks that freckles, these small, smooth pigment
spots decorate female face. But if there are too many of them and they don’t
hurry to leave their homeland, even in cold weather
years, women will do everything to get rid of them. The reason for them
appearance – intense exposure to sunlight and other
ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Most often they occur in
brown-haired or blondes. Freckles appear in the spring and remain on
face until the fall. In the winter they turn pale or disappear. To get rid of
freckles forever very difficult, but they can
significantly lighten and make it virtually invisible.
You can prevent their occurrence by limiting the access of the ultraviolet to

This review allows you to determine which kind of pigment
the blemishes on your face bother you what are their causes and
is it possible to deal with them at least some methods. Modern
cosmetology and traditional medicine offers many ways to
elimination, the main thing is not to make a wrong choice.

Skin care

Try a gelatin face mask with a lifting effect:

Masks из olive масла>>.

Cosmetic procedures in the fight against pigmentation

The most correct solution to the problem with pigment spots will be
seeking help from professionals. Modern cosmetology
owns a large arsenal of techniques and procedures that are carefully, without
Harm and health effects can remove almost any
type of pigmentation. Before this, a planned medical
examination of the presence of contraindications to determine the type
spots and identify the factors that provoked its appearance.
Only after this is offered this or that procedure.

  • The removal of pigment spots is very popular today.
    a laser that breaks bonds between molecules
    pigment without affecting healthy skin areas, making blemishes
    much lighter. Several procedures may be assigned in
    depending on the depth of the flow of blood vessels and other features
    skin. It is believed that this method is the most effective and
  • Another unique and quite popular technology
    disposal of pigmentation – photorejuvenation. Here
    the skin is exposed to a combination of light energy and
    heat With this procedure you can quickly and effectively lighten
    any age spots.

  • Whitening peeling removes surface layer
    the epidermis, forcing the cells to vigorously update. The result is
    bright, smooth, healthy skin without pigmentation. In the cabin can
    offer several types of peels, each of which will
    in its own way it is effective in the fight against freckles and lentigo.
    Ultrasound involves the introduction under the skin
    bleaching preparations. Laser practically
    removes the entire top layer of the epidermis, stimulating the growth of new cells,
    but it is very traumatic and painful.
    Chemical peeling involves applying to the skin
    active substance (chemical), which is quickly and effectively
    peel off the top layer of skin.
  • Cryotherapy – pigmentation treatment
    liquid nitrogen.

Each beauty salon has its own bank of services for
removing pigment spots with chemicals and
hardware cosmetology. What will be offered to you will depend
from your health condition and type of pigmentation. If she does not
too pronounced and not due to serious internal
diseases, for help you can turn to folk remedies,
who never fail and save even in such situations.

Methods of bleaching pigment spots

Folk pigmentation bleaching methods

Folk remedies effectively help whiten the skin at home
conditions, leaving no chance of pigmentation. In order to lead
complexion in order to make it smooth, bright and beautiful,
There are many recipes, each of which is good in its own way.
To achieve the desired, you will have to stock up on medicinal
herbs, essential and cosmetic oils, as well as use
ordinary food available in the kitchen.

  • Compresses

If you regularly do whitening compresses for the face at home
conditions, you can make invisible even the darkest freckles. For
This gauze fabric is moistened in a decoction of herbs, yogurt,
lemon juice or some other active fluid and
apply to face for 10 minutes. If you repeat this procedure
every two days, after a couple of weeks, you will enjoy your reflection in
mirror, as the results will be obvious.

  • Lotions

Some medicinal herbs have a pronounced
whitening effect, so based on them can be done in
home lotion to lighten pigment spots. For
this need to prepare an infusion or decoction of licorice,
yarrow, dandelion, parsley or bearberry. If you wash
them or wipe the face twice a day, the effect does not force itself
wait a long time.

  • Lotions

The same herbs from which bleaching is made
lotions, you can make lotions. For this fresh leaves
medicinal plants are ground and applied for 20 minutes
form of application to the pigment spot, from which you want
get rid of. This tool can be used every other day.

  • Маски

One of the most effective and highly sought after folk
pigment bleaching agents are homemade
masks. They are easy to prepare;
found in any refrigerator, they are always at hand, and pigmentation on
in fact, quickly and easily enough leaves. But without regularity
stains may come back again, so results can be achieved
only the constancy of such procedures.

  • Oils

Some bleaching folk remedies are prepared on the basis of
cosmetic oils. Copes well with pigmentation
jojoba. And if you add essential oils to masks and tonics that have
anti-pigment properties, results will be noticeable after 2–3
procedures. Such action is different esters of oregano, birch, turmeric,
patchouli, mint, black pepper, sandalwood, rosemary and eucalyptus.

You can try different methods and remedies for skin whitening and
lightening of age spots at home. The main thing is to find
that one recipe that really works in your
case. After all, the effect of ingredients on pigmentation is largely
determined by the individual characteristics of the skin. Regularity
procedures, perseverance and patience in achieving the goal
will eventually be rewarded.

Masks to lighten freckles

Masks against pigment spots

Homemade masks for lightening freckles, lentigo and chloasm
recommended twice a week. Pre every
The composition must be tested on a sensitive area of ​​the skin.
(wrist, crooked elbow, behind the ear) in order to avoid allergic

You can leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes, wash it off
decoction of herbs or filtered water at room temperature. After
procedures it is desirable to apply a whitening cream on the face and not
go out for an hour.

  • Pepper

Peel the grains, mince and,
without losing a drop of precious juice, put the resulting mass on
face avoiding eye contact.

  • Parsley + honey + lemon

2 tbsp. lie chopped parsley mixed with the same
the amount of warm, brought to a liquid state of honey and
fresh lemon juice. One of the best natural
skin whitener is lemon, so use it actively
juice and zest to lighten pigment spots.

  • Yeast + Lemon + Milk

25 grams pressed yeast diluted 1 tbsp. lie warm home
milk, leave for half an hour. After that add to them 1 tsp.
lie fresh lemon juice.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber after lemon – the second most effective natural
skin whitener. It can be used in its pure form, but you can
add to other components. Grate peeled cucumber on a grater
and mix with various auxiliary ingredients in equal
quantities. This vegetable goes well with olive oil,
regular shopping cream, lemon juice.

  • Black currant + viburnum + honey

Skip the berries of viburnum and black currant through a meat grinder. WITH
using gauze cloth squeeze the juice out of them. On 2 table. lie
the resulting liquid mix with 1 tsp. lie warm honey. AT
the resulting mixture is moistened with gauze and applied to the pigment

  • Onion juice + honey

Bulb minced, squeezed using gauze
tissue juice. 1 tbsp. lie onion juice mixed with the same amount
liquid warm honey (with dry skin) or table 6% vinegar
(with oily skin).

  • With horseradish

1 tbsp. lie grated or minced horseradish
mix with the same amount of applesauce.

  • Potato

2 tbsp. lie minced raw potatoes (grated or
minced) mix with 1 tsp. lie оливкового
oils, 1 tbsp. lie warm homemade milk and 1 tea. lie
almond bran.

  • Kefir

2 tbsp. lie kefir mix with 1 tsp. lie lemon juice and
olive oil.

Each of these masks has proven itself as a
bleaching agent whose main task is to make
age spots less visible. Along the way, with their help, you can
also get rid of the irregularities of the skin, its unhealthy shade
(yellow or excessive redness) and even vascular asterisks.
Try it and enjoy the results.

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